Saturday, April 20, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

The FIFTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL – Bollywood Director Prawaal Raman came in the disguise of Sai Baba with his SMS – ‘For sure Johnny... any time... J thanks for involving me...’ The coincidence of meeting him on the day of Sai Baba’s birthday in Bombay and his extended assurance that he is and will always be there in future too for the movement, made me to thank Sai Baba for coming in my aid at the right moment. I have met few of such amazing angels ever since I started the “Journey of Destiny” each time I have lost hope against hope!

I had met Prawaal Raman during my stint as a film journalist many years ago, when his first film DARNA MANA HAI was about to release. It was a nice interview and knowing the young creative mind was an insight. His first film was highly acclaimed! Over the years, we did lost touch and in 2011 once again we met when I went to shoot his lovely apartment.  He had just released his new critically acclaimed film 404 ERROR NOT FOUND on college ragging. We exchanged our lives and happening and it was like old times. I have been blessed to have got kind support and help from few kind-hearted Bollywood and Television personalities ever since I started the “Journey of Destiny”. I am truly grateful to each one of them from the bottom of my heart.


Prawaal indeed was glad to support me for a year. He revealed how urban suicide among school students has increased tremendously all over Indian cities. Prawaal revealed that when his old school Loyola School in Jamshedpur invited him as the Chief Guest for a function last year, “I was shocked that a group of students had made a documentary on students’ suicide. It made me to do something for the students. With like-minded support from few of other actors and directors, we conducted seminars for a span of two months with the help of JIVAN, an NGO in Jamshedpur. Rahul Bose, Sunita Menon, Randeep Hooda, National Award Winner Director Nishikant Kamat and Sufi Singer Satyakam addressed gatherings of 42 schools’ students and their parents. So many issues erupted during the sessions and it is sad that we have been losing so many students to suicide. I am deeply affected knowing these students were not saved. There are multiple layers to suicide and it is fast increasing in many cities.”

I was shocked to hear that Jamshedpur records a high percentage of students’ suicide and as per the National Record, 21% suicide happening in Jamshedpur are that of students. Prawaal is thankful to Father Victor of Loyola School Jamshedpur for assisting his team to organize such seminars to benefit the students and their parents. He continues, “I am also thankful to all the individuals who came forward to address the gathering. I plan to conduct more of such sessions whenever I am free from my work to help do what I can to help a few.”

We shared a great deal about the movement and future projects in the pipeline. Prawaal kindly said, “Johnny, do let me know whenever you need assistance, I will chip in from my side and also try to gather more support from few of my friends. I am glad you have involved me with such a cause that I am deeply affected with.” Beautiful Angels like Prawaal Raman assures me that my Sai Baba is working in tandem with me all the time... testing me at times and providing me with all his kind support by sending me the BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to help and assist me.

Prawaal I am truly-truly grateful to you for all your kind help and support from the bottom of my heart. Sai Baba bless you always and forever!

I still need FIVE BEAUTIFUL ANGELS more... I know SAI BABA will send them soon!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

This year it has been a testing time for the world and me. There are very-very few visibly invisible angels who have come forward to help and support me for a year. The sleepless nights continue to haunt me. I wonder how will I continue forward in the “Journey of Destiny”? Nevertheless, I am not the one to give up and will continue finding new ways and keep knocking doors of the invisible angels. I am also looking out for an opening and yes, I need blessings of one and all so that I find a job soon.

The FOURTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL is a sweet kind angel from Bombay... who has been helping the movement in various forms time and again. And when I approached her, she was quick to respond with a big YES! I have met her many-many years ago during my stint as a journalist. All these years, we have been in touch either through SMS or at times over phone. She has also involved others to help the movement in her own special way. Angels like her make one to believe that goodness among humans still exists in today’s modern world!

She has requested that her name should not be disclosed. I respect her privacy and I wish to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her kind help and support from the very start of the movement. I know sweet angels like her will always strengthen the movement in its own special ways. Sai Baba bless you always and forever!

I still need SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS more to support me and I look forward to the world to send me these Beautiful Angels, so that the “Journey of Destiny” keeps moving forward to help and support more affected children in the region of Vidarbha. I know my Sai Baba will send the SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to assist and help me, I know HE will!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


(7th April 2013)


Respected Sir,

I am writing to you this letter with the simple solution to benefit the nation in totality towards green abundance. The solution will benefit the Indian Railways, majority of the landless farmers of our nation and the citizen with fresh healthy greens (saag) throughout the nation and the nation’s economy.

To understand the simple solution, first I wish to write about a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, who provided me the insight to suggest such a reality that is simple, effective and possible to make India proud.


Farmer: Ravindra Kumar Kewat
Village: Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
Farming: On a patch of acres adjacent to Guru Teg Bahadur Station in Mumbai
Family Consists of:
Father: Working in BMC, Mumbai
Mother: Housewife / Farm Labourer
Brother: Working in Merchant Navy
Self: Full time farming, growing greens / vegetables since the last 13 years in Mumbai.
Wife: Housewife / Farm Labourer.
Daughter: 2 years young

Farm Labourers: Four
Monthly Salary of each Labourer: Rs. 3 to 4,000 /- Monthly + Meals two times daily.

Annual Rental of the patch of land (1 acre): Rs. 9,000 /- (is given to the Railway Employee, who has leased the land, as Railways don’t give the land to farmers directly – the rental for Railway Employees is very-very less as compared to what the farmers pay the employee who leases the land.)

Farming is done 12 Months of the Year.
Mode of Irrigation: Drainage along the Railway tracks.
Urea & Fertilizer are used.
During Summer & Winter: GREENS: Palak, Pui Saag, Hara aur Lal Maat, Chauli, Raddish
During Monsoon: Bhindi, Chauli

Yearly income (after all expenses are taken care of) Rs. 1,00,000 /-


When I was living in Mumbai, I was always fascinated to see farmers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar farming in hot sun and monsoon all along the railway tracks, keeping the area green and clean from local residents along the tracks, who defecate early morning by farming on these tracks of land all along the railway lines. These farmers do wonders, to supply the daily greens at cheaper rate for the citizen to benefit all along the local markets and local railways stations.

Because of these farmers, the foul stench of early morning defecation, in many stations along the Western, Central and Harbour Lines have seen a drastic change since the last couple of years, all thanks to the dedicated lot of farmers from UP and Bihar.

I interviewed farmer Ravindra Kumar Kewat on 15th March 2013 and the startling revelation made me to write this open letter to you. Ravindra revealed that near about 90 per cent of the farmers, who grow vegetables are from UP and Bihar. Majority of them (near about 85 to 90 per cent) do farming for 8 months and return to village during Mumbai monsoon season. However, 10 to 15 per cent cultivate greens and vegetables throughout the year.

When I told him I will be writing about him and his hard work in my blog, Ravindra was very happy and insisted that I should write for the whole nation to benefit from such an endeavour. I assured him that was my sole aim in interviewing him. He was candid and didn’t hesitate to narrate the dangers and problems faced by farmers like him. He said, “We don’t get any security from the Railways. If Railways provide us security, we can be more effective and can grow more and more vegetables. Sometimes local goons from the nearby shanties and drunkards create problems for us. Sometimes, the locals steal greens and on purpose defecate in fields to create unwanted problems. We have to keep high level of patience to see all these things happening on and off.”

Farmer Ravindra Kumar Kewat

When I asked how Railways can help these farmers, he said, “There is no electricity supply for us and there is no drinking water available. We have to fetch water from far away. If electricity supply is provided, we can use it to run our pumps to irrigate the vegetables and our investment will come down. Sometimes some railways’ employees throw dirty oil in the drains, which makes us to fetch water from far away to irrigate our land. If these problems are looked upon by railways, we can grow more greens per acre.”


As per Wikipedia: It is one of the world's largest railway networks comprising 1,15,000 km (71,000 miles) of track over a route of 65,000 km (40,000 miles) and 7,500 stations and as per TOI report: India comes fifth with 62,658 km of railroad after Canada and China.

Now imagine the scale and magnitude at which, we, as the nation, with the help of all the landless farmers can do, if all along the tracks greens and vegetables are cultivated with the help of Indian Railways.


Indian Railways will earn huge yearly revenues in billions by leasing the unutilised track of lands to landless farmers directly (not through their employees).

The landless farmers of the nation will get to earn their own by working on this patch of lands, which in turn, will contribute in billions towards nation’s earnings to simultaneously eradicate unemployment of landless farmers.

The green abundance will make India as the nation to export greens and vegetables to various countries to earn foreign exchange for the nation in billions.

The green abundance will feed the nation’s billion plus population and there will be no shortage of vegetables anywhere in India.

All along the tracks, because of green fields, beautification of the whole area will be an added feature of Indian Railways for the passengers to enjoy.

These farmers will also save Indian Railways’ lands that are mostly grabbed by local goons and politicians for vote banks.

The nation will be an example for the whole world to replicate the model in their respective countries to benefit their citizen and nation.

Yours truly,

Johnny D
support 4 suicide farmers families
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

As if on instinct, hearing my voice of distress deep in his heart, he called me out of the blue on my birthday and complained that I have not called him since a long time... we talked over here and there over phone for a while... still, he didn’t wished me ‘Happy birthday!’ After a long time, finally I said, “It is my birthday today and you don’t even remember it?” He laughed aloud and wished me and said, “Life is like that...”

Manjit Singh and I have grown up together and we have spend the best and the worst of times together. He is my only friend in the whole world, who was, is and will always be there when I need him the most. His house and his small family are and will always be mine with no conditions attached. His beautiful considerate wife Bindu is one of the most beautiful angels, who always insist that I should live with them and all three of us grow old to support each other. No blood relations at all but the bonding we have shared in the past few decades have been totally astounding. The most wonderful aspect of our strong bonding is that we have never kept any record of any financial transaction. Whenever one is in trouble, we just have to call or send message and like genie, we have helped each other, whosoever is in good position.

Like me, he too, has gone through a lot but we have both come out strong each time we have been down in life. When he came to know about my crisis, he said don’t worry, things will be better. And today, like the genie, he deposited one full year of contribution and said, “Done!” Well, a friend like Manjit Singh is very-very rare in one’s life!

I have been going through sleepless nights and to a great extent Manjit has made me realize that the much required SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS will also come forward from various places to support and help me for the Fourth Year.

Sai Baba bless your loving family always and forever dear friend! I am truly grateful that I have you as my friend for life!