Saturday, July 13, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

Her childlike innocence and brilliant effortless performance in the first film I saw of hers captivated my heart… it was DIL HAI KI MANTA NAHIN with Aamir Khan. I have loved her performance in every film that I saw there onwards. Little did I know then, she will be connected with my destiny later one fine day. I used to read about her in magazines and watch her movies and never in my wildest of wildest dreams did I ever thought that one day I will become a film journalist and get connected with the film fraternity. Because, I became a journalist by default as destined, when I was struggling in Bombay to find a job to survive in the City of Dreams.

The twists and turns in one’s life teaches a lot to every individual. I strongly believe, we humans are controlled by ‘Destiny’ and each one of us has a role to define in life. And that, we, the humans have no control whatsoever on our lives.

Pooja Bhatt – the actress – producer – director flies from Bollywood to support and help me with a one- - year financial support as the Sixth Beautiful Angel of the Fourth Year of the “Journey of Destiny”. I am indeed very-very grateful to my Fifth Beautiful Angel of the Fourth Year director Prawaal Raman for sharing about my small effort in Vidarbha with every colleague and friend of his.

During my stint as a film journalist (2000 to 2006) in Bombay, I was not lucky enough to having had the chance to interview or meet Pooja. However, I have interacted with her father Mahesh Bhatt and her uncle Mukesh Bhatt – both are strong successful personalities of Bollywood. I am really looking forward to meet her in person when I will be in Bombay next time.

Prawaal Raman informed me Pooja’s first reaction when she was told about my small effort… ‘I also want to be a beautiful angel!’ – Pooja is indeed very kind and sweet to come forward on her own to support me as one of the ‘Ten Beautiful Angels’ of the Fourth Year. Her reaction also reflects her childlike innocence to be still intact after all these years.

I was overwhelmed when Prawaal informed me over phone that Pooja Bhatt will support me. Through this post, I wish to thank Pooja for being such a sweet angel. I am indeed very grateful to you Pooja. Sai Baba bless you always!

I am still in search for another FOUR BEAUTIFUL ANGELS for this year… I know my Sai Baba will send them soon to me. Yes, HE will!