Thursday, February 24, 2011


We wake up only for a while and then go on to the SLEEP MODE
26/11 happened, one day candles burned and then all is forgotten...
Life continues as if nothing has happened...
Ask the people who lost someone dear
Life has changed for them completely though!

Crores and crores are being looted in front of the whole nation...
We talk and discuss for a day shouting aloud
Life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Ask those who are living in hunger and poverty
How do they manage to survive just another day!

Hundreds of poor are dying daily in the nation,
We say sad as if we are really concerned
The next day, life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Ask those how they are struggling day in and day out
To feed their small-small children by staying hungry!

Only when the rich are affected, everyone wakes up
Discussion will go in length and genuine concern reflected
Government will come in action almost immediately...
Ministers will be sacked and action is immediate
The media will shout aloud on and on....

Remember how Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai...
CM Ashok Chavan turned Mumbai into a fortress
Just to release SRK’s MY NAME IS KHAN?
While in Tembhali village, a remote village in Maharastra
Tribal villagers are surviving hunger eating tamarind leaves

Oh, we discussed at great length about SRK’s film
On and on... for days, months and even now...
Ask any Indian about Tembhali (one such village),
Getting electricity after 63 years of freedom...
Many will say they haven’t even heard about the village

Yes, few may say they have heard because,
The first UID was given to poor tribal villagers by PM
But are we surprised that villages haven’t seen electricity
In the last six and half decades of Independence
UID or electricity and drinking water are more important for living?

Many haven’t even heard about Bundelkhand
Where farmers had to sell their wives to feed their children
Many will never even want to know too
Those who know are silent because it is too inhuman to talk
Ask those farmers who had no option to be pushed to such an extent...

There are many such realities of our nation
To which we all have shut our eyes and conscience
Poor farmers are dying cultivating food for the nation
While the nation purposely allow food grains to rot in open
Ask those who haven’t seen what is wheat or proper food in ages

Life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Everyone will quote the cliché and then forget
Till the next calamity befall on us to teach us a lesson
With so much suffering in the world all around

Johnny D
24th February 2011 

Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been longing to write this post since a long time but somehow never got down to it... today, finally I am in the mood to write about some angels, who flew in from nowhere. As I have often said angels are visibly invisible in this modern world... you see them every day but cannot say which one is angel and which one is not...

Vatsa from Bangalore happens to be one of my seniors at KV Manauri Allahabad... many-many years later we got connected by the common thread called DESTINY! Vatsa’s batch were searching for their class teacher Madam Manjulata Saxena and I managed to become the medium for them to connect with her because she was also my class teacher... now, all these years we don’t even know we existed in our two different worlds...

Mails exchanged on Facebook and telephone conversation connected us as if we knew each other since years... and reliving the beautiful days of KV Manauri’s school life surely bonded us together in such a strong thread that I wonder how this angel flew in from almost nowhere. Strange are the ways of destiny and I am a great believer!

He came to know about the movement and said – “Johnny kuch karna hai ab toh...” (Johnny something is to be done now...)... I welcomed him and he shared everything about the movement with his batch mates (Shephalika Misra Sharma, Chandra Shekhar Kapri, K.A. Mahavir and Taposh Das) recently when they met in Delhi... I really don’t know their connections with me or the movement, but they have all agreed to be part of the movement in their own ways... one angel will pull so many angels... I simply thank Sai Baba for sending all of them from nowhere...

During a recent visit to Nagpur (on the way to Delhi) Vatsa gave a bundle saying – ‘I really didn’t know what I should contribute for the movement but this is a small contribution from my family and me.’ I was touched when I opened the packet at home... right now I will not disclose what Vatsa’s valuable contribution is, because at the right time, I shall share with one and all in coming months for sure! It was a brief meeting but it will last with me forever...

Days later, I received a mail from Shephalika Misra Sharma and her kind support and encouragement to spread awareness about the movement among her circle and the assurance that I am not alone any more... well, words are indeed not sufficient to write about such a passionate caring angel...who once again flew in from nowhere... the other three visibly invisible angels have not interacted with me so far... but I know we all have come together as destiny wants us to unite for the challenging work ahead!

Apart from these five angels, one angel from Pune flew in with her valuable contribution, sending a bunch of magazines for the envelope unit... Asmita Khedkar, an IT professional had read about the old magazine thing somewhere (not in blog) and the effort to contribute showed that she cares to be part of the movement... and truly, that is so beautiful!

The committed beautiful angel Parull Gossain from Bombay as usual keeps sending bunch of magazines on a regular basis... something that is truly-truly amazing! Through this post I wish to thank all of these beautiful angels, who have shown that all it takes is a small step of caring for the poor farmers and their families of the nation. After all, farmers are our anndata (one who provides food) and without them, would we even survive for a single day? Think about it please!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


“Shraddha aur Shaburi” (Faith & Patience) is what Sai Baba always told His devotees to maintain... while most of us have great faith in Him, sadly though in this high stressed life, we tend to lose patience and hence all the miseries follow. When I started my journey in the unchartered territory, I had many plans and must confess, I had perceived many things even before they were implemented on ground. That was my greatest mistake because the ground realities were completely different from what I had perceived... it also taught me that I should not be in a hurry to get results and that it is patience and perseverance which will see things to happen in due course of time.

Today, when I look back I realize that only patience and perseverance will see me through in this journey... while I was building up my base interacting with various people in Vidarbha, I realized that the complexities of the farmers’ suicide issue is far more complicated than what we all read in newspapers. However, while doing research, meeting widows in villages and interacting with farmers in villages... all have been fruitful in many aspects and they have taught me a great deal about the real problems of the poor farmers of the nation.

Implementation of small-small units for widows surely needs a lot of funds to start up and without getting the Trust register things will not be possible at all... since August 2010, I have been running around to get the Trust registered and finally on 20th December 2010, I managed to submit the Trust papers... the first date for an interview with the Assistant Commissioner is set in March... I really don’t know how many more months will see the Trust being registered... I have no option my citizen of the world but to wait patiently for the Trust registration to get over... once the Trust is registered, the fund raising process will start and only then the unit will be established. These are the ground realities of my movement that I had not seen coming when I started...

I really don’t wish to give false hopes to the poor families by only talking to them and do nothing... and at the same time, I want everyone in the urban cities to please note that things will roll slowly and steadily in the right process and systematic ways... yes, for every small unit, the Trust will need a good amount of money so that widows are paid properly for their hard work and thereby continue to establish their respective units in a profit making unit to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. I am here for life as my destiny wants... so the journey is currently in a standstill process... yes, I have the patience to wait for things to happen accordingly because I or one must say, no human can force his / her ways against destiny...

I know there are as many as 60 plus countries following the movement and wondering and hoping for miracles to happen... and to happen real fast... I am sorry to say to dear citizen of the world, I am here in Vidarbha to help the poor suicide farmers’ families in a way where they will become self-reliant to lead a life that they are wishing in their dreams and thoughts... we all need to support them to achieve that and fulfil their dreams into reality.

Meanwhile, the long wait is surely testing how much patience I have for this work... I have full faith in my Sai Baba and certainly patience will see me through the tough times... Sai Baba blesses you all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

सोने की चिड़िया भारत

सोने की चिड़िया भारत 

बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे
पहले लूट ले गए अंग्रेज़ खज़ाना सारा हमारा
अब तो लूट रहे हैं मंत्री प्रधान मंत्री के सहारा

पर हमें तो सदियों से सोने की आदत जो है...
सोते रहेंगे जब तक लूट ना जाये इज्ज़त हमारा
बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे...

ये है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

काला धन में अवल नंबर है दुनिया में हमारा
मंत्रियों तो अरबपति है हमारे देश का सारा
गरीब दो वक़्त की रोटी ना खाए तो क्या हुआ

बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे...

ये है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

खेतियों में ज़हर डलवा रहे है सरकार हमारा
ताकि किसान आत्महत्या कर सके सारा
सड़ जायें करोड़ों का अनाज हर साल तो क्या

बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे...

ये है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

लूट कर करूड़ों भी, जी नहीं भरा इन मंत्रियों का
आज एक-एक करके जेल जा रहा है साला
शर्म नहीं है तभी तो बेच रहे हैं हिंदुस्तान सारा

बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे...

ये है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

गाँव में आदिवासी जी रहे है इमली के पत्ते खाकर (Tembhali , Maharastra )
बुंदेलखंड में किसान पत्नियों को बेच्च कर पाल रहे हैं बच्चे
प्रधान मंत्री उन्हें दे रहे है UID का कार्ड अपने भूख मारने के लिए

ये कैसा है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

बरसो से है सोता आया, बरसो और सोते रहेंगे
पहले लूट ले गए अंग्रेज़ खज़ाना सारा हमारा
अब तो लूट रहे हैं मंत्री प्रधान मंत्री के सहारा

ये कैसा है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)
ये कैसा है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)
ये कैसा है भारत देश हमारा... (दुखी होकर)

--- स्वरचित --- 


Is there really a shortage of food in the world? THINK AGAIN...

6.5 Billion Population of the World

11.5 Billion can eat comfortably the food the world is producing.

Yet, 1 Billion Plus people live in Hunger

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



“Farmers in developed countries are now more aware and are switching over to organic manures resulting in more than 10 per cent drop in chemical fertilizer production. On the contrary, we in India are ignoring the benefits of organic fertilizers and importing huge quantities of chemical fertilizers,” says Prof. D. Narahari, former Head, Poultry Science, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai.

I have been interacting with some like-minded people all across the globe and each one of them say that their country is seeing a drastic change in dietary habit, because most of them are now aware about the ills of consuming GM Crops and have switched as much as possible to buy Organic produce to be on the safe side... it is also common sense that the West, which has been promoting GM Crops since decades have the maximum number of psychotic disorder cases as compared to the Eastern countries, who have been practicing Organic Farming since ages... dumping the poisonous chemicals fertilizers & pesticides for its GM Crops, the West has in fact, not only affected the fertility of soil but also are killing people softly through various illness in almost all the countries... obviously all these GM Crops & poisonous chemical fertilizers &  pesticides are helping the Pharmaceutical industry to grow at such a rapid pace. Haiti was a great example when they refused Monsato’s GM Food Grains offer as aid and burned whatever was supplied... the country had the guts one must say to do such a thing when they had suffered the worst tragedy in decades... Hats off to every Haitian and especially their government to show to the world, how dangerous the GM Crops are in reality!

Brazil is another latest example of how a country can fight back the GM lobby to switch over to Organic Farming to increase food grains production of the nation. Even in France, the limitation of Organic Farming is seeing a gradual growth among consumers, who are ready to shell out more money to buy Organic produce... In UK, the citizen have realized that GM Crops are the main source of all the nervous disorders and hence the slow but steady shift to Organic Farming in taking place in most of the countryside counties, so I was told by my friends from the Island nation.

A very simple test can be made by anyone who is reading this post: When you cook food, use the desi (organic produced) tomatoes instead of the Hybrid Tomato and one can see the difference. Similarly, Organic grown cucumber is much tastier than the Hybrid and yes, Organic grown Celery, Parsley, Lettuce, Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Red Raddish or any English vegetables have more value and sell at higher prices in India... sadly though, the government of India has been promoting GM Crops and teaching the farmers to use more and more chemical fertilizers & pesticides to grow more so that more Indians are affected. I used to run a hi-end vegetable supermarket in Hyderabad by the name TARKARI (in Banjara Hills Road No:1) and we had a lovely supplier of English vegetables, all grown in their Organic Farm... Maru Farm was famous in Secunderabad & Hyderabad for Organic English Vegetables.

Earlier, every farmer used to have cattle, which were used to plough fields, provide them milk and of course, cow dung... the main source for Organic manure... in olden days, 90 per cent of farmers used to have cattle as compared to today’s modern days, where in tractors have taken over from the cattle, resulting in only 10 per cent of farmers owning cattle. While a lot of noise is made about the modernisation of agriculture and development, sadly, the state of agriculture is in deterioration, going from bad to worse... soil fertility have been affected so much with the use of chemical fertilizers that even if the farmers who dare to go back to start Organic Farming, it takes almost three to five years for the soil to regain its fertility. Poor marginal farmers have no choice but to continue with chemical farming as they cannot afford to sustain for three to five year time period.

Organic Farming reduces the initial investment of the farmers many folds because the manure is free and the pesticides are prepared from Neem leaves and seeds, which also is free of cost for the farmers and the produce, needless to say are healthy and better as compared to GM produce. While there are many initiatives in the Vidarbha region where Organic Farming is being done, sadly, the government has not been taking enough initiatives to promote Organic Farming in the region, where farmers’ suicide is rampant.

The farmers have to realize that Organic Farming will only release them from all their sorrows and worries towards a better future... will more and more people propagate Organic Farming to Vidarbha farmers? Time will tell...

.... to be continued...

Saturday, February 12, 2011



After the requirement of an effective irrigation system, the need of a good seed bank is the most mandatory for any farmer of the world. Sadly though ever since GM Crops have taken over the world’s agriculture system... a good seed bank is the story of the past... for which the local government and the farmers are equally to be blamed.

In the not so-olden days, every farmer used to create his own seed bank, saving from the crops produced every year... this way, the farmer used to save his money buying seeds from the market. The process was simple and not so complicated... mostly, it was the duty of the farmers’ wives to do the saving of the seeds to create seed bank... seeds are dried and stored in mud pots with Neem leaves and then it is covered by applying cow dung to seal the pots. The pots are then put at attic till next sowing season arrives... this simple process is long forgotten now in villages, except a few, who still do it. This was a perfect way for farmers to have the best seeds from their own produce and free of cost.

With the advent of GM Crops making its way to every household and shops in today’s modern times, the farmers have found an easy way to save themselves from all the hassles of creating their own seed bank. While they are shelling out unnecessary money, from their savings, to buy seeds each year... the farmers forget that they are thereby increasing their initial investment while filling the pockets of the seeds producing companies. Of course, with more GM crops making it presence in each country through their patent and rights through local governments, the policy has gone against the poor farmers, who have no choice but to buy seeds at higher rates each year. This adds up to their initial investment, a loss which they can avoid by creating their own seed bank.

The politicians - seeds producing companies - market nexus plays a more cruel game of shortage of seeds during the sowing season to raise the prices of the seeds... each year, the story is the same and the government quietly overlooks this mal-practice because the lobby pays them well... the poor farmers have no choice but to succumb to the market. GM Crops have snatched every little joy from farmers’ plates by promising them of higher yield but what they don’t tell or teach the farmers is that every GM seeds need heavy use of poisonous chemical fertilizers and pesticides to control the weeds and provide a higher yield. The heavy use of these chemicals are in turn hazardous for the crops and fertile land as it kills the fertility of the soil, requires more water and with more weeds, need more labour... all in all, a losing proposition for farmers as it increases the initial investment... and when the produce is ready, the market plays truant to buy farmers’ yield at lower rates... so but obvious, the initial investment doesn’t match the income generated...

Not that these facts are not known to the government planning commission but then farmers are the best income generating flesh and till the last drop is sucked from their bodies... the rich MNCs will not stop their greed and killing of the community, that is making the farmers the fastest depleting species worldwide! The future surely is very dangerous and before it is too late, the local government should start thinking about the age-old farming practices, which provided healthy produce and kept everyone safe from the mass genocide... do we really care or realize about the intake of poisonous food grains each one of us is consuming today???

... to be continued...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Bhartiya kisaan bhagwan bharose (Indian peasants are at the mercy of God)! The old adage has not changed even one bit, even when India’s economic growth is pegged at 8 plus per cent by our Prime Minister and Finance Minister. So what does it really means? Indian farmers are still dependant on rain god for a good harvest each year. If the rainfall is heavy (as it was in 2010), the loss is unprecedented and if there is no rain (as it was from 2006 to 2009) then also it is the farmers who will bear the brunt of losses and in both the cases it is the poor who suffer. Political leaders will shout aloud to raise their voice about all the losses, aid will be declared but as late Rajiv Gandhi had put in 1985 – “to every rupee the government spend, only 15 paise reach the poor” – that means 85 per cent is gobbled by the big corrupt sharks in white kurta and pyajama, who are sitting in various ministries and government offices.

Ironical and a fact that everyone knows yet have closed eyes, for the simple reason that it does not affect the urbanites. How the poor farmers grow food and other cash crops year after year for the whole nation and other countries to benefit... truly one must salute them for their undying selfless service towards the nation and its citizen. How I wish, like all the other sectors, the farmers can go on an indefinite strike to get their demands fulfilled... sadly, they cannot. The basic requirements of irrigation is lacking in the country, courtesy the ruling government since the last 63 plus years... while India as the agriculture dominated nation has achieved so much in the last six plus decades, infrastructure for agriculture has seen no real progress at all... only 10 per cent of Vidarbha land is under irrigation, in spite of Vidarbha having the maximum number of rivers, more than 40 medium sized reservoirs in Nagpur district itself and country’s biggest thermal power station – CSTPS and more than 80 plus new thermal power projects are in the pipeline to be sanctioned by the state government... all in all, depriving the poor farmers water for irrigation and clean and safe drinking water, and not to mention there are thousands and thousands villages which has not seen what electricity is...

This is truly the 21st Century Economic Growth of a nation that has neglected the major agriculture sector for farmers to succumb to suicide, sell wives to feed the children (in Bundelkhand),  leave farming and suffer in hunger, safeguard water for irrigation with guns (in Bihar)... Irrigation projects in Vidarbha region have taken more than 36 and 24 years respectively in Bhandara and Yavatmal districts. Many PMs and CMs have come and gone and the work in the two districts (that I have the knowledge of) are still incomplete and the works are moving at a snail’s pace. All the river water that can save and help farming in the region have and are being diverted to heavy industries and thermal projects... so what will the farmers do without irrigation? Commit more suicides? All the big talks of the Prime Minister about India’s growth are hollow in nature as agriculture sector which was dominated by 70 per cent of population has reduced to 50 per cent... and the migration of villagers towards cities have in fact choked the cities as well.

24th year in progress, the canal is still incomplete...

Each year as farmers’ suicide climbs the statistical bars... the government declares aid but nothing is done to help and support the farmers with their mandatory needs... a simple provision of irrigation can serve the nation at large with farmers in the region cultivating food all through the year and there will be less suicide with farmers earning all through the year. One of the basic needs of every farmer is a good irrigation system in place... it is not rocket science but common sense... but the leaders of the nation are there to deprive the majority of poor farmers of their basic needs so they can please the few select rich industrialists and MNCs in order to fill their coffers in Swiss Banks and other black money havens of the world.

Punjab and Haryana are the only two Indian states which has the best irrigation system in the country but the after effects of the so-called Green Revolution has taken a toll with the farmers... soil treated with chemical poisonous fertilizers & pesticides have reduced the productivity of the produce drastically, labour wages have gone higher than expected, cost of GM seeds have increased the initial investment and with the new generation migrating towards foreign shores for better prospects... farmers are succumbing to suicide or else farmers are leaving the age-old profession because everything is against the farmers... I ask the world and the Prime Minister – Is this really the growth of the nation???

What will happen, when there will be no fertile agriculture land, farmers left and no water to irrigate the farms in near future? How and from where the nation will feed the ever growing billion plus population? The future is really dangerous and it is approaching at a very faster pace...

.... to be continued...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WHAT THE FARMERS NEED - I (6th Feb 2011)

Nature has provided sufficient resources for the human civilization to survive in the most trying times. It is the greed, ever since the real civilization started to exist, that has seen everything being destroyed in front of all of us. While many die of hunger, there are just a few, who hoard everything to such an extent that many are crushed in their wheels of greed. Farmers have, ever since humans have learned to cultivate and do farming, been the only community who have been selflessly growing food for their families and the nation in spite of being exploited the most. Throughout the globe, a mere look and you will know farmers everywhere are suffering a tremendous pressure to continue with farming, what with everything is against them with almost a negligible amount of the REAL support from the respective government... be it the farmers of UK, France, Japan, African Countries or else the smaller countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh... almost in maximum countries they are not able to even recover the money they invest in agriculture due to various problems and policies of the market... only to succumb into the vicious circle of debt once for all.

In a highly advanced country like Japan, where even the sowing of paddy are being done by computers...( villagers of Inakadate village in Japan are facing a situation where in farmers have no choice but to leave the age-old profession and move towards cities to find alternative means of labour to survive another day. A friend from UK disclosed that even farmers in their country are facing much hardship because of GM Crops high priced seeds, high priced poisonous chemical fertilizers & pesticides with less output, high wages for farm labourers and the vicious middlemen lobby... that a few of them have committed suicide to escape the wrath of hard labour with more sufferings to repay debt. Students from France, who visited to explore Vidarbha also revealed how things are so-so wrong in their lovely country... in fact, the French farmers are already a diminishing breed and the worst crises in decades have further unsettled the agriculture sector fuelled by falling prices and rocketing production costs ( Almost in every country the dominant force of GM to control everything related to agriculture and food industries are seeing a trend when every farmer will stop farming in very near future.

There is no escape for a farmer’s family, who are living hands-to-mouth life... instead of teaching them saving, there are vicious financing companies who are hell bent to suck even the last drop of blood from the body with skeletons visible in today’s modern times. In the earlier times, a farmer always had his pair of bullock to plough the fields and he used to think more than ten thousand times before taking a small amount on loan from the village moneylenders... for the simple reason that his bullocks or the piece of land will be put as collateral and if he is not able to pay the loan, he would lose the cattle or the land. So a farmer would prefer to live in misery but would never dare to take that dreaded loan, which will ultimately take his life. However, with the modern invention of banking and financial institutions, money have overflowed in villages by greedy corporate companies, who lure their prospective customers – the poor villagers with thousands and thousands at their disposal, knowing well, the poor may die but will ultimately pay the huge amount of interests slowly each month.

What made the farmers of today to take up loan from various financial institutions? The rising price of everything related to producing crops have surely taken a toll on the farmers’ community worldwide... then they have personal need like marriage of daughters, medical expenses have become very high especially for the villagers, who are exposed to poisonous chemical fertilizers & pesticides, deaths, festivals, building concrete homes, higher education of the children etc etc... With no other alternative means of earning money, the farmers succumb and suicide follows soon because of depression and stressful living. A headline is born and soon there are politics being played by ruling and opposition parties... but what happens to the farmers’ families who have lost the only bread winner?

What the farmers need? No one really cares and instead of providing them what they need, they are misled to see the glamorous and larger-than-life that others are leading, which has got no connection at all...

.... to be continued...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Bhartiya kisaan bhagwan bharose (Indian peasants are at the mercy of God)! If it rains well, they are saved or else doomed... be it floods or the drought... and since the last 63 and a half years, our agriculture dominated nation has never really bothered about having a proper infrastructure of irrigation and proper godowns to store food grains to support the farmers’ community of the nation. Irrespective of all the flaws in the system, the selfless poor farmers of the nation have been feeding the whole nation by toiling hard in hot sun, high temperatures and heavy rains.

They will starve their own families but they will strive to grow food for the nation and what have we given them in the past six plus decades? Misery, death and more deaths with each passing year... what the farmers really need is not mandatory for the government, leaders, market or else the rich industrialists... who are always there to exploit the poor farmers to their own benefits to fill their coffers. Farmers’ suicide in India has become rampant since 1997 and has been growing in leap and bounds since then... while the industrial growth has been rising in the past few decades, the state of agriculture sector is being doomed year after year. India has lost 48 farmers a day to suicide every single day on an average since 1997 to 2009, apart from this gruesome facts, the nation is also losing farmers at an alarming rate because the generation next is not willing to continue with the age-old profession after witnessing the reality.

Apart from losing farmers, the nation is also losing a great amount of fertile lands in the name of economic growth as lands are being grabbed for government and MNCs projects without benefitting the farmers’ community at large. Promises are made and once the land is acquired, then everything is forgotten. What the poor farmers need, no one is really bothered or even thinking... how dangerous the future is going to be? Imagine the near future situation where there will be no land left for agriculture, no farmers left, no water to drink and no food to eat... in another two or three decades’ time... this is what the situation is going to be. While old buildings are being restored and preserved, sadly, no one is trying to preserve the fertile land of the nation.

From a common man’s common sense, I do strongly feel that every farmer of the nation needs few basic things that will help them in growing food for the nation. In each of my subsequent post, I will discuss the below mentioned points one by one to the best of my knowledge. What the farmers need? They need the following:

Effective Irrigation Infrastructure:

Good Seed Bank:

Organic Manure:

Good Cattle:

Availability of Cheap Labour:

Alternative Employment Opportunities:

Good MSP (Minimum Support Price) from Government:

Good Marketing of their Produce:

Good Government Policies:

Proper Godowns:

Good Support from Urban Organisations:

Pension for their Selfless Service: