Sunday, August 28, 2011


Crop Loss Aid for Vidarbha Farmers by CM Prithiviraj Chavan in December 2010 = 1,088 Billions

December 2010 to August 2011 = 9 Months (the AID has not been disbursed even after 9 Months)

If INTEREST is calculated @ 5 % on Principle amount monthly = 54.40 x 9 = 489.60 Billions

In whose pocket these huge amount has gone Mr. CM?


Since July 20th, Melghat Maitri and more than 300 young and old volunteers from different walks of life in various batches have done an extremely good job to serve the sick Korku villagers in as many as 40 plus villages in Dharni Taluka of Melghat Region, Amravati district of Vidarbha. Till date, not even a single infant death has been reported or experienced in these villages. The smiles on the faces of villagers to recover from sickness, is one of the priceless gifts one can experience in one’s life!

Melghat Maitri supported me to do my research and survey work at Melghat Region in June 2011 and this time, it was my turn to lend all my support to them for a wonderful job that they have been doing since the past one decade. So when I wanted to join them, I asked if they needed anything from Wardha... after a little hesitation Dr. Priyadarsh Ture said – ‘Medicines would be welcome.’ Requesting everyone on FB and also the personal contacts of like-minded people saw a lot of medicines arriving from Raipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida and more are flowing in from other places too... wish to thank from the bottom of my heart in particular few beautiful angels, who came forward to send us medicines, money & their strong support:

Dr. Anandita Malik – Raipur
Sanjiv Chabbria – Mumbai
Vijay Beleri – Mumbai
Aruna Ram Kumar – Bangalore
Tarana Rajpal Masand – Mumbai
Rohit Chabbria – Mumbai
Yogesh Manikpure – Pune (contributed with cash to buy medicines on his birthday)
Uma Iyer – Noida
Deepa Nair – Mumbai (For sending us more angels to support us with medicines)
Palak Jha – Agra (To work as a volunteer leaving her 7 months son at home)

Looking at their precious support and help, few more have come forward and promised us to send us more medicines... yes, we need more medicines and those who are reading this post, please do the needful if you can... even if it is just one strip of tablets... every trickle of small dose is precious and valuable to serve the children and adults alike till October 16th.

Dr. Suresh from Pune led his team with great aplomb...

A batch may comprise of 5 to 12 volunteers from all over India under the supervision of doctors. The hardships that the young and old volunteers faces to live for 10 to 20 days in villages without proper drinking water, electricity, and a suitable place to live, take bath or attending nature’s call, have made me realize there are beautiful souls who wish to help the poor with their devotion. I am indeed proud of all these volunteers because they have left their cozy cities’ nests to come and experience life in villages... I am used to living in villages now and can walk miles and miles without water or food, but to see these youngsters walking step by step along makes me feel blessed to thank my Sai Baba for sending all these angels to serve the poor villagers.

The timely intervention with medicines and care can save many lives... it is the small effort that counts and the will that come what may, we will walk in the direction that is guided by the almighty... heavy rains too don’t deter the spirits of the volunteers, muddy slosh earth cannot stop these young brave hearts to wait, as they march towards a new horizon to spread smile on the crying and gloomy faces of the villagers. The bonding that develops in the batch mates in mere ten days is an experience that is full of emotions, promises and eternal love and affection... working as a single unit, helping each other without any thoughts, and the smile that is on everyone faces to see the other to be comfortable... well... there is so much to share.

I am indeed glad that Melghat Maitri gave me a chance to work in four villages and I feel blessed to see all the precious smiles of the infants, children, old grandpas, grandmas and parents... they shower blessings and when one batch leaves... the look on their faces can be very touching and the reassurance by volunteers that the new batch will be better than them brings new hope that they will be cared, loved and treated as the previous batch. There is so much to share about the Korku Tribe and there is so much to unlearn, learn and write about all the experiences...

I am off again to villages with the fresh stock of medicines which arrived from Mumbai and Noida... More when I come back after few days to collect another batch of medicines... till then... ACCHAKA (‘Thank you’ in Korku dialect) to one and all!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


More than 120 Scams & still counting... in the last 7 years of Sonia Gandhi - Manmohan Singh – UPA Govt.

2G Scam is nearing to tighten the noose at the individual who benefitted the most – Robert Vadra, so to divert the nation’s attention a very well-planned movement was started as many leaders have been pushed inside Tihar. It is the fear of the big leaders & corporate heads whose involvement in Black Money, 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Land Grabbing and what not, which has created a myth to turn into the reality for the sleeping nation to get swayed.

PM, Sonia, PC and FM’s involvement in 2G Scam is now intelligently at the back burner.

The unthinkable Congress’ intelligent move worked in favour to create a mass frenzy following for just a bill that will not see it come in many more years.

While the nation has gone crazy over the bill, no one is really trying to understand how well everything was staged to fool the nation by every political parties, corporate (involved in all the scams – Tata, Ambanis & others).

Sonia Gandhi’s well-planned intelligent exit (surgery, did she really have one?) from the scene just before the fast started so that no one can blame her for all the chaos in the nation.

The man only wants a debate on the bill in the Parliament and not the resignation of the biggest looter of the nation – PM Manmohan Singh... so when and where the debate will end, no one is even thinking about that??? So silly na?

Name one man among 1.21 billion Indians, who is fit to be a Lokpal (even if the bill is passed)? After all s/he will be assisted by IAS & others... so what is the guarantee there will be no corruption.

I am surprised that neither the Opposition BJP & Gangs nor the man of the moment has even uttered or shown their seriousness to make the PM to step down from the chair even after 120 Scams, zillion of dollars looted and loss to the nation... the loot is still on.

Solution to make the existing system of Law to be stronger and punishing the corrupt ASAP to show the seriousness is never even discussed as the solution to make the system effective and has been missing since time immemorial.

The shameless PM of the nation is not at all bothered even to step down on moral grounds... well, that is the real irony of my nation! And keeps claiming he is innocent, he is helpless in coalition government and lies blatantly and shamelessly ever since he came to power.

None of the MEDIA houses are even asking Rahul Gandhi, Priyanaka or Sonia Gandhi about Robert Vadra’s rise from nowhere to become the fastest growing Billionaire of the nation in the last few years, think WHY?

The DEAL = Dubious Equation Arranged (ill) Legally! - (to fool the nation) keeps happening between the ruling government and the movement.

Whenever there is a DEAL
The fishy arrangement is to CONCEAL
While the nation is misled & FOOLED
The ‘deal’ parties both enjoy the POOL

Sunday, August 14, 2011



Google a word with SCAM in front of it and one will get tired to keep adding one scam after another... so much so that it is a never ending tiresome work... but ministers, corporate, MNCs, Babus, IAS, IPS and God only knows where and when all these scams will ever end or stop...

Think and you will be amazed at the number of SCAMS the nation has successfully created under the most corrupt Prime Minister India has ever had or will ever have. As I was preparing the list, it seemed to me it is surely an endless effort, as every new day, few more SCAMS are reported in the media... The list is a compilation of SCAMS all across India in both Congress Ruling States and BJP and others...

It all started with Congress Austerity Drive Scam, where in MEA – Minister of External Affairs SM Krishna and his aide Tharoor were found to be living in Five Star Hotel Suite and running their office too (all on public money), even though they were provided with Official government Residences... when the media reported the matter, on back foot, the Congress high command asked them to vacate the hotels immediately... later it was known that the hotel bills were paid by some external sources, as reported in the media. And, the never ending list of Scams under Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi ruling, sorry not ruling but LOOTING the nation...

2G Scam: It is the creamiest of the cream to ultimately benefit Robert Vadra (UNITECH)! 1.76 Lakh Crore was the loss to the nation, to benefit every powerful individual one can think of: Robert Vadra, Tata, Anil Ambani, Balwa, Kanimozhi, Raja, Morani... yes, the list is endless...

CWG Scam: Robert Vadra (DLF) once again benefitted, with the help of PM, CM and Kalmadi!

BLACK MONEY Scam: PM and FM Pranab Mukherjee are trying the level best to save the cream of the Indian conglomerate, instead of punishing the people involved, they are protecting them by not disclosing the names of the enemy of the country!

ADARSH Scam: Four Chief Ministers, Army & MoEF for just one Building!

ISRO Scam: PMO’s involvement & Indian Space Agency!

AIR INDIA Scam: How many more billions will be pumped in before the loot is stopped to allow the private carriers to benefit!

FOOD GRAINS ROTTING Scam: Rs. 58,000 billion worth rotting every year! Not to mention the actual figure may be double or three times than the actual!

PDS Scam: The maximum quantity never reaches the poor!

MGNREGA Scam: Billions have been gulped by various government officials!

LIC Scam: Multi-billion kickbacks for loans to benefit LAVASA and corporate companies!

FORCE 1 Scam: After 26/11, Force 1 is yet to be allotted Land for their camp in Mumbai!

BULLET-PROOF JACKET Scam: We lost an able officer and no one has been punished yet!

CASH 4 VOTE Scam: Billions to buy ministers!

LAND ACQUISITION Scam: More than 40 regions and many politicians involved!

CROPS LOSS Scam: Rs. 1000 Billion AID announced by CM Chavan in December and even in August, the AID has not been disbursed because of Red Tapism! No one is asking the interest earned by this Rs. 1000 Billion goes in whose pocket!

IRRIGATION PROJECT Scam: After 30 Years & 180 % escalation in project cost, various projects are still incomplete or non-functioning in Vidarbha and many other regions, many CMs have come & gone!

ROAD REPAIRING Scam: Road repairing starts only when monsoon is in full swing! And mind you, once the monsoon is over, no one even talks about this... mud is filled by contractors of 

PWD... it is a multi-billion scam!

ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION Scam: Builders-Politicians - Corporate nexus benefits!

MID-DAY MEAL Scam: Government Schools & Aanganwadis all across never get the sufficient food grains for children – be it cities or else rural region!

FCI GODOWNS Scam: Only 20% Storage Capacity since last 64 years! As more and more food grains are allowed to rot while millions die of hunger & malnutrition in our nation!

MINING Scam: BJP & Congress (Andhra Pradesh) Politicians have benefitted by defying laws while the Tribal Villagers are being thrown out from their ancestral house and fields!

SWINE FLU Scam: H1F1 vaccine at high price was bought in bulk (now lying waste) from MNCs while Indian firms were exporting to foreign countries at cheaper rate!

PLANTATION Scam: Damodar Valley Corporation Ranchi swindled Rs. 8 Billion and many others!

NHRM Scam: National Health Rural Mission in Uttar Pradesh!

IPL Scam: Robert Vadra (DLF – SRK Kolkata Knight Riders) again benefitted!

SPEAKASIA Scam: Rs. 8,000 billions!

PRO-EDITORS-POLITICIANS-CORPORATE Scam: Radia – Barkha Dutt – Rajdeep Sardesai – Prabhu Chawla – Tata – Raja & Congress!

NTRO Scam: UAVs security gadgets procured @ higher rate for KARGIL!

UID Scam: Forbes India News claim it to be the Biggest Scam as it doesn’t have Legal Sanctity!

FAKE PILOT Scam: 22 Cases so far as on 10th August 2011& Involvement of DGCA Officials!

PLANNING COMMISSION Scam:  Defines BPL as Rs. 15/- per day for Rural India and Rs. 20/- per day for Urban Areas was enough to keep Indians out of Poverty!

PROVIDENT FUND Scam: Judges and Builders swindled PF Funds!

HOUSING LOAN Scam: Banking Officials & Corporate Companies swindled billions!

FINANCIAL MARKET REGULATIONS - SECURITY Scam: Corporate governance swindled billions!

IT Scam: Satyam!

THERMAL POWER PROJECTS Scam: Land to Coal to water... everything is being looted

BSNL Scam: The government company has been losing money in billions and no one is even worried about it!

ELECTRICITY Scam: MSEDCS buy power @ Rs. 3.10 and supply to franchisee @ Rs. 2.70 & Rs. 2.33 per unit to various corporate companies to incur loss of more than Rs. 380 Crore!

JHARKAND POWER Scam: Irregularities in implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Programme in Palamu division!

IAS Couple Scam: Billion of rupees found underneath beds!

SECURITY LAPSE Scam: Bombay rocks again with multiple blasts as CCTVs maintenance lapse fails yet again as billions were spent on the gadgets!

SECURITY Scam: Financial Market Regulation Security has been compromised!

TAJ CORRIDOR Scam: Mayawati’s Multi-billion dollar Ambitious Project in UP!

UREA Scam:

Lottery Scam:

Ration Card Scam:

Flood Relief Scam:

Drought Relief Scam:

Temple Land Scam:

Indian Oil Corporation Scam:

High-End Cars’ Duty Exemption Scam: Cricketers, Bollywood Stars, Rich & Car Dealers benefited in this multi-billion dollar scam!


Election Fund Scam:

Defence Scam: Scorpene Deal!

Tata Finance Scam:

Koda Scam:

Aircraft Import scam;

ISRO Land Scam:

BCCI Scam: Dalmiya!!!

Fake Currency Scam: UP Bank!

EMRI Scam: Rs. 5,600 Billion / crore!

Ordinance factory Board Arms Deal Scam:

AICTE Bribery scam: Chairman RA Yadav!

SBI Scam: Fake cheques to loot the bank by bank officials in Kanpur!

Bollywood Scam: 2009 Nasir Khan & Morani’s involvement!

Gold Quest Scam:

Railway Ticket Reservation Scam:

RPF Scam: Looting poor passengers to give seat in General Compartment!

Kandala Port Trust Scam:

Medical Council of India scam:

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSC) Post office Scam:

IFFI Scam: Goa!

Citibank Scam:

MSTC Scam: Mineral Scrap Trading Corporation!

NSDL Scam: National Security Depository IPO Scam:

TEXT BOOKS Scam: Text Books for free distribution to poor students sold as scrap by District Education Officials in Gujarat!

.... More scams are unearthed every single day and there are many small-small scams (worth just few billions that I have not mentioned in the list!

To be very honest, I am really tired to keep maintaining record of all the scams in my nation. I am truly sad, frustrated, very angry and wonder when will this ever stop! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011


11 Districts: Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Bhandara, Chandrapur, Gondia, Gadchiroli, Nagpur, Wardha, Washim, Yavatmal

BIGGEST THERMAL POWER STATION of the Nation: CSTPS – Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station.

GONDIA: Largest Rice Growing District, known as RICE CITY!

NAGPUR: better known as ORANGE CITY!

6 Districts Prone to Farmers’ Suicide: Amravati (President Pratibha Patil’s home district & she is not bothered at all); Akola; Buldhana; Wardha; Washim & Yavatmal!

When I started the ‘journey of destiny’ in March 2010, my dear friend Madan Patil’s farmer parents Shri & ShrimatiTukaram Raghoba Patil of Phopheri in Alibaug from the rich Konkan Region of Maharastra explained the ground problems of Indian farmers. The problems are in fact, global in nature and not just restricted to Vidarbha, Konakan belts or India at large... as I have been interacting with various leading activists from all across the globe and also friends from various countries, they all inform me about the problems of farmers listed below:

Dependent on Rain God & at the mercy of Nature (floods or drought situation)
No Proper Irrigation Infrastructure
Fertile Lands are being acquired in the name of Economic Growth
High Cost of Seeds, Fertilizers & Pesticides
High Labour Cost & Shortage of Farm Labourers
High Cost of Electricity & Diesel
Market Lobby & Govt Policies against Farmers’ Community
Output (Yield) is not equal to Inputs (Initial Investment)
No Source of Alternative Employment
Changing Lifestyle of Farmers Spoilt by MNCs & Financial Institutions

These problems are on the broader perspectives and there are multiple layers to each one of them along with other small-small problems that the selfless farmers’ community have been living since time immemorial. The six districts of Vidarbha (mentioned above) have seen a number of farmers succumbing to suicide due to various reasons. While everyone only talks about the number of farmers’ suicide in the region, I am really very sad to tell to the world that no one has really tried their level best or suggested remedies and solutions to save all those precious lives so far... instead the step motherly treatment being provided by various agencies of the society and the world are pushing the farmers to the edge, just like in France or Japan, where farmers’ community are heading towards extinction.

Given a choice, no one would dare to take their own lives because everyone loves to live. It is so easy and what has become mandatory for the journalists in Media to portray a farmers’ suicide as ‘the easy route’! Through this post, I wish to ask all those journalists to just cut a finger with a blade and show to the world how brave they are in reality! Why the real reasons of a farmer’s suicide is never highlighted to inform the whole world about why a poor man, who grows food for the nation while suffering poverty and miseries, has to give away his life and make his family suffer the rest of the life? Insensitivity of the modern day human beings have almost risen to the heights to such an extent that instead of finding solutions to the problems, the problems are further made more complicated so that it goes out of hand.

Like in Maths, every problem has a solution to solve, in life too, every problem can be solved if one is given or provided with a solution!

I am not shocked nowadays when I read in newspapers about how various irrigation projects have taken decades and are still incomplete because of nothing else but RED Tapism of the Government and of course, CORRUPTION in the Political System, Government Officials and everyone connected to the system... which never wants the farmers to be better off to serve the nation with their dedication, hard work and devotion to feed the nation!

As per a newspapers’ report today, the Union Minister for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises Praful Patel had recently held a meeting at his Ceejay House in Mumbai, where in the following officials were present and the reasons for incompletion of below mentioned Irrigation Projects in Two districts – Bhandara & Gondia are listed:

  1. Sunil Tatkare – Water Resources Minister
  2. Eknath Patel – Secretary
  3. Modak – Secretary
  4. Zhapke – Executive Director of Vidarbha Irrigation Corporations
  5. RM Chavan – Superintending Engineer
  6. HD Chande – Executive Engineer Medium Projects
  7. Wakotkar – Executive Engineer Gosikhurd Rehabilitation Department
  8. RM Joshi – Deputy Secretary Water Resources Department
  9. And other Top Officials concerned


BHIMAKASA PROJECT: Still pending despite approval of Centre’s MoEF because of Rs. 10 crore (billion) NPV required for alternate forestation. Water Resources Minister Sunil Tatkare approved the amount.

SALEHETI PROJECT in Bhandara: Funds not yet released for completion of the project.

SONUKUND PROJECT in Bhandara: Funds not yet released.

BAWANTHADI IRRIGATION PROJECT: Rehabilitation of 3 Tribal Villages affected as per New Rehabilitation Act not yet done.


SUREWADA PROJECT: Removal of hurdles of Forest Act is still pending.






SALANGOLA PROJECT: No Funds for Canal work.

UPASIA PROJECT: Waiting for Approval.

BANDARCHUVA PROJECT: Delayed due to Forest Act.

SAATBAHINI PROJECT: Delayed due to Forest Act.

As many as 15 Irrigation Projects in just two districts of Vidarbha have been mentioned above. There are more for you all to see the callous and corrupt approach of the government:

As per Irrigation Commission, 36 Irrigation Projects are pending for final approval:

One Project since 2004
10 Projects since 2005
4 Projects since 2006
6 Projects since 2007
8 Projects since 2008
6 Projects since 2009 &
1 since 2010 

As on date 54 Projects are pending for final approval with Revenue, Central Govt & State Govt!
13 Irrigation Projects in Vidarbha have been stalled. State Govt has failed to remove Irrigation Backlog of the region since the last 30 years. Irrigation canals connected with Wardha River are still under construction even after 24 years.

There is no water for irrigation for farmers because all the water is being diverted to Heavy Industries and Thermal Power Plants.

As per Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) 10 more Thermal Power Projects have obtained water allotment from Wardha River and 15 more are in the waiting list and in total near about 85 to 89 Private Thermal Power Projects are in the pipeline for Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan’s approval. He will clear the Thermal Power Projects but will not bother to do anything for the farmers. Even the crop loss (unseasonal heavy rainfall) AID of Rs. 1,088 crore (billion) declared in December 2010 has not been disbursed to Vidarbha farmers since the last NINE MONTHS! Imagine the interest of 1,088 billion for nine months??? In whose pocket will all the billions go while the farmers of Vidarbha will be pushed to the edge? Ever since Chavan has taken office, every third day he is seen in Vidarbha to attend various functions for a CM, who has more serious job on hand to complete.

Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan supports the New thermal Power Projects but for Irrigation Infrastructure, he declares 13 Member Committee to give reports after proper survey (this committee will never provide the real ground problems of the farmers and irrigation infrastructure will remain as it is... after all, in December 2010, he declared 1000 Crore AID for crop failures due to unseasonal rain last year... so far, no one knows what has happened to that 1000 crore. Has it travelled all the way to Swiss Bank or travelled to the 10 Janpath in Delhi. The Poor farmers as usual are once again sidelined while the rich corporate companies get Thums Up from CM...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Angels are visibly invisible!

This simple sentence has seen wonders being done from various invisible angels from all across the world. I was supposed to join Dhadak Mohim, a yearly medical camp conducted by Melghat Maitri during monsoon to save poor Korku Tribal villagers in the Melghat Region of Vidarbha. Melghat Region in Amravati district has had a distinction of maximum malnutrition deaths in the nation. The commendable work of Melghat Maitri with dedicated volunteers from all across the nation, year after year, has seen great improvement in lives of the tribal villagers. Hats off to the wonderful team of Melghat Maitri for their dedicated work!

When I was to join the camp on 1st August, I just enquired Dr. Ture if they needed anything from Wardha... after an initial hesitation, he said, “If you can bring in some medicines it would be great!” So immediately, I used the FB to send across message to everyone that – WE require medicines for Tribal Villagers of Melghat! Yes, as you guessed, not many people responded but invisible angels fly from nowhere... I have full faith in them now! And I know my Sai Baba will surely send a few to support us!

A long time journalist friend from Bombay, Deepa Nair created a NOTE and made people aware about our requirements to serve humanity at large. Immediately, there were few more angels, who joined in... words started to spread in the social network... still the response has not been as I had expected, nevertheless, a few invisible angels arrived to help us with their kind support. Antas and Sweetyy Pathak from FB have shared the NOTE and I do hope more angels will come forward to send us medicines because the camp will run till October 16th, 2011. So if you are reading this post, please feel free to send us the listed medicines by 30th September 2011 to reach us.

Dr. Anindita Malik from Raipur immediately sent us whatever she could... and said she would send some more a little later... incidentally, she happens to be my dear sister... it was her Mamman who adopted me as her son! A call arrived from Bombay last week and Mr. Sanjiv Chabbria was keen and eager to help us with medicines. After our interaction over phone, he was kind enough to say that he would send it ASAP and he did! And another message arrives in my FB inbox from Mr. Vijay Beleri from Bombay. He kept us in loop and soon his bulk parcel arrives at one of our doctor’s house. There are more, who are working out to send us more medicines and hopefully, I should get them by Saturday...

I haven’t met Mr. Sanjiv Chabbria or Mr. Vijay Beleri... so they are invisible angels for me and villagers of Vidarbha, whose visibility have brought their kind support and timely help. Even though I have been interacting on a regular basis with Mr. Beleri on FB, I haven’t met him yet. Mr. Chabbria is completely an invisible angel for me and it is his kindness because he has assured to help us more often. I am truly grateful to all the invisible angels to come to our help to serve the villagers.

Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!!! WE appreciate from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support and help.

Cuidate :)