Tuesday, December 25, 2012


They come one by one, oh so consistently!
Like waves hitting the shores, oh so constantly!
I am amazed how the bubbles vanish every time!
Coz all I do is flow like a fish in the Ocean of Love!

--- Johnny D ---
20th December 2012

The ‘Journey of Destiny’ takes a new turn as the year 2012 is all set to end... Just like my Sai Baba made me to shift to Vidarbha in 2010 April, once again the need of the hour was to find a job, to sustain my own existence. I owe this great gift to my TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of the Third Year – June 2012 to May 2013...  Four of my Beautiful Angels unfortunately faced individual problems (I am extremely sorry for your sufferings), due to which they were not able to support and help me on a regular monthly basis. The crisis to sustain self without the Ten Beautiful Angels’ help and support was becoming difficult for me and to increase my crisis further more my laptop of 4 years started giving me trouble.

I was definitely in deep crisis because whatsoever little savings was left with me (never had a treasure), was soon exhausted to meet my monthly existence. I also had to buy a new Laptop and requested my friends to help me out. Here I wish to thank Shreyas Talpade and his wife Deepti Talpade for being really sweet to send me some more help. As always in every crisis, Sai Baba has been very kind to send me Beautiful Angels... they arrived and in the first week of October, I bought the Laptop. The crisis deepened and all the while I remembered my Maths Teacher’s words – “Every Problem has a Solution!” Solutions are done in simple steps to solve the problem.

The simple steps of solution to solve my problem was to find a new job, so while I will work to earn enough to take care of my little monthly expenses, repay my friends’ help, save a little for self for my future and accumulate some more funds for the affected farmers’ families I am supporting in Vidarbha. This way I will be able to support more children of affected families...

I did approach a big farmer in Vidarbha for a job in his farm... fortunately he didn’t give me the job as destined. I have learned a great deal during my early struggle in Bombay in 1999 that “Every ‘NO’ leads you nearer to the ‘YES’!” From November 2012, I floated my resume, forwarded it to known friends in Bombay. Finally, a sweet angel came in rescue and helped me get the much required interview. And in the last week of November, I got the required call for the first interview on the 8th of December 2012. The interview went well and I was asked to develop a concept for a new magazine by the Managing Director of the Publication.

Meanwhile, the Trust’s 80G Certificate needed my presence in Wardha for the interview with the IT Commissioner on the 20th December 2012. Once again, I was in Wardha to complete the appointment. On the other hand, I got the call for the final interview in Bombay on the 22nd December. Deep down in my heart, I prayed to my Sai Baba to kindly help me so I can serve more affected families’ children in villages by earning more.

From the beginning of the ‘Journey of Destiny’ I have been writing that we, as human have no control of whatsoever – thoughts or action – in life. It is the Supreme Power, who controls everything, including what I am writing and what you are reading. HE connects all of us in HIS ‘Thread of Destiny’. We are all HIS creations!

On the 22nd December, the interview went well and the MD offered me the responsibility to head his New Magazine from the 1st of January 2013. I thanked him with gratitude for being the amazing angel to offer me the much needed job. As I was walking down the office, I thanked my Sai Baba for being so-so kind to help me as HE always do! Yes, I am just plain happy!

The simple steps of solution to solve my problem, was to find the job and Sai Baba has been too kind to lead me, where HE wants me to be. The crisis had, and has always been blessings in disguise. Yes, we humans always do panic during such times. However, this particular time, I didn’t panic and knew my Baba will show me the way to find the solution to lead me to a better place at the right moment. Now, it is the time to raise more funds with my own hard work to support more children of suicide farmers’ families.

I must really thank my TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of the First, Second and Third Year for helping and supporting me selflessly, so I was able to put in my best of efforts on the real grounds. I also wish to thank all the friends – known and unknown, old and new – friends from all over the globe, friends who have guided me with great insights and ever encouraging words, prayers and blessings, love and affection – from the bottom of my heart.

Without money, one cannot help the affected families and my life changed ever since I thought to help some of the affected families... while I learned various invaluable lessons on the real grounds... the crisis surely has led the ‘Journey of Destiny’ to take a new turn for a better tomorrow.

Sai Baba bless all you kind souls always and forever, for being with me all through the ‘Journey of Destiny’...

The ‘Journey of Destiny’ continues...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This is Why Manmohan Singh wants FDI in INDIA?

More GM Foods to be sold in Indian Market so that more & more Indians will suffer from CANCER / NERVOUS DISORDERS / AUTISM / ALZHEIMER / KIDNEY FAILURES / HEART ATTACK and many more deadly diseases...

CARGILL - the US Based Agri-Giant to invest Rs. 500 Crores in India....

More GM Corn, GM Soya, GM Sunflower, GM Wheat, GM Rice, GM Cooking Oil, GM Pulses will be flooded in Indian market for Indians to consume, get crippled for life or die pre-mature deaths...

Well-planned GENOCIDE Mr. Corrupt PM !!!