Sunday, March 31, 2013



28 Years old Gosikhurd Irrigation Project needs Rs. 7,000 Crore for it to complete!
The Nation's GOVERNMENT gives just Rs. 405 Crore (a little over 5%)!

Even an uneducated person can say... this National Project will take another 28 years for completion for the farmers of Vidarbha to reap the benefits...

Saturday, March 23, 2013


The "Journey of Destiny" has seen the ups and downs of life since the past three years. Each year, TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS came forward to help and support me for a year so that I have been able to continue my small effort to help the affected farmers' families and village children with whatever the world provides in their own generous ways. 

Many have and many will say - 'it is a foolish journey that I am making to devote my life to serve the farmers' of the world in today's modern day life'. I strongly believe it is the journey of my heart over my mind to become a tiny bridge to beg from the 'haves' and provide it to the 'haves not'.

In the past three years, 91 countries from the world have been following the "Journey of Destiny". All I need and require for the FOURTH YEAR is another SEVEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS, I have got THREE so far, to support and help me financially for one year with as little as $ 18.5 a month, which adds up to $ 222 a year. So I request to the world from the bottom of my heart to send the SEVEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS.

For the FOURTH YEAR April 2013 to March 2014 – 

I need TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS... I have got THREE, so I need another SEVEN!

I need your small contribution and help to support me for one year with a Rs. 1000/- per month ($ 18.5) for one whole year ($222), so that it will take care of my minimum monthly needs, so that I can work in a more effective manner and concentrate in my mission with the farmers' families:

I need this great help from the world because whatever fund is raised for the Trust is solely used for Trust Related Expenses. I don’t take a single rupee from the Trust’s Fund for my personal use.


House Rent: Rs. 3000/- (with electricity)
Food: Rs. 2500/-
Conveyance: Rs. 2500/-
Net & Phone Bills: Rs. 1500/-
Daily Needs Items: Rs. 500/-

Total: Rs. 10,000/- (Monthly expenses)

Please do let me know if you will be able to support me for one year with Rs. 1000/- or $ 18.5 monthly pledge for the cause. I will be very grateful for your invaluable support and your kind act will be cherished all my life for helping the affected families in Vidarbha. I look forward to hear from you at the earliest with a great hope.

Thank you so much for your kind support for the movement. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Also please follow the exclusive blog to know about the progress of the movement. Thank you once again for everything. Sai Baba bless you always & forever!


Johnny D
Support 4 suicide farmers families
Wardha, India

Monday, March 18, 2013


Challenges ! Obstacles ! Tragedies ! Continuous Research ! Miseries ! Lies of the System ! Demonic Myths ! Depression ! Being Duped ! Providing Solution ! Creating Awareness ! Sharing with the World !

... the UNENDING Journey of my HEART over MIND to help a few AFFECTED FARMERS FAMILIES of VIDARBHA will continue till my BODY allows me...

The "JOURNEY of DESTINY" turns THREE today... from the Streets of Bombay to being followed in 91 Countries...

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart to every single beautiful angel, who has had the heart to contribute with their kindness to support me from the first day 18th March 2010...

GRATEFUL to each one of you my BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! Sai Baba bless  you all always & forever !

--- Johnny D ---

support 4 suicide farmers families Wardha

18th March 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today, the 12th of March, the movement ‘support 4 suicide farmers families’ turns THREE! It was early morning of 12th March 2010, when I realized that by mere writing about the plight of farmers, one will not even wipe a single tear from the eyes of hundreds of widow, who have lost their husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles and sons to the demonic myth that the System has created to gobble up billions and billions of rupees... all in the name of farmers!

The Irrigation Scam! The Loan Waiving Scam! The GMOs Scam! The Land Grabbing Scam! The Food Grains Rotting Scam! The Godown Scam! The MSP Scam! The AID Scam! ... Well, the list is certainly endless and the money that has been gobbled by the System since decades is difficult to even add up. The poor still suffers and will keep suffering for time immemorial!

A very small effort to provide some succour to few, very few affected families by uniting few like-minded people from all across the globe... is what made me to keep striving with all the hardships and miseries. In the past three years, I have learned well how the System has created the Demonic Myth like many MYTHS to divert the attention of the people of the Nation. Instead of solving the problems on the real grounds by providing farmers with effective irrigation infrastructure and other necessary facilities, the System along with Corporate Companies, the Media, Famous People have complicated the farmers’ issue to such Demonic proportion that it is at the point of no returns.

I SALUTE sincerely from the bottom of my heart the farmers of the world for feeding respective nations, in spite of not been provided the basic necessities with their sheer hard work, devotion and compulsion. Fertile lands are being grabbed at breakneck pace by the Government in the name of development as the numbers of farmers are decreasing at an alarming rate all over the world. I really wonder where the world is heading! What will happen when there will be no farmers left? No fertile land left?

In the third year (June 2012 to May 2013), I faced problems because few among the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS faced their own problems and could not support me financially with their respective monthly commitment... as a result... I had to find a solution to solve my problem. I was in  deep crisis as whatever little saving was left of mine soon got exhausted and some loans amount added up, so I could survive. I looked for a job and even managed to get a job as the Editor of a soon-to-be-launched magazine ARCHITECTURE & AESTHETICS by EPC World Media Pvt. Ltd. CBD Belapur, New Mumbai. However, my joy soon turned into a nightmare... I was paid my first month January’s salary in March and that too less... my vouchers were not cleared even after a month... and with no infrastructural support and staff whatsoever, and no interest by the Publisher, for reasons only known to him... I decided it was time to move on. So on 11th March 2013, I resigned from my post as the Editor of the magazine. I don’t even know if I will be paid my second month’s salary and the vouchers’ money... EPC World Media Pvt. Ltd. owes me Rs. 66,257 /- as dues... I know I have been duped by the Publisher and that come what may, he will never pay me.

The traumatic experience I have been going through since the last few months is really taking a toll on me... as vowed, I contributed Rs. 3,600 /- from my first salary to the Trust’s fund, so that it will sponsor a child for a year for its future education, because this was the main reason why I came to Bombay again to raise some fund from what I earn. I even managed to pay some of my loans of my friends. Now, I am once again jobless and with barely a month’s money to survive... I have a long way to go! How? Only my Sai Baba knows where HE will lead me...

As the movement turns THREE... I know well, there are more obstacles on my way and by the time, I will manage to clear one obstacle at a time, there will be ten more hurdles standing tall with their heads up... I wonder all the time, why God tests poor and individuals, who wish to do something good for humanity? I have no answers whatsoever... and I also know that no answer will ever satisfy me because I strongly believe it is SHEER INJUSTICE of the ALMIGHTY!

NOTE: English translation is given below the Original...

है ग़रीबों की दुनियाँ में
देखो ख़ुदा भी कितना अँधा
ग़रीबों का शोषण करा कर
अमीरों का बढ़ाता है धंधा

--- जॉनी 'डी' ---
० ९ - ० ३ - २ ० १ ३

In the world of the poor
Look how blind is the God
By exploiting the poor
God increases the business of the Rich!

--- Johnny D ---
0 9 - 0 3 - 2 0 1 3

The ‘Journey of Destiny’ continues...


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

... because they were poor villagers!

No one to burn candles...
No one to protest on the street, any more...
No one to hold any fancy placards
Reading ‘Rape is not Fun’

... because these three innocent children were poor villagers!

What was their crime?
What was their fault?
Just aged 6, 9 & 11 –
To be brutally Raped
and to be mercilessly Murdered
Murdered by the Demons
Created by the Civilized Society.

... because the three innocent children were poor villagers?

Yes... I know, there will be no Protest,
No Speedy Action by Police,
No Fast Track Justice,
No one will be seen on the streets
Shouting aloud for justice for them,
No laws will be redrafted
NO ONE will demand Death Sentence for the culprits.

... because the three innocent children were poor villagers!

Intelligently enough,
The CM has purchased the Silence with 10 lakhs
The grieving Widow Mother has been orchestrated
By the very System
to divert the case on her Mother-in-law...

All in the name of being females!

Because... the Raped, Murdered children aged 6, 9 & 11 were Poor Villagers
Because... the Raped, Murdered children aged 6, 9 & 11 were Poor Villagers…

Johnny D
22nd February 2013

P.S: The poem is the anger within me about the Nation's people, the Evil System... who have closed their Conscience, Eyes and Humanity... because these three innocent children were poor.

Friday, March 1, 2013


--- By Vivian E. Asedri ---

As long as I can remember from my childhood years to this day, one of the perennial sights that greets a visitor to my mother’s kitchen are heaps of assortment of seeds hanging to the ceiling above the fire place.

The piles that include sorghum, maize combs, and pumpkin seeds usually lose their original colour from the constant soot emitted from the fire place. When the planting season starts, the seeds that have been well preserved from weevil infestations are removed and planted.

Rudimental as this appears to be, it is a sustainable practice that has benefited subsistence farming in West Nile region for generations. Every year, my parents do not have to spend any money to buy these seeds because they have their ‘seeds bank’. But today, when technocrats and politicians talk of agricultural modernisation and boost productivity, my mother’s basic seed preservation practice is a dichotomy to what has been termed as Genetically Modified Organisms/Seeds (GMOs).

As Parliament works on a Bio-safety and Bio-technology Bill 2012, and indeed as President Museveni recently okayed the importation of processed GMOs during the opening of Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries GMOs laboratory at Kawanda Research Centre, we must question the relevance of GMOs to Ugandan farmers.

After virtually every initiative by the government to assist Ugandan farmers and improve their productivity through such programmes as Naads have miserably failed due to endemic corruption and mismanagement, what will be different this time around with either locally generated or imported GMOs to Ugandan farmers?

I could be mistaken, but I presume Ugandan technocrats and politicians are knowledgeable enough about the success of GMOs in developed countries.

For instance, in the United States, the Federal Government subsidies the cost of farmers’ agricultural inputs to the tune of $25 billion annually, according to US Department of Agriculture figures.

These subsidies help farmers to purchase agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, GMOs seeds, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, cover electricity and gas costs, and helps cushion the farmers from unfair competition against cheaper agro-imports and crop failures from adverse weather conditions.

The bigger portion of these subsidies go to producers of five crops – wheat, corn (maize), soybeans, rice and cotton because the US government considers food as a national security matter.

This is why GMOs company – Monsanto is so popular in most developed world since farmers can afford to purchase new seeds every year from such a multinational monopolist.
Ironically, it is for the same reason that a study by the New York University School of Law found that every 30 minutes a farmer in India commits suicide because the farmers could not repay their debts to Monsato for GMO seeds, pesticides and herbicides supplied. Mind you, whether the harvest succeeds or not, the farmers are obligated to repay Monsato for the previous season’s inputs and get more new inputs from Monsato for the current season. 

To modernise and boost agricultural production in Uganda, the farmers do not need imported GMOs. The government must first invest heavily in a sustained fashion to provide agricultural inputs such as fertilisers, tractors, reliable road networks for farmers to market their produce and loans at preferential and affordable interest rates to farmers to be able to purchase trucks, pick-ups and other farm implements. GMO products are not the magic bullet to sustainable and improved agricultural productivity.

Other factors such as opening up more farmlands with tractors instead of traditional hand-held hoe plough, improving soil fertility rates with fertilisers, controlling soil erosion and providing a mechanism for irrigation are front and centre to boost agricultural productivity.

One aspect of genetically engineered products some farmers are unaware of is the detrimental effect of Monsato’s pesticide glyphosate sold under trade name Roundup. Canadian scientists have discovered that Roundup is not only inherently too toxic to crops but also aids the spread of fusarium head blight in cereal crops like wheat and maize.

Besides, a study by European Journal of Agronomy confirms that Roundup, which Monsato often sells to farmers together with GMO seeds, renders soils infertile, crops non-productive, and plants less nutritious.

At the current stage in Uganda’s agricultural economic development, the government must admit that it is financially impotent to sustain the GMO seed strategy through subsidy to farmers as a means to boost agricultural productivity.

Does the government really want to condemn poor Ugandan farmers like my parents to GMOs, which do not grow back again next season but every year farmers must buy new seeds from monopolistic multinationals such as Monsato? Ugandan farmers deserve better.

Mr Asedri is a medical information and substance abuse technologist based in USA.