Monday, July 14, 2014


(P.S: I had written this poem about the woes of farmers and agricultural crisis in Vidarbha in 2010. From 2010 to 2013, Vidarbha has received good rainfall during monsoon. This year, the CRISIS are severe and farmers are worried about the outcome... Monsoon usually arrives in Vidarbha region during the "First Week of June"... this year there is no sign of rains... I am posting this poem to request from the bottom of my heart to Varsha Rani (Queen of Rains) to be merciful and rescue the farmers of Vidarbha and the Nation alike. I do hope Varsha Rani will be kind to shower Her BLESSINGS at the earliest.)


Clouds-clouds come to Vidarbha
Clouds-clouds shower on Vidarbha
Two years have been too long a time
Deprived farmers were forced to commit a crime

Poison is being consumed by crops, farmers and us alike
Once a boon, farming has become a curse today
Lives here have lost the will to live
Clouds please be merciful this year on Vidarbha

Children are becoming orphan at tender age
Widows have no more tears left to shed
Old helpless grandparents look in disbelief
Clueless about the future of Vidarbha 

The dying soil has given up too  
As poisonous chemicals seep all the water above  
How long will the Mother Earth take it now
As the cry for monsoon echoes in Vidarbha!

Johnny D
11th June 2010