Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GUY LALUC - FRENCH Directeur de la publication et jounaliste at Argos - communication agricole EXPLORES VIDARBHA

The recent visit of Guy Laluc - the Directeur de la publication et journaliste at Argos - communication agricole (Argos - communication agricole) - revealed similar fate of French farmers. Even though, the numbers are not high but farmers' suicide is taking place in France. As we exchanged notes about our countries, Guy told me that the percentage of farmers in France is depleting at a faster pace. I did remember to read that in the year 2010, only 7% of France's population were into the Agriculture Sector. Surprisingly, the percentage has come down to just 2% by 2015. It is indeed alarming because the average age of French farmers are around 50 years. The young generation of farmers are avoiding the farming sector because the investments are high while the yields fail to fetch profits for farmers.

Guy visited Vidarbha with his son Timothée (helping his father as a translator) interacted with few affected families in Antargaon, Metikheda and others. Guy publishes the monthly magazine ARGOS in France, spreading awareness for farmers to benefit and about the problems of farmers in France. 

Guy's recent visit is recorded in photographs:

Guy at the Kalamb Irrigation Canal, which received water after 32 long Years, but it is not adequate enough for farmers to irrigate their farms
Timothée translating to his father Guy
 Sunil Ade, our village liaison explaining the problems of Indian farmers
Guy with farmer's widow, whose husband succumbed to suicide
 Guy was kind enough to bring notebooks and pencils for village children
Guy Laluc with Sunil Ade (one of the progressive farmers of Metikheda Village)
The team with a farmer's widow
Children were happy to receive notebooks and pencils from Guy
Visiting affected families in various villages
Hand-cut Wheat yield... Guy was impressed about Indian farmers' hard work
From a bonded labour to owning 6 acres of farmland, 65-year-old Farmer Bhabhuji Daulat Ade (in the middle) with his two sons (Sunil & Anil) and Guy & Timothée 
"A good management and hard work lead to freedom from being a bonded labour." - Village Metikheda farmer Bhabuji Daulat Ade
 Picture Perfect: When France meets India!
Guy carried sample of Indian Cotton with him to France
Father and Son: Guy and Timothée Guy leaving Sevagram

Friday, January 1, 2016