Saturday, September 26, 2015

THREE DECADES - 372 Crores to 7,777 Crores to 13,000 Crores - Irrigation Still Alludes Vidarbha Farmers

Is this money for the Politicians to LOOT in the name of the FARMERS?

Chief minister announces Rs 700 crore relief for families displaced by Gosikhurd dam

MUMBAI: In a last-ditch effort to make the state's most tainted and largest irrigation project at Gosikhurd near Nagpur start irrigating farmlands to its full capacity and to rehabilitate its oustees awaiting relief for decades, the state government has announced a fresh package of Rs 700 crore.

But chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has directed the contractors and engineers of the project to pay from their own pockets to refurbish the substandard works.

The Gosikhurd National Irrigation Project, considered a lifeline for east Vidarbha, is still not complete though planned three decades ago.

In July 2012, TOI had reported that Gosikhurd project in Bhandara district, which was approved at a cost of Rs 372 crore in 1982, was nowhere near completion even as the cost had jumped to Rs 7,777 crore, of which Rs 6,600 crore has already been spent. Moreover, the state had plans to raise the budget for the project to Rs 13,000 crore. Recently, the CAG had pointed out over-expenditure of about Rs 70,000 crore on construction of dams across the state without achieving any irrigation on ground.

Though the Gosikhurd project was meant to irrigate 2.50 lakh hectares in Vidarbha, the actual irrigation potential created till June 30, 2011, was just 34,029 ha and water reached only to 1,582 ha. These disturbing figures were presented by the water resources department to the state assembly during the budget session in 2012. Vidarbha region has recorded over 10,000 farmer suicides in the past decade.

Fadnavis, who had recently visited the project site, said all villages falling within the project area would be rehabilitated and a certain amount would be kept for maintenance of gram panchayats of 34 newly resettled villages. "Besides, a Rs 120-crore fund will be given to complete the Bawanthadi project in the same region," he said. To expand irrigation capacity, acquisition of land and creation of infrastructure, such as concrete roads, water supply system, and power supply, for the resettled villages will be the major works to be undertaken.

As the project had been stalled since February 2012, the central aid dried up following complaints of shoddy work and mismanagement. In 2013, the Centre had offered a much-needed Rs 405 crore.

COURTESY: The Times of India

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Angels are visibly invisible!

Many of you readers of this blog must be wondering why I say this and what the above simple sentence means. To me, the above sentence means, I am blessed and surrounded by miracles! I feel fortunate because I have met amazing 'Beautiful Angels' while treading the "Journey of Destiny".

The above sentence also signifies that every day everywhere and everyone has an angel that is deep rooted within the self. How only few of us really get to meet, interact, get supported and support by these miracle angels is the matter of time and one's heart to make the angel to reappear from the within. I feel blessed because many 'Beautiful Angels' have flown from allover the world to be part of my "Journey of Destiny".

I met Mandy Rukwa in Facebook way back in June 2013. She liked one of my photographs and used to share my blog posts even before we became friends. I sent her a friend's request. I still remember the first sentence she said to me - "que puis-je faire pour les aider?" (What can I do to help?). She is also a brilliant nature photographer and a nature lover. I was grateful to her for spreading the word about the movement - support 4 suicide farmers families!

Right from the very beginning of our interaction, she understood and even asked me if I have ever regretted to make the choice of helping suicide affected farmers' families in Vidarbha. Needless to say, our friendship grew stronger with each passing day because she understood the importance and significance of what I was doing. 

During one of our conversation she said to me, "You are in the right way of heart, don't change because it is the choice of the divine that you have been led to this path." These sweet kind encouraging words filled adrenaline in my undying spirits. I know, the more I can recollect all the beautiful interactions we have had, the more I can write about this 'Beautiful Angel'. What mattered to me the most is that a person who is thousand of miles away from where I live understood exactly what I was destined to do was 'Divine', while many friends of mine in Bombay said - I was crazy to take such a step and that I would fail to part ways as friends. No regrets at all!

A 'Beautiful Angel' with you is far better in life than tens of so-called friends. Isn't it true my friends?

I have been struggling to get a job since the past two and a half years because I wanted to extend support to more girl child of suicide affected farmer' families with whatever I earn. There are many 'Beautiful Angels' and 'Amazing Friends' who have been helping and supporting me ever since I started the "Journey of Destiny". However, the obligation of rising debts and raising more funds to help more children made me look for jobs and be a little secure in life. 

The "Journey of Destiny" is meant to help support more girl child for their higher education so they can take care of their respective families and give their widowed mother some relief in life by achieving the unexpected. Our Trust raises only that much amount, which is needed for a year to help support the affected farmers' families. As destined we came across few genuine cases and the misery and hardship the farmers' widow were going through with multiple growing children, made us to extend more of our Trust's support. We open 7 years recurring deposit in the name of a girl child per family. The maturity amount comes in help when the child is ready to enter college to pursue her higher education.

Recently, we extended our support to the second suicide farmer's families in Metikheda village in Yavatmal district, link given below:

When I requested Mandy, she extended her kind support to support one more girl child immediately. Through this post I wish to thank my "Beautiful Angel" to fly all the way from France to help support the next-in-line girl child of suicide affected farmer's families. Sai Baba bless you always and forever 'Beautiful Angel'. We are truly very-very grateful for your kindness.

We (the Trust) are blessed to be the medium between "Beautiful Angels" of the World and the affected farmers' families. We wish, more angels will fly to help us support more girl child in Vidarbha.