Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HOW THEY KILL POOR FARMERS... (31st August 2010, 0000 Hrs)

Was there really a genuine shortfall in grams and pulses or in that matter food grains in the country’s stock last year? Well, how can it be? Nation’s Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar proudly proclaimed in the parliament that India wastes as much 58,000 crores worth of food grains every year. So the question in everybody’s mind is or should be, why did the prices of food grains rose last year to new heights that the poor man’s dal was snatched away from his plate as the rich relished the delicious dal as their priceless cuisine?

The answer is very simple and not so complicated to understand as it has been projected by our able ministers, be it the AM, FM or even the prominent economist Dr. Prime Minister of the nation. As usual, simple solution to control the market’s price is to create an artificial shortage so that all the rich traders would reap the benefits of the situation and their coffers will overflow in the name of natural calamities, crop failure and what not. However, the poor farmers from both the ends lose to commit suicide – if there is bumper crop, the prices fall and if there is crop failure, his debt will kill him, while the traders and politicians enjoy the situation to stash away more black money in their Swiss Banks Accounts.

Take for example, each time there is an increase in international rates of crude petroleum per barrel, the ruling government, be it Congress or BJP, immediately increases the rates of all the petroleum products to punish the poor so that the few billionaires will make more money from the situation. However, have you ever seen when the international rates fall, there is a long silence and only a small column in dailies will state the obvious and many will not even bother to read that small piece of important information. The government never reduces the prices of the petroleum products when the international rates fall, why?

Similarly, during the sowing season an artificial scarcity of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides are created by greedy market forces so that the poor farmers have to shell out more money to buy their required needs. And when it is time for the harvesting season, government immediately announces that since there is enough buffer stock of food grains, the market is quick to decrease the buying rates of the farmers’ produce, killing them either ways. Honestly, one really doesn’t need rocket science or calculus to understand such a simple reality of life... but then, things are made to look complicated by respective ministers, experts in the fields, market forces and columnists... all hands-in-gloves to force the farmers of the nation to die... if he doesn’t die a natural death due to shocking news, the fear of not able to pay their debts will surely make the farmers hang themselves from a tree or else drink that poisonous pesticides... to let their poor widows and children find means to survive life’s drudgery.

Now that in Vidarbha the rain god has smiled this year with more than 30% rainfall so far, the green fields are blooming to farmers’ delight and prayers to save them from their miseries. However, yesterday when I read in the papers that – “Pulses Prices to fall below Rs.  60/- per kg” – the indication for man-made disaster is all set to rule as it has been since ages as a normal practice for the rich and greedy. And yes, you, I and all of us will have to just pray for the prices to fall, which in no case is going to fall with the ever increasing petroleum products ruling the marquee.

The bumper crop will see the nation exporting pulses and cotton to Western countries at cheaper rates, what with the fall in procurement rates that will be governed by market once the harvesting is done. And once, the buying is over, the farmers will have no choice whatsoever to die in their miseries and destiny. Production this year is expected to go up by one million tonnes in Kharif crops as per Importers Association of India’s President K C Bhartiya. Please read this very carefully, all these while the global prices were higher when the nation was procuring essential food grains from various countries... remember, India exported Sugar at the rate of Rs. 16/- a kilo and at the same time was importing sugar from other countries at Rs.30/- a kilo... when the sugar prices touched Rs. 50/- a kg. I wish to share with you all that my local grocery shopkeeper in Mumbai used to tell me godowns of all the traders were stocked to the brim since the rates were high but the rich traders always created the shortage by giving retail shopkeepers half the quantity of what they demanded... thus the poor customers were and will always be made to shell out more to survive the ever-increasing price rise.

Mr. Bharitya reveals that prices in the international markets have fallen by 15 to 20 per cent in the last two months. Agriculture Ministry Data shows the area under pulses till August 26th 2010 has increased by 22 per cent to 10.9 million hectares because of good rainfall in the country. In the calendar year 2009 – 10 (July – June) pulses production was 14.59 million tonnes and out of that 4.3 million tonnes were in the Kharif season. Wonder of wonders for those who don’t know the fact that India is the largest producer of pulses in the world (and there is no dal available for the poor... who used to eat only dal-roti) and the nation’s requirement is 18 to 19 million tonnes against the current output of 15 million tonnes.

Simple mechanism how they kill the poor farmers of the nation...

Monday, August 30, 2010

एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं... (30th August 2010, 1135 Hrs)

एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं

एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं
दुनियावालों की जबानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं
हर किसी को चाहिए बस थोडा सा प्यार
हर किसी को मिलता है पर दुखों की भरमार
है अजीब यह भी दुनिया की ऐसी रीत
एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं...

यह नयी कहानी है बड़ी पुरानी
सदियों से चली आ रही है गरीबों की ग़ुलामी
चंद पैसेवालों के खातिर यह दुनिया है मेरे दोस्त
जो बचा कूचा है वह भी नोच डालते है गरीबों का गोस्त
एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं...
दुनियावालों की जबानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं

नहीं है कोई ऐसा जो कह सके कभी
दुनिया में है वह सचमुच बहुत ही बहुत खुश
चाहे अगर उसे सारा दुनिया मिल भी जाये
फिर भी खलेगी जीवन को दे दुहाई
एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं...
दुनियावालों की जबानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं

यह अनोखा सफ़र ख़तम हुआ न था कल
यह दर्द का सफ़र न होगा ख़तम आज भी
यह सिलसिला तो बस चलता ही रहेगा
अंजामे ज़िन्दगी ख़तम हो जाये भी तो क्या
एक नयी कहानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं...
दुनियावालों की जबानी लिख रहा हूँ मैं 

३० अगस्त २०१० 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

अनोखे चेहरे विदर्भा के (29th August 2010, 1920 Hrs)

अनोखे चेहरे विदर्भा के

क्षितिज की छोर तलक हरयाली की भरमार
लहलहाते हुए खेतहरे-हरे पेड़ चारो ओर
विदर्भा का यह सौंदर्य रूप, मन को मोह लेती है

आखिर क्यों विदर्भा इस सौंदर्य से वंचित होकर
जाना जाता है किसानो की आत्महत्या के लिए?
क्यों किसानो की विधवाहो वः बच्चों 
का दर्द सुनाई देती है इन लहलहाते हुए खेतों से?
सवाल पर सवाल उमड़ पडतें हैं दर्दे दिल में मेरे... 

अश्रु छलक जाते हैं विधवाहो की कहानी सुनकर
यह जानकार की छोटी रौशनी को 
अपने पिता तक की छवि याद नहीं है अभी
पिता ने जब आत्महत्या की मज़बूरी में
तब रौशनी मात्र तीन साल की नन्ही कलि थी

क्यों यह भयानक तांडव विदर्भा से लुप्त
नहीं हो जाती हमेशा-हमेशा के लिए?
ताकि विदर्भा की सुन्दरता विश्व विख्यात हो
जहाँ लहलहाते हुए हरे-हरे खेत क्षितिज का सौंदर्य बढ़ाते हैं...

२९ अगस्त २०१० 

A COMMITTED ANGEL (29th August 2010, 1350 Hrs)

Every single rupee and every single small contribution from every single individual counts to make the mission of my life a better reality for the future of all the farmers’ widows and their children in Vidarbha. I am just a means to do the needful from your side world and I am content and grateful to Sai Baba for choosing me to support suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha.

The fact that more and more beautiful noble angels are chipping in valuable contributions in their own respective ways, is making the base of the world’s mission stronger and healthy. Thank you one and all for your kind noble support. I would like you all to meet a truly committed angel, who came from nowhere to lend her support to strengthen our small unit. On July 22nd post, I had written about a celebrity angel sending us 19 kilos of old magazines, who never wrote her name in the parcel. The only thing that was written there was A-2 Annapurna, Versova...

Recently we received another parcel of 6 kilos of old magazines from the same angel and thank God, this time there was her name and full address. No, it was not a celebrity angel but a truly committed angel, who has the heart and soul to do the needful for farmers’ widows in her own special ways. To be very honest, I was very surprised and grateful to see Parull Gossain’s name. The reason being I must have mailed to more than hundreds of people that I have known since years, requesting for old magazines, but only a few have responded for such a noble cause. Here, I would also like to thank one individual from SAREGAMA Company Mumbai, who has sent us magazines...without writing the name... We are grateful sir / madam for your valuable contributions!

I have known Parull since the last 7 or 8 years as a Film Journalist. She has her own PR Agency and handles some of the major stars’ work in Mumbai. Our interaction over the years has been limited. Only when I received the second parcel did I come to know Parull was the committed angel and almost immediately called her office. An enthusiastic girl named Ekta responded with such a passion that I could gauge her happiness in doing something noble. Ekta informed that they will keep accumulating all the magazines in their office and would keep sending us regularly. I asked for Parull’s number and then called to thank her for her valuable contributions. A kind angel, she was glad for helping us in her own ways.

We wish more and more committed angels like Parull Gossain will come forward in the coming days, months and years to send us old magazines for our small paper envelopes making unit. From all the widows and their children here, we wish to thank our committed angel a very BIG-BIG thank you for her valuable contributions! Truly Parull, we are all very grateful to you and your office staff for such a wonderful noble act! Sai Baba bless you!


मुसाफिर जो हूँ... (29th August 2010, 0010 Hrs)

दोस्त बन जातें हैं 
राह पर चलते - चलते
मुसाफिर जो हूँ...
जो मिल गया उनसे दोस्ती कर ली
बिछड़ने की रीत के डर से
मैंने मंजिल को 
अपने और करीब पाया है...
मुसाफिर जो हूँ...
चलते जाना मेरा जूनून कहिये

२९ अगस्त २०१० 

Friday, August 27, 2010

अभिलाषा (27th August 2010, 1200 Hrs)

एक मेरी अभिलाषा जीवन की आओ मिलकर करें इसे पूरी
किसानो के विधवा वः  बच्चो की ज़िन्दगी न रह जाये अधूरी
एक मेरी अभिलाषा जीवन की सब मिलकर करें इसे पूरी
हर एक किसान के परिवार को मिलें जीवन साफ़ सुथरी

बरसों से किसानो ने जीवन हम सब को है दिया
अब हमारी बारी है आओ ज़िम्मेदारी निभाएं ज़रूरी
एक मेरी अभिलाषा जीवन की आओ मिलकर करें इसे पूरी
देश का कोई किसान न करें कभी खुदखुशी

एक मेरी अभिलाषा जीवन की आओ मिलकर करें इसे पूरी

२२ अगस्त २०१०


Is this the real independent modern India the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had visualised before 1947? Is this the real independent India all the freedom fighters, who laid their lives for all of us fought for? How independent are the poor of our nation in Manmohan Singh’s government? Are we really living in one of the fastest growing economies of the world?

Truly so! We all should give full credit to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s able leadership to lead the nation in the most modern era to break a new world record to pay 99 poor villagers (Tonk village in Rajasthan) a daily wage of Re. 1/- for 10 long hours of hard physical labour in sultry high temperature of Rajasthan, under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). Hats off to you Madam and your son Rahul Gandhi (who did a brilliant staged act of shramdan in villages to cheat voters to show his concern for poor villagers)! Hats off to our sleeping Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who has closed his eyes to allow 1 lakh crores go in drains in the name of CWG and no action taken on Kalmadi, the main culprit! Hats off to the person responsible for the implementation and execution of all NREGA’s scheme in the nation! Hats off to Human Rights Organizations of the nation who have shut their eyes! Hats off to all the leaders in the government for whom conducting 1 lakh crore corruption oriented Common Wealth Games in the nation has become the pride of the nation when poor villagers are being paid Re. 1/- as daily wage in the name of Mahatma Gandhi!

99 villagers from Tonk village in Rajasthan worked for 11 long days to be paid Rs. 11/- each at the end of the MGNREGS’ work. Re. 1/- wage for a day’s work is the cruellest joke one cannot even think of, but the reality was well exposed by Apurva of Indian Express (Some Guarantee: In Rajasthan district, daily wage under NREG is One Rupee – Indian Express dated 24th August 2010)! A new world record was created in the modern India under UPA – II! Every Indian can truly be proud of the greatest achievement ever that our nation has achieved after finding water in the moon! This achievement by UPA – II government has surpassed all their previous achievements! I would really like to congratulate the 99 villagers from Gudaliya village for having big hearts to decide to donate their Rs.11/- wage to the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Fund!

Tonk District Collector Pramila Surana will check on the matter, as always it happens in our great India but will all the 99 villagers get their rightful Rs. 100/- per day wage, that is Rs. 1100/- for 11 days of work? Daily wages under MGNREGS have been earlier paid from April to June as Re. 1/-, Rs. 7/-, 12/- & Rs. 25/- in Gudaliya... (will all those villagers be paid in full ever?) so the practice is not new one can say... so why have the Congress Government closed their eyes on such a heinous crime? While they can swindle crores & crores to build leaking Common Wealth Games Stadium (another great achievement of corrupt Kalmadi), how could they have the instruction to pay such a wage to daily labours in the name of MAHATMA GANDHI? Where is our Gandhi scion, who cashed in farmer widow Kalavati’s plight in the Lok Sabha to tell few leaders not to laugh on such serious national issue? The government announced that under NREGA, every labour is being paid Rs. 100/- for a day’s work, so why the Re.1/-? The details of the wages are well-documented in MGNREGA’s website too! That shows the officials’ callousness towards poor villagers...

As usual, the officials (Narendra Singh, MGNREGS mate who supervised the job site) connected blamed the poor villagers for not working for some days... such an act is not a crime under the Human Rights? Imagine such things are happening in the month of the Independence... 63 years of Freedom and the BIGGEST achievement? Well... I wish readers will just not read this to forget the next day but REACT just like they reacted to show the Rs. 2/- hike in Auto Fare in Mumbai... so are the reaction only meant when the poor gets a little or have we all really become emotionless to become highly educated inhuman? I leave everyone to judge self to raise their voices for the poor villagers, who are being exploited all over the nation by everyone to die and lead lives in miseries... my heart bleeds when I read such things... I cry to witness the crude realities of rural India... I am a human being and God has given me a heart... are you a human being too? Search for your own answers within yourself please!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IN THE NAME OF MAHATMA GANDHI (24th August 2010, 2340 Hrs)


A National Shame for entering the Guinness Book of World Records for the cheapest labour wage given by any country's government scheme in the name of Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi!

Sonia Gandhi & the Congress Government should be applauded for bravery and India's success for Economic Growth - the secret is out there in the open now

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MY NAME IS ARUNA JEEVAN BARDE (21st August 2010, 1300 Hrs)

I am a farmer's widow and my name is Aruna Jeevan Barde from village Salod, Wardha district, Vidarbha. My husband committed suicide because of debt. I own 2 acres of land. I work as a daily labour in my own land because I cannot afford to cultivate my land as I have no money or source. So I have leased it for Rs.30,000 per year... (Rs. 2500/- per month is my income from it)
I have three beautiful children, who have to be given good education to stand on their feet. When there is no work in fields, I work at various houses washing clothes, utensils and sweeping etc to earn few extra money so my children can go to school. In the meagre sum of money we are living our lives and so far have not stoop to begging from the world to help us because we are not beggars but hard working villagers even though we are living a life in miseries.
After the monsoon we are starting the Paper Envelopes Making Unit and we need old magazines, so we widows can work hard to earn a little from the waste...

Vidarbha Widows EARN-2-SAVE-ENVIRONMENT Project request each one of you to send us old magazine, one person one magazine... so we will have more magazines... ONE OLD MAGAZINE...

We thank you all for helping us with old magazines...

We all will be waiting with great expectations...

Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families
C/o Swapnil Barai
House No: 200
Opp: Dr. Harne's Hospital
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001
Phone: +91 89830 04533

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ANGELS-ANGELS COME LET US FLY (15th August 2010, 0130 Hrs)

(Dedicated to all the angels)

When angels fly to enter your life
Burden seems oh, so light!
Worries vanish from the sight
To make you feel oh, so bright!

When angels tread by your side
Your greatest fear too subside
However high may come a tide
For you angels will make them abide

New roads open up with a smile
In spite of journey of endless miles
Angels gather some more to smile
In God you believe to look up the sky

Angels are visibly invisible in broad daylight
They have no wings to take a flight
They are just like you and me
If you are lucky they will be on your side

Let us stop the world to cry
Angels-angels come let us fly...

Johnny D
15th August 2010
0055 Hrs

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MY NAME IS SHEETAL RAMJI BARADE (12th August 2010, 1330 Hrs)

I was barely nine when my dear father committed suicide. My mother has worked really hard to send my brother, sister and me to school. She is still working hard to make our two ends meet... all she wants is ONE OLD MAGAZINE from you all, so she can make paper envelopes to earn & save environment... dear uncles & aunties, please-please do send us one old magazine every month to support us, so that we can go to better schools and live our lives with dignity and less suffering. My mother and other widow mothers like her will not hesitate to work hard to earn for us while saving the environment for the nation...

I will be waiting with great expectations dear uncles & aunties for ONE OLD MAGAZINE from each one of you every month...

If each one of you send one, it will become so many for my mother and other widow mothers to work hard to earn some amount every month...

A very BIG THANK YOU from my brother, sister, my mother and me...


our address:

support 4 suicide farmers families
House No: 200
Opp: Dr. Harne's Hospital
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001
Phone: +91 89830 04533

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A WONDERFUL DEVELOPMENT (11th August 2010, 0025 Hrs)

So many angels are there in our world and when they enter your life to enhance your destiny, you really marvel at God’s disposition. The movement is in its fifth month and yes, I must confess that so far nothing concrete has happened. The undying effort to establish its strong base surely is taking a great deal of time slowly and steadily. The small progress is taking shape of a bigger world, a world where Vidarbha farmers’ widows and their children will benefit in very near future to lead a decent life with their heads held high. It’s my life’s mission and it certainly will take many-many years before some results will be seen by the world and honestly, I am quite content with the everyday progress.
The movement in Facebook has generated awareness to such an extent that people from all over the world are following the exclusive blog with great interest. There are many, who have come forward from nowhere to chip in with their valuable contributions and we are truly grateful to each one of you for supporting the cause with so much zeal and enthusiasm.
Today, a wonderful message arrived from Kerala. It came in as a big surprise because it came from an organization called ‘soulsindia’. The mail stated that they want to make use of the envelopes made by farmers’ widows for their office correspondence to support the cause. It is definitely a wonderful development to see how serious some organizations are to support and provide a helping hand by encouraging farmers’ widows’ endeavour.
Mahesh Nampurkar, a Pune based Landscape Architect-Designer was the first one to commit to make use of our envelopes once we start the production. Now ‘soulsindia’ has come forward and it is these sincere efforts that make us go ahead from strength to strength. Even though they have been very open about their small requirement, I must confess to be really grateful to them to make us believe that every single drop makes an ocean big. We are moving in the right direction is an indication of these organization’s trust in us that tomorrow will be a wonderful day for the farmers’ widows of Vidarbha.

Our samples will be sent to ‘soulsindia’ for their approval by next week and we know through them we will be reaching in many more offices, homes and individuals... they have surely laid a strong base for our first ever small unit... Thank you ‘soulsindia’ for your kind concern and support, we look forward for a long association with each other in years to come!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 KMS RUN, 4 KMS WALK – THE FIRST DAY (10th August 2010, 1430 Hrs)

At five in the morning, I got up today to start my running practice for the Nov-December run. It was surely a beautiful early morning with clouds overhead and cool temperature. Nearly after two decades I was wearing my track pants and the run was good for a start.

Age surely catches up with you and after running two kilometres, I realised my stamina was nowhere near when I was an athlete two decades ago. On the very first day I was able to run two kilometres and walk four kilometres without much effort was indeed satisfying. The determination is all in my head to run across 11 Vidarbha districts for 45 long days to spread awareness and raise funds to support the suicide farmers’ families. The foundation was laid today.
I knew well in advance after the run, my body would ache and shout for more rest before it gets seasoned in another couple of days. Yes, the body aches and climbing staircase has become an uphill task hehehehehe... the shin bone, calf muscles and thighs are facing – what we call the seasoning effect in athletics term... one week or maybe ten days... the pain is going to linger but my determination to get prepared for the run is going to soar higher as the days will go by.

I really am amazed at all times to find a new vigour and strength from within to pursue my goal to help the suicide farmers’ families... something I have never felt before in Mumbai. Life changes as destiny leads to take you where you belong... I feel so fresh inspite of all the tiredness... and in my head the song by Irene Carra from the movie Flashdance is playing – ‘Oh, what a feeling! I am dreaming now...’

Monday, August 9, 2010


Catastrophes and devastation of nature is another side / nature of nature and most importantly, it always engulfs the poor with death and endless miseries for life. Nature of nature is so-so very difficult to understand while the modern day scientists and researchers have tried to their hilt to control such mishappenings with modern day inventions and discoveries... yet, it is always the nature who has had the last laugh to teach us humans endless valuable lessons, but we still never learn from our mistakes and egoistic nature.

For 100 odd hours, Vidarbha recieved heavy rainfall till Sunday (8th August) morning... a phenomenon that many in this region have not seen in the past few years. Even before the poor farmers could resurrect themselves from the past few years of drought situation, the heavy rainfall has this year washed away their crops in watery grave... farmers in Wardha district are the most affected and they will have to again borrow money to buy those precious seeds once again and sow them to hope, the second time nature will not play traunt with them. Such calamities and devastation by nature’s fury will not even stir one bit the city-folks, who will be busy partying in rain dance in the outskirts of city to enjoy their weekends. Political leaders will worry about the Common Wealth Games where in 1 lakh crore rupees have been swindled to stake National Pride. What a sham!

On the contrary, while there have been excess rainfall in the region, there are more than 200 odd villages in Bihar, which are facing drought... no water! I remember last year there was a similar situation in the same state, where in farmers were protecting water for irrigation with their guns to save it from nearby villages... contrasting to the scene of devastation in Leh, where the cloud burst took hundred of lives in a split second... Ahmedabad faced flash floods on Saturday because of heavy rainfall. There must be more of such happenings in various parts of the nation, which has not been reported by the media but then why we always live by the same attitude of BHAGWAN BHAROSE (God’s mercy)? Where are the scientific tools and gadgets that can forewarn mishappenings in advance? Why the respective scientists and officials, who keep vigil 24 x 7 always seems to be giving us the wrong predictions and the same excuses time and again? Why the head of the nation, the Prime Minister is so incapable to implement a more effective system to safeguard the poor population of the nation?

Crops, cattles, houses, belongings and lives are lost and washed away in floods, if not, all these things are sold to survive famine... while crores worth of food grains are being allowed to rot by the nation’s incapable system to feed the hungry and the poor. Yes, we will all march in white clothes, burn candles and lay flowers when a terrorist strike us... but we will never even bother to say a silent prayer for all those who die in nature’s fury... as long as one is not affected, we will all close our eyes, conscience and party hard to enjoy life and complain when the power supply goes for even ten minutes to blame the system. But I really keep asking myself all the time, who will save the poor from such calamities and disaster? Will we ever respect nature so that nature respects our existence? It is so-so very difficult to understand nature’s nature... Nature please have some mercy for the poor...

ONE OLD MAGAZINE (9th August 2010, 1530 Hrs)

I am old now & my son committed suicide because of debt. My daughter-in-law needs just one old magazine from all of you... will you not send one, so she can earn to save environment? The widow wants to lead a decent dignified life by working hard for her children... will you not help her with one old magazine??? Please... a sincere request from an old farmer who has lived all my life to feed the nation... a big thank you to all of you in advance!


Johnny D
support 4 suicide farmers families
C/o Swapnil Barai
House No: 200
Opp: Dr. Harne's Hospital
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001
Phone: +91 89830 04533

Friday, August 6, 2010


While our nation is busy fighting tooth and nail to build the CWG Stadium in time with crores and crores of money being gobbled by the authorities, I was indeed amazed by an article in the newspapers to see what the Japanese Farmers had achieved way back in 1993 by thinking way ahead of time to create the paddy fields into an art canvas. Truly amazing are the precision, dedication and devotion of these farmers to use computer technology and all thanks to one man’s creativity!
Koichi Hanada, a clerk of Inakadate village hall was requested to increase tourists inflow by his superiors… for months he wondered how to do the impossible in the rural northern part of Japan until one fine day, he saw school children planting rice paddy for their projects. The students had used two varieties of rice paddy – one was dark purplish stalks and the other the usual bright green ones. The canvas was born in Koichi’s head and that is how the Paddy Art was born, which has become a big hit in Japan.
Every single year since 1993, farmers of Inakadate village have created images by using rice paddies as colours and their fields as the big canvas to give Paddy Art a new dimension. From small art form to the latest football ground size depicting Samurai Battling a Warrior Monk, the size of images have been growing steadily since the last 17 years to draw the growing media’s attention and millions of curious tourists. In 2009, as many as 1,70,000 visitors visited the village to see the Living Art Form! Japanese known for its amalgamation of high technology, painstaking perfectionism and one of the most ancient cultures growing rice can only achieve such a feat… truly-truly out-of-this-world!
Unfortunately Inakadate village is facing hard times from its shrinking population, a crushing debt load and declining revenues from agriculture. So far the farmers have failed to accomplish financial benefits from their creativity as visitors who come to Inakadate village don’t spend much to see the Paddy Art… sad and very ironical that such a magnificent art form is being discouraged by the world instead of being encouraged! I wish, farmers of Inakadate will be ultimately recognised for their creative art form and be rewarded to lead a better life in near future!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

L.H.S = R.H.S (3rd August 2010, 0950 Hrs)

I must confess that I was very poor in Mathematics during my schooling days. I must also confess that in our modern day’s life, majority of us have failed to make a use of the subject in our every day life… no, I am not talking about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… we all do the simple mathematical solutions… however, when life gets complicated, we often forget to make use of the subject…
Mathematics as the subject have taught all of us that L.H.S (Left Hand Side) is always equal to (=) to the R.H.S (Right Hand Side)… however, if you don’t provide the right solutions to the problem, you will always get a zero. The way I looked at these two short forms (L.H.S & R.H.S) of Mathematics, I have marvelled as to why till now someone else or I have never thought about its importance in solving our every day problems. It is so simple to understand these two to make life Quadra Errada Demonstrandum (Q.E.D). I must confess that I always enjoyed writing Q.E.D at the end of every problem…whether my solutions were right or wrong hehehehe…

L.H.S to me means LOOK for HIDDEN SIGNS which equals the R.H.S, which elaborates as one will get to know one’s REAL HIDDEN STRENGTH… when one looks at both the sides one will automatically find the solutions to any problems in the world. So simple yet we humans have often overlooked this aspect of Mathematics in life. The reason I am writing about these two sides is because it can be applied to everything in our lives, yet we love to complicate things (like I used to do in solving Mathematical problems in school :) to get a big zero heheheheh) to increase our woes and never solve the problems of life.

Till, I started the movement even I had overlooked these two sides, even though in life I have used them more often than not without knowing the full forms, which I had coined only a few days back. I was truly amazed because when a guy like me, who hated Mathematics so much can coin the full forms to understand life, I wonder why the top economist of the country (Dr. Manmohan Singh, our PM) has failed to apply them to solve the problems of the nation… instead his so-called able learned cabinet ministers have complicated every single citizen’s woes by increasing the steps to solve a problem.

Solutions seems to be nowhere in sight and imagine this has happened ever since our Independence. None, I repeat none of the ministers, who claim to serve the nation has even bothered to build enough FCI Godowns to safeguard food grains to make our nation self-sufficient and healthy, instead all they have cared to do is accumulate crores and crores of black money by every single means. While in the last 63 long years, our nation has seen malls, multiplexes, flyovers, high-rises, swanky airports, hotels, restaurants & bars have been build in great numbers, we as the nation have not even bothered to build the most essential thing for our nation – Sufficient FCI Godowns!
Our Finance Minister may claim in pride that the economy is growing at a faster pace of 9% but as an economist why has he overlooked this simple solution to allocate funds to build enough godowns for our nation’s better future on war footing. While we may have achieved to find presence of water in the moon, our hard worked poor farmers’ produce are being allowed to rot in open to the tune of 58,000 crores every single year. Our billionaires may acquire foreign companies to make our nation’s proud, none of the 331 so-called rich have bothered to donate godowns for the sake of nation’s future. Well, the least said about our Agriculture Minister’s callousness to kill more farmers every year will hardly matter to his ambition to be the head of the ICC… I wonder what will he achieve by cricket? Will the crores worth rotting food grains be saved he one is creating records in cricket… does constructing godowns take 63 long years to complete?

Ironical and really pathetic that a simple solution to construct enough food grains godowns for the nation was not and is not on the HIGH PRIORITY for the government of India and yes, on the 15th of August, we will play patriotic songs, unfurl the tri-colour, talk of freedom, show-off our patriotism and what not… Wake up young generation if you really want to make the L.H.S = R.H.S… Only you can change our nation… so look for hidden signs to find your real hidden strength to prove there exist simple solutions to every problem.