Saturday, January 12, 2013


For the ‘Journey of Destiny’ the year of 2012 was a mixed bag of various emotions and experiences, as it has been ever since I started on the 12th of March 2010. The year was also remarkable in many ways and the never-ending crisis surely taught me a great deal about important lessons of life.

They come one by one, oh so consistently!
Like waves hitting the shores, oh so constantly!
I am amazed how the bubbles vanish every time!
Coz all I do is flow like a fish in the Ocean of Love!

--- Johnny D ---
20th December 2012

There have been some amazing Beautiful Angels, who flew from various parts of the world to help and support me at various stages of the ‘Journey of Destiny’. I am truly-truly grateful to every single Beautiful Angel, who came forward to help and support me selflessly all through the journey and they still are doing everything possible to strengthen the movement with their undying efforts.

Since the last two years (2010 & 2011) I have been involved in various activities, that I really yearned for the much needed break to rejuvenate self. The perfect opportunity came when my friend Satpal Singh arrived from New York for his niece’s wedding in Punjab in February. I was so excited because we were meeting after many years... my joy soon turned out, to be a nightmare at the lavish wedding party. It was difficult for me to relate to the outside world and all I witnessed was wastage of so much of food all around at the party... depression set in and like a baby I was crying to return back to Wardha. My friend didn’t stop me and all the way to Tundla, he kept inquiring me over phone about my well being. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my destiny and I thank Sai Baba to send me a few of them to take good care of me during the crisis.

On my way to Wardha from Punjab, I made a short halt at Tundla at one of my Beautiful Angel’s (Palak Jha) house... Palak and her doctor husband Pavan Patrick have been a great support in multiple ways and their rockstar kid Duggu is my favourite. I was heartbroken and they did lift my spirits while I was eager to be back in Wardha at the earliest. They consoled me to be strong and control my emotional trauma by being positive. The Little Angel Duggu surely diverted a great deal of my depressive mood with his angelic antics.

For a whole one month, I was wondering how can we humans, be so insensitive to splurge at various parties with so much of wastage.  All the while I was missing my friend and on the 30th of March, all of a sudden I called him and said, “I am coming.” He said, “You are always welcome.”

I was once again in Punjab and my birthday was a memorable one with my friend’s families and relatives... everyone showered their love and blessings... while the world was missing me on Facebook. It was an overwhelming experience to get so many wishes from all over the world.

This time, I met some amazing farmers in Punjab and had some valuable interaction with them to understand various crisis that are plaguing Punjab farmers. Satpal was returning back to New York and once again while returning to Wardha, I had a brief stay at Tundla and Delhi. Palak gave all of Duggu’s good clothes (short for Duggu) for village kids.

The Trust’s bank account was opened finally. Well-known Architect-Designer Prem Nath has been very kind ever since I started the ‘Journey of Destiny’ and generously he donated a sizeable amount. Angels like him are rare to find and his humility is personified in the most humane manner. Finally, when I went to farmer widow Aruna Jivan Barade’s house at Salod, she wasn’t expecting me at all... thinking I was like everyone else, who just promise and do nothing.

I am glad that Sai Baba has led me to her family and support one of her three children with a 7-Year-R/D Account, so that in future it will come handy for daughter Sheetal Ramji Barade’s future education. Bank Manager of IDBI Bank Wardha, Vikram Gokhale has been a great help... and through all the beautiful angels out there, I am glad that Sai Baba chose me to be the medium between the ‘haves’ and the ‘haves not’. I am truly-truly grateful to each one of them... for all the help, support, blessings and prayers.

The Third Year June 2012 to May 2013 has been and is certainly still a very challenging phase of the “Journey of Destiny”. Once again it was time to get the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to support and help me financially for a year... they all flew from all over the globe in their own amazing ways... I wish to have a special mention of the two Beautiful Angels of last year, Ankit Tulsyan and Palak Jha, who zealously extended their yearly contribution for the third year as well.

Out of the Ten Beautiful Angels, four of the angels faced their own problems and I am indeed very sad about their problems. I prayed to Sai Baba to solve their problems and take good care of them. They couldn’t support me with their monthly help in time and this created more problems for me to sustain on real grounds. And to make matter worse or say good my laptop of four years collapsed. I never had any savings with me and whatever little was left, had to be taken out to sustain self. I also wish to thank here Shreyas Talpade and his kind hearted wife Deepti Talpade, who sent me out of nowhere with some financial help. This timely help helped me to buy the new laptop in October finally with two of my good friends’ help, who helped me with the required loan for the laptop.

The problem surely was the blessings in disguise and I had to find the solution to my problems. Worries haunted me day and night and the only option was to find a job at the earliest, so that I am able to survive, save a little, pay back the loan of my friends and raise some funds for the villages’ children. In November, I floated my resume to all my friends in Bombay and in the last week a sweet angel Remona helped me. I got my first call for an interview. December saw me getting the challenge to develop a new magazine on Architecture and with the blessings of Sai Baba, I became once again the Editor.

The Trust – “support 4 suicide farmers families, Wardha” - was given the much needed 12 A Certificate from the IT Commissioner Nagpur for Tax Exemption for funds raised by the Trust. The process for 80G Certificate was completed by my kind CA Jagdish Chandak, who has been a great help with all his support and kindness.

Finally, I had to move to Mumbai once again to continue the “Journey of Destiny” as the EDITOR of EPC World Media Pvt Ltd’s new magazine ARCHITECTURE & AESTHETICS. A new beginning from the 1st of January 2013!

The “Journey of Destiny” continues...