Saturday, April 20, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

The FIFTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL – Bollywood Director Prawaal Raman came in the disguise of Sai Baba with his SMS – ‘For sure Johnny... any time... J thanks for involving me...’ The coincidence of meeting him on the day of Sai Baba’s birthday in Bombay and his extended assurance that he is and will always be there in future too for the movement, made me to thank Sai Baba for coming in my aid at the right moment. I have met few of such amazing angels ever since I started the “Journey of Destiny” each time I have lost hope against hope!

I had met Prawaal Raman during my stint as a film journalist many years ago, when his first film DARNA MANA HAI was about to release. It was a nice interview and knowing the young creative mind was an insight. His first film was highly acclaimed! Over the years, we did lost touch and in 2011 once again we met when I went to shoot his lovely apartment.  He had just released his new critically acclaimed film 404 ERROR NOT FOUND on college ragging. We exchanged our lives and happening and it was like old times. I have been blessed to have got kind support and help from few kind-hearted Bollywood and Television personalities ever since I started the “Journey of Destiny”. I am truly grateful to each one of them from the bottom of my heart.


Prawaal indeed was glad to support me for a year. He revealed how urban suicide among school students has increased tremendously all over Indian cities. Prawaal revealed that when his old school Loyola School in Jamshedpur invited him as the Chief Guest for a function last year, “I was shocked that a group of students had made a documentary on students’ suicide. It made me to do something for the students. With like-minded support from few of other actors and directors, we conducted seminars for a span of two months with the help of JIVAN, an NGO in Jamshedpur. Rahul Bose, Sunita Menon, Randeep Hooda, National Award Winner Director Nishikant Kamat and Sufi Singer Satyakam addressed gatherings of 42 schools’ students and their parents. So many issues erupted during the sessions and it is sad that we have been losing so many students to suicide. I am deeply affected knowing these students were not saved. There are multiple layers to suicide and it is fast increasing in many cities.”

I was shocked to hear that Jamshedpur records a high percentage of students’ suicide and as per the National Record, 21% suicide happening in Jamshedpur are that of students. Prawaal is thankful to Father Victor of Loyola School Jamshedpur for assisting his team to organize such seminars to benefit the students and their parents. He continues, “I am also thankful to all the individuals who came forward to address the gathering. I plan to conduct more of such sessions whenever I am free from my work to help do what I can to help a few.”

We shared a great deal about the movement and future projects in the pipeline. Prawaal kindly said, “Johnny, do let me know whenever you need assistance, I will chip in from my side and also try to gather more support from few of my friends. I am glad you have involved me with such a cause that I am deeply affected with.” Beautiful Angels like Prawaal Raman assures me that my Sai Baba is working in tandem with me all the time... testing me at times and providing me with all his kind support by sending me the BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to help and assist me.

Prawaal I am truly-truly grateful to you for all your kind help and support from the bottom of my heart. Sai Baba bless you always and forever!

I still need FIVE BEAUTIFUL ANGELS more... I know SAI BABA will send them soon!

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