Monday, May 31, 2010

THE NINTH ANGEL (31st May 2010, 2130 Hrs)

Angels do exist even in this modern world. The only thing is that they are visibly invisible to all of us. Only when they enter your lives out of nowhere, you are amazed by the angel’s presence. So far, I have been blessed to have 9 beautiful angels… who are not only assisting me with encouraging words but also they have taken a great step to support me for one long year, so I can zealously work with the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha.

In my earlier post, I had written about eight generous angels who came forward to see that this serious issue needs more to be done… their encouraging words, kind generosity and the assurance that they will always stand by me to support the cause, truly cannot be measured in any which ways.

The ninth angel arrived through Facebook chat at night on Friday, the 28th May… Tejal Rajyagor works for the NGO GiveIndia. And her first message (on chat) was – ‘Johnny don’t worry, if Mr. Bachchan is not supporting you… I will take the responsibility.’ (So far, I haven’t heard from Mr. Bachchan’s office or him…) Now this was something so amazing to hear from her as I was inching towards my 10 required angels… we chatted for some time and the next day, we talked over phone. When we became friends on Facebook, Tejal had written to me saying – ‘If ever you need my support, please do let me know and I shall do the needful.’ And true to her words, the beautiful angel joined the other angels without thinking twice.

Tejal came to know about the movement from one of the Yahoo Groups and almost immediately started following the blog and she was curious to know all about it. She wrote to me with her questions in March and since then has been following the blog. Tejal’s compassion to do something for the down trodden made her to quit the cozy Financial Sector last year after working for 3 long years, so she could join GiveIndia. It’s indeed a very rare case for me but she says, ‘It was an awakening call to do something for the less fortunate and I knew what I wanted to do in life. So I quit and joined GiveIndia.’

Even though we have never met face-to-face, we connected over phone as if we have been friends since a long time. Apart from supporting me, Tejal is working on generating awareness about many social issues that has touched her hearts. I really don’t have words for all the angels, who have entered my life to support the cause in such a noble ways. I have approached more than 45 people so far to find 9 beautiful angels… Who will be the tenth angel???

Thursday, May 27, 2010

THE TEN GENEROUS ONES… (27th May 2010, 2125 Hrs)

When I started the movement, I really didn’t even think twice as to how I would support myself while working endlessly with the suicide farmers’ families. The movement started from roads but since I didn’t wanted to launch an NGO (it is a one-man-crusade and one requires three trustees to float an NGO), there were various ground realities and problems. Without anyone to support me, will I be able to survive and work towards the cause that has made me to give up everything in life?

I remember having interviewed a Bollywood director during my stint as a film journalist. I still remember she told me, she had pitched her concept to various corporate houses and friends, who invested to make a beautiful movie titled KAL…YESTERDAY & TOMORROW. I am talking about Ruchi Narain. She has inspired me to take up one step further to request for support from ten generous people from various walks of life.

When I shared my helplessness with friends about my monthly expenses to be raised so I could work more effectively with the farmers’ families in Vidarbha, they came in readily to chip in with their monthly contribution of Rs.1000 /- per month to support me for one full year. Like Ruchi, I mailed and made few calls to some good people I knew… and by Sai Baba’s grace and blessings at this very hour, I have got seven humble people, who have not asked any questions and have pledged and contributed to raise the money for my monthly expenses. I am deeply touched by the gestures of all these wonderful people, who have come forward to support me so selflessly. Their invaluable contribution to stop farmers’ suicides in Vidarbha showed how much they have been affected and do care seriously about the issue.

A writer-poet from Kerala Mr. G A (requested his full name not to be published) was the first one, who came forward, followed by my old friend Mrs. Shachi Bhanushali (a housewife) from Hyderabad. Television actress Nausheen Sardar Ali, another old friend readily promised to support me and as I was leaving her house, her first Rs.1000 /- was in my hand. Mr. Prem Nath, well-known Architect-Designer called me the next day morning after receiving my SMS and mail to give a pat for the good deed. He immediately asked for my postal address and said the cheque would be there. And yes, his one year contribution was at home even before I knew. Mr. Prem Nath’s greatness is his humility and humane nature. I am glad as the Editor of an Interiors Magazine, I have had the beautiful experience to interview and know him in person.

There are two very special persons, who have requested to remain anonymous for their yearly contribution. One is a very well-known director in Bollywood and the second one is a well-known Architect-Designer. I have to get one confirmation from another old friend, who promised she would call me tomorrow for sure after discussing with her mom. I have written to couple of more people I know and also to Mr. Bachchan to complete the TEN! Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have all the ten to make the base of the movement firm and strong with their invaluable kind contributions.

I have approached many people, out of which these people have come forward to encourage me with their strong support and great help. And what is more wonderful is that for next year for the June 2011 to May 2012 period… I have already been promised by two students, who will graduate as Masters of Management next year. I really have no suitable words to thank all these people as I am indebted to them for life. Now I can work with the poor farmers more zealously, who cannot afford or pay for an extra labour as the monsoon starts… From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank one and all for your invaluable help! Sai Baba blesses you all! – Cuidate!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I would like to ask forgiveness from few generous people, who have contributed for the cause with their valuable donation in the past few weeks. I am really sorry for not able to write about you all in my blog. Please do forgive me… I am sure you all will, for sure…

First of all, Mitesh Thakkar, a Bandra resident have been very supportive about the movement. We met in April just when I was about to leave for Vidarbha. Mitesh has been following my blog and one fine day called me over phone. When we met, we discussed many things about the serious issue and he was wondering all the while, how he could help in his own ways. His valuable contribution of Rs. 200/- will surely go a long way to help the suicide farmers’ families. Mitesh is also in the pipeline to float an NGO to save trees in very near future with his friends. I wished him all the very best and hope his selfless work to save the environment will be a boon for our nation. Sorry Mitesh for writing about you after so many days…

Prajakta Patil, a Masters’ student in Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Santacruz, Mumbai is a passionate little powerhouse. She has been very serious about the farmers’ suicide issue and keeps herself abreast of all that is happening in Vidarbha, since she hails from Nagpur. She was curious to know about how I am going to make use of all the funds that will be raised in time to come… even though she had had a hard day in her internship organisation, I informed her about my plans. And just before she was leaving, she turned back and said – ‘Here’s a small contribution from my side’ and a ten rupee note landed in my folded hands with gratitude. Even though she is just a student, the heart to contribute is what touched me the most about Prajakta. Sorry Prajakta for missing to write about your valuable contribution all these days.

There is another Masters’ student from the same institute and she has the same first name and hails from Amravati. Prajakta Mahure has been hearing about farmers’ suicide since her growing up years. Her interest to know more about the issue sparked a long session and she was a keen listener as well as shared great insight about the issue, since she hails from Vidarbha. We talked for near about two hours and I shared my vision, plans and slow and steady execution of various projects in near future. As we were about to part, she contributed Rs. 50 / - for the cause. She even assured and promised that when she would start earning, she would be there to give financial help from her side for the cause. I really didn’t had words to thank her for what she had promised me… wish there are more Prajakta in this world to come forward to see farmers’ suicide stop in Vidarbha… I am confident that one day this reality will happen… may be it may take me 10, 20 or 25 years of my dedication and devotion with all the help from the world.

Aravind Chandrasekaran from Chennai has had a brief stint at Harvard. He has been supporting the cause since its inception in Facebook and have read various blog posts on and off. Even though we have been interacting through mails, Aravind’s generous contribution on his birthday of Rs.1500 /- came in as a beautiful gift. His small (he calls its small, though it is really big) contribution is assisted with designing of various campaigns (in the pipeline) that he has taken the responsibility on his own for the cause. Aravind is into Social Media and Internet Business and has various plans to raise funds for the cause. I am so glad that so many young people are touched and worried about the serious issue to come forward to provide their generous contribution and help. I am really sorry Mitesh, Prajakta P, Prajakta M and Aravind for not writing about your valuable contribution for the cause. I do hope you will all forgive me… cuidate!

Monday, May 24, 2010


NOTE: I had written this post in August 2009... nothing has really changed... every leaders mentioned in this post are still lying blatantly and no concrete steps have been taken as yet...

SOLUTION TO FIGHT BACK DROUGHT (dated 20th August 2009)Trying to raise a voice for our farmers, I will be writing on the topic on a regular basis. And I also do hope TV anchors will take up this SERIOUS issue and question the government for an answer and solution as to why they are always trying to solve it on a temporary basis. Honestly, it is high time our media system should be more responsible towards their duty and responsibility, follow up the serious issue endlessly, till the government finds a real permanent solution. I request them sincerely from the bottom of my heart regarding the serious issue…

Our PM just to assure the nation gave away the mindless statement in the media – ‘We have enough food stock, so no need to panic because of drought!’ (the only change in his speech today was - things will be controlled by December... how Mr. PM, when every month you are increasing the rate of petrol without fail or thinking... oh I forgot... you don't think at all because Sonia says and you execute as PM) – The PMO’s media activity is just so childish because it is common sense, what will happen next year (for our food stock) if there is drought in 246 districts in the nation this year… Mr. PM, how will we meet our food stock requirements next year (but obvious, prices will increase further, isn’t it?)??? How can Dr. Manmohan Singh, an economist of such a high calibre give such a statement in the media?

My previous blog (18th August) did see the media questioning the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who confirmed that near about 10 million tonnes of rice crops’ shortage (when India is wasting food grains worth 58,000 crores every year Mr. Pawar?) will be experienced next year because of this drought… He also said that they would release more food items to ration stores all over nation… Mr. Pawar, how will it help the poor farmers in any which way to combat the drought? Can you please explain the nation… Common Sense, common sense in capital letters Mr. Minister… It is WATER for CROPS that our farmers need at this hour of crisis…

Will the government really look into this serious issue in a serious manner? Will the media please question and highlight this issue more seriously? Will our ministers forget about other trivial issues and talk more about this issue aggressively in our parliament hours to force Manmohan Singh’s government to take serious action and implement a permanent solution? There are more questions that requires to be answered by our government to take care of our poor farmers, who are protecting irrigation water with guns today in Bihar… Agriculture minister should be answerable to each farmer’s death in the nation… Our PM too should be responsible as to why he is looking the other way at rich industrialists rather than our poor farmers???

Well, I request all the channels’ head to highlight the plight of our farmers in a serious dedicated manner to get a proper government action for a permanent solution to fight drought or other natural calamities like flood… this year, it is drought, chances are there will be floods the year to follow, once again crops will be washed away… what will the government do next year to solve the problem then? While rich stars of Bollywood are wooed by various insurance institutions to insured their lives in case of accidents, why our government cannot make it mandatory for these institutions to insure the crops of our farmers in case of loss and damages from natural calamities… this will not only help the crop production for the country, but also will save many farmers’ lives… nation’s anndatas!

Friday, May 21, 2010

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (21st May 2010, 0120 Hrs)

Only if you believe
You will try
Only if you try
You will succeed
Only if you succeed
You will be worshipped

The problem starts there after
As you want more and more
The more you succeed
The more you will be worshipped
The more you are worshipped
The more your problems erupt

With all the problems in the world
We humans break down instantly
Worries, tears, miseries, struggle
Seems never ending
Life seems like a curse
Little realising, there’s more to life

Life is beautiful
Only if you value yours
Looking beyond
Worries, tears, miseries and struggle
Smiling every moment
Whether happy or sad

Life is beautiful
When you go beyond
Thinking about your trivial issues
Giving others joy
With your smile
And your love

It’s difficult
We all know that
But have you ever tried?
You may ask what about others?
Each one of us gives
Without realizing what we have given

Smile, love, help, aid
Are in disguise
Unrestricted, they brighten other’s life
Lessening their woes
As each one gives others
Life smiles

In recognition of your nature
Small-small gestures
Turn into big events
As life smiles all around
You realise
How beautiful it is to be living!

Johnny D
8th October 2006

Monday, May 17, 2010


In Vidarbha, I am currently doing proper research to understand various important reasons of rampant farmers’ suicides, while scouting for ambitious bright children (from the affected families) to sponsor them for their further studies after their tenth grade in near future. It is a long process to understand the complexities of farmers’ suicides in the region. There are many factors affecting the poor farmers to take the drastic step towards suicide and only by interaction with as many suicide farmers’ families I will be able to understand their real problems.

My sole intention to help farmers and their families is, that in near future I want to see them become self-reliant and lead a dignified life with their heads held high. I really don’t intend to treat and see these families as an object of pity but I want to see them as a great potential for the bright future of India. They have already suffered enough in their lives feeding the nation… it is the least I can do for them with all the help from the citizen of the world.

Farmers are the most essential community of any nation or in that matter, every single individual is directly connected and indebted to them for providing us valuable food through out our lives. The least we all can do is to support them by being thankful for their selfless sacrifice to come out of this serious catastrophe called ‘Suicide’… I know I will not be able to stop such a phenomenon in mere few years but my devotion to lead them towards a bright future surely is going to fetch some results in coming years.

Uncertain about her future...
I have been often asked by people who contribute as to how I plan to execute things to support farmers’ families with all the funds that are being raised for the cause. Well, things definitely are not going to be as easy as everyone thinks because of various factors. The movement will achieve its target in a slow and steady manner so that we don’t falter by setting up various projects. Yes, I will be needing a lot of funds to see all the projects come alive to see smiles on these widows’ worried faces. I know and am confident that the world will come forward to contribute to support these families to lead them towards a new future.

Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families:

1). Helping affected families towards self-reliance: Understanding their needs and their expertise in their respective field. Scouting for ambitious children of the affected families to sponsor them for higher studies.

2). Neem tree plantation in affected villages to increase the green belt and help check soil erosion from the farmlands. Neem tree’s fruits and leaves can be used to make organic manure… neem datun (sticks) will be packed to be sold in urban cities, thereby helping the families to earn extra income from the trees.

3). Shifting towards Organic Farming for better and safe future.

4). Setting up small scale units (dairy, cattle rearing, food products, vegetables high-end shops, organic manure units and setting up gobar gas plants in affected villages – everything will be run by the affected families’ women).

5). Increase water table in the region by rain water harvesting and building check dams and introducing mandatory bhaand (high mud walls around the farmlands) along with future irrigation infrastructure in villages.

6). Counselling farmers and families about the ill-effects of heavy use of chemical poisonous fertilizers and pesticides, avoid GM Crops… saving seeds, avoid alcohol addiction and save money in a proper manner.

7). India’s first Organic village – the mission that I am working on very passionately so that ONE ROLE MODEL VILLAGE will open the eyes of the world!

As of now, I can only share some of my vision because as I will be understanding their problems more and more in coming months… there will be many more plans and projects in the future depending on the funds that will flow in… because money plays an important part to set up all these things. I am very confident and positive that the world will come forward to help the cause to set up all these projects in coming years. So please, a sincere request to one and all to come forward to contribute from the bottom of your hearts to say, “Thank You Farmers, It is because of you, we are living!”

Saturday, May 15, 2010


During my recent visit in some of the villages in Vidarbha, the interaction I had had with few small farmers (who have less than 3 acres of cultivated land) indicated that they are frustrated with the system and their own lives, as nothing seems to provide any succour to them. No wonder, one farmer named Sudhakar Rao says with total frustration – “Government should take all our land and feed us for life along with taking care of all our needs for life… only then, the suicide in the region will stop!” I wondered if this was the only solution left for the nation to pay attention to the farmers’ suicides in the region and the nation…

There are many farmers who have been part of their village gram panchayat since decades, who confessed in unison – “None of the political parties have really worked for the welfare of the farmers in the region and the nation since Independence… they all come once in five years with folded hands to ask for our votes and then vanish till the next election. These are the same political parties, who divide the villagers in different faction, so they can win election. Once they win, they don’t even bother to visit us, forget about doing anything for the betterment of our community.”

Small farmers in Vidarbha are facing problems to sustain themselves and some how surviving from committing suicide. The shortage of farm labours during the seasons and the ever demanding escalating labour wages have not only increased their initial investment but also these factors have affected badly to cut a huge chunk from their yearly income. “There are no options as labours are mandatory during the sowing and harvesting seasons. The ever increasing rates of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides are also killing us. There is absolutley no respite for us…tell us how will we surivive with no extra income or work post season… farming has become a burden rather than a lucrative profession. Yes, if there had been proper irrigation infrastructure and system in the region, then no farmer would have dared to commit suicide. 8 out of the 12 months in a year, our land gives us nothing excpet worries,” states Sudhakar Rao.

He further says, “The policies of government to waive the loan of the farmers have been the greatest mistake as those who benefitted were big farmers and not the majority of us, the small farmers. The subsidies food grains is another flaw in the system as the government wants us to remain poor life long… why this inequality when under the consititution of our nation, every Indian has equal rights to be an Indian! The government has divided class to benefit the rich and exploit the poor. All these policies should stop with immediate effect. If at all, the government is serious for our welfare, they should take away all our lands and take care of our families’ need, give proper employment to our sons and daughters… but the irony is that farmers of the nation who feed the nation are forced to commit suicide or else leave farming.”

Even God has been impartial to the farmers, who are fighting a long lost battle of survival in Vidarbha. Every single policy is against the farmers while benefitting the corporate giants, who are sucking whatever blood is left in the poor farmers. Greed, corruption and exploitation seem to be unending for these corporate companies, who wants to control the food industry with their poisonous intention and fertilizers and pesticides. I wonder, why our nation’s government are supporting these corporate giants (Monsato) to kill our poor farmers while feeding the nation with poisonous food products. When will we wake up? When will one good politician come in front to stop all these malpractices, save our nation’s farmers, stop supporting the greedy corporate giants and provide succour to the selfless community who are feeding the nation while their own are dying of hunger and suicides???

Wish Lal Bahadur Shastri was alive in today’s time!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

SOIL, WATER & SEEDS (14th May 2010, 1300 Hrs)

Soil, water and some seeds
The basic every farmer needs
The government policies do deprieve
So the farmers would commit suicides

The vicious cycle of the corporate
Increases farmers’ suicide’s rate
The urbanites are still unaware
Who will help the farmers to care

Soil’s fertility is fed poisonous fertilizers
Produce is poisoned with chemical pesticides
What we eat make us sick
So the Pharma sector can be rich

While the Pharma and Insurance sectors
Have grown in leaps and bounds
The agriculture sector is being overthrown
So Monsato can rule with a crown

Corporate are selling water in bottles
Tightening the noose around farmers’ cattles
While Coke and Pepsi stars are in competition
There is not enough water for farmlands’ irrigation

GM Crops don’t breed any seeds
So the farmers have to shell out more
When will Monsato stop its greed
And stop killing our farmers instead

The government licks the corporate czars
While counting suicide farmers buying swanky cars
How can we all eat food soaked in farmers’ blood
Tell me please world, do we really care?

When will we really care to save our farmers?

Johnny D
14th May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GLOBAL WARMING (12th May 2010, 2200 Hrs)

It is THE worry
What our future holds?
For the greed
That has satisfied all our wants so far.

Not content with the required needs
The greed has endangered the globe
As nature repays our past actions.

Soaring, dipping
Temperatures controlling deaths
Tsunami, hurricanes
Leave catastrophes behind
Rains submerging cities
Drought defies the want for want!

Researchers are busy to understand
The nature of nature
As nature declares global warming
Calamities spread its tentacles all around.

Comforts or catastrophes
It is hard to control both now
Learning our lessons way too late
How do we curb our greed?

In the past, to comfort our present
We have endangered our future
Changing faster with each passing day
It is now nature’s time to have the last laugh!

Johnny D
16th April 2007

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SUCH A LONG JOURNEY AHEAD… (11th May 2010, 0020 Hrs)

Instant results seem to be the mantra of our modern world. Little forgetting that Rome was not built in a day… In our nation we want everything to happen immediately come what may… everything takes time to materialise in its own course. Even the pizza takes 30 minutes to get delivered at your home or office.

When I started the movement, I knew exactly it would take me many-many years to achieve even an iota of what I have set out for… the results are not going to be out the next very day, but many people expect me to deliver it so… there are various questions in people’s mind about why I need the initial sum of 10 lakh rupees to start anything concrete? How I am going to disburse the amount (funds raised for them) among the affected families? What are my plans to support the affected families and how will I achieve them?

I just wish to tell one and all that when the initial sum of 10 lakh rupees would be raised, I will be able to set up small working units for the widows of the deceased farmers, sponsor ambitious children (I have already scouted one child, who wish to become a teacher) to achieve their dream to be teachers, doctors or else management graduates, set up projects that will lead new way for the affected families to become self-reliant. NO, I will not be making the mistake of giving away money to the affected families by treating them as an object of pity… but I want them to hold their heads high with self dignity and pride… I want these families to show to the world that they can gather courage to lead a new life after the drastic shock that has changed everything for them…

Yes, many who have questioned me about all these things may think I am dreaming too big to achieve all what I have said above… but before I die a peaceful death in Vidarbha in some farmers’ arms, I want to achieve all these things for the widows of the farmers and children who have lost their fathers and grandfathers to suicides! My eyes are wet and my throat is choking with heavy emotions as I write about my death in Vidarbha, even though my journey has just started and I have not even covered 100 metres of the limitless miles ahead…

I do hope this post will open eyes of one and all to know how serious I am about stopping suicide of farmers in the region and my future projects that will help the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha. I have dedicated my life because I have been shaken by such a serious issue and I can see how deadly our future is going to be (without any farmers left to produce food for us), if we don’t help the farmers now before it is too late. Yes, my dear friends of the world… the results of my dedication will be seen in coming years… and it may take many… for your information and satisfaction please!

May Shirdi ke Sai Baba bless you all!

Monday, May 10, 2010

TRUTH ABOUT LIFE (10th May 2010, 1310 Hrs)

NOTE: I wrote this poem long time back about life & death... this poem so aptly fits with farmers' death in our nation to satisfy the greed of the selfish lot...

When you die
Everybody says you are the best who has ever lived
When you were living
They were the same who were ready to kill you

There’s plenty for each one of us
Yet we want to grab what others have
Little realizing there are others
Who would grab what you have already

The cycle never stops
Till death grabs you from life
The truth everyone knows while they live
Yet ignore before death embraces them from life

Johnny D
14th September 2006

Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are a country which is too busy to celebrate IPL’s success, Qasab's hanging sentence (even though the bastard is still enjoying biryani in jail), burn & waste candles to shed crocodile tears for countrymen being killed in terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, only to forget how our hard earned money is being wasted since the last two years to keep one bast*** terrorist alive while millions of Indians are dying of hunger!

Food grains worth 58,000 crores rotting in FCI godowns (godowns are leased for five years to store liqour companies’ liquor, while food grains rot in open under the very own eyes of FCI’s officials) every year due to lack of or storage facilities and this is the greatest claim and achievement of our government and the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who is more serious and actively busy in crores being minted by BCCI’s IPL! ... all the while when our poor selfless farmers slog their sweat & blood in hot sun & heavy rains to grow these food grains... imagine they have to commit suicide & still there is no awareness about such a serious issue in the nation... truly pathetic! Why is Sonia and Rahul Gandhi silent on such a huge national wastage??? Shouldn't Pawar be sacked for his incompetence to safeguard food grains of the nation as the Agriculture Minister? Shouldn’t the ever sleeping Prime Minister wake up to tackle this serious issue at war footing? Isn’t this much serious than the naxal problem and Ambani’s brothers fight for gas rates?

63 long years since Independence, our country’s government (majority of years ruled by Congress) has not even bothered to build proper godowns to store food grains properly! Mind you FCI godowns can store only 20% of total food grains produced in the nation as 80% grains are stored out in open to rot! Is this mere callousness or a pure case CARELESSNESS by all the leaders of the nation? Who will prosecute these corrupt political leaders for wasting such a huge amount of food grains, when millions of poor Indians are dying of hunger… lakhs of farmers are committing suicide because of drought and no food to survive… hundreds of farmers are selling their wives to loan sharks to feed their children in Bundelkhand…

Sharad Pawar in Asian Age dated 9th May 2010 was quoted – “The condition of the godowns in the country is not good and that is resulting in the rotting od food grains.” While the careless government has had the audacity to acknowledge that country wastes 58,000 crores worth of food grains every year, due to lack of or poor storage facilities, nothing, absolutley NOTHING is being done to overcome their incompentency to tackle the serious issue on priority. I ask the nation, how much time does it take nowadays to build tin sheds with all the modern day equipment? Does it take more than 23 long years to build incomplete irrigation canal (in Wardha)… barely in 15 days time, one can build tin sheds to safeguard all the 80% food grains, which are kept in the open. Is it so difficult for the government of India to take such a simple decision to safeguard 58,000 crores worth of food grains?

Well, my heart really boils when such callousness and carelessness are being shown by the leaders who lead the nation to claim India is growing at a rate of 8% plus… is this really the growth we as the country wish to achieve while millions are dying in the nation because of hunger… if the government knows that such a huge amount of food grains goes waste every year, why can’t they feed the poor hungry fellow Indians with this food grains? Why millions of poor are forced towards death by the nation? Wonder of wonders, now that all the FCI’s godowns are packed to capacity (some with liquor companies), the bumper rabi harvest will be made to rot in open as the monsoon are fast arriving in the nation… that means more wastage of food grains in coming monsoon!

I would like to blame the opposition as well for not forcing the government to take SERIOUS action against the agriculture Minister, who is more concerned about the sugar mills’ owners rather than food grains being wasted… it is the loss of the nation and 58,000 crores is not a small amount my fellow Indians!!! Wake up, wake up please before we all die of hunger in near future!

Friday, May 7, 2010


As you all know that I am journalist, who used to interview stars to earn my living. Once I hired an auto rickshaw, whose driver was an old Muslim guy, wearing all white dress from head to toe and his shining white beard said that he had seen world a great deal. He was surprised by my chaste Hindi and asked me curiously from where I belonged? I told him and as we started our journey to my destination, we got talking about humanity and spiritualism. It was so wonderful that we connected with each other almost instantaneously.

He told me how and why we humans have to suffer so much in our life.” He said, “Please do forgive me sir because I am an uneducated fellow and it may seem that I am boasting of my knowledge. Imagine, what humans’ mind could achieve when they worked on iron? They made big-big ships and aircrafts, which could float on water and fly in air, respectively. When we worked on computers, in a click, we can get the required information within a second. Sadly though sir, we, humans have never worked on this small heart of ours. That is why we see so much hatred, killing, cheating and chaos all over the world.” I was perplexed by his insight and thanked him for the most beautiful lesson he imparted to me in such a short journey of life. We parted our ways as my destination arrived without even knowing each other’s name. However, while parting we made a promise that we both would look forward to meet each other in future, God willing. As I turned back to look at the auto fellow once again, he had vanished amidst the traffic and I was shaken and touched for his generosity for having touched my life in such a noble way.

Johnny D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

DEATH LEAVES A VOID IN ONE’S LIFE (6th May 2010, 1250 Hrs)

Death is perhaps the only reality in our lives that leaves a void that just cannot be replaced by even the almighty! Trust me, it is one of the toughest tasks when one has to discuss death of a family member to get information about the deadly incident. My devotion to help the suicide farmers’ families leaves me with no option but to interact with affected families about their family members’ death. The experience and interaction drains me out completely because of emotional trauma that one has to live with… to lead a life and weave the broken strings once again without someone very special, who has left forever.

During my visit to Vaigoan, the second family that I visited was that of deceased farmer Shri. Arun Narad, aged 40, who left behind three daughters (Elder daughter – married in 2007, Kanchan (18 yrs and is all set for her marriage in coming months) and Monali – standard VII th student) and widow wife, in November 2009. The family was having their meals and welcomed me with expectations. Expectations to get some compensation (money) for having lost the head of the family to suicide. While I was facing emotional difficulty to start my conversation, I was surprised watching Kanchan because she was smiling and busy eating. The mother, who spoke only in Marathi while understanding pretty well the Hindi I was speaking, seemed to be a little aggressive in telling her woes without much remorse (I am really sorry for writing the true-life experience as I witnessed).

Kanchan, Widow of late Arun Narad & Monali

She informed that late Arun Narad had taken 4 to 5 lakhs loan for daughters’ marriages inspite of having 9 acres land. Last year, their farmlands had a yield of as much as 5 to 6 quintals of Soyabean and 5 to 6 quintals of desi cotton per acre. The distress to pay off loan took a toll on Arun Narad and he committed suicide in November 2009. However, when I enquired from Kanchan, who is fluent in Hindi, she stated that father was always sick, all the while smiling and stuffing herself with some sweets. The youngest Monali was trying to hide behind her sister’s back and stealing a glimpse once-in-a-while to look at me with wonder.

The moment Kanchan told me about her father’s sickness, almost immediately the mother intervened and told me that her daughter doesn’t understand Hindi well and she doesn’t know anything about her father’s death. And then admonished Kanchan in front of me to keep shut, in Marathi, which I understood well. I was surprised in many ways by such behaviour from the family. Widow of late Narad was expecting money from me. When I told her I have come here to understand the reasons behind all the suicides in Vidarbha so in near future I can support the affected families to stand on their feet, she was disappointed.

The rumours in the village was that the deceased was addicted to liquor and had died in a road accident. Will I ever know the truth behind Shri. Arun Narad’s suicide or death? When I left the house, one thing amazed and made me wonder as to how insensitive we can be, even while sharing death of our own family members! Because while I was putting on my shoes at the door step, Kanchan shouted at her mother in Marathi saying –‘Why did you lie about the 5 lakhs loan?’ I leave for you all to decide to judge what this experiece taught me… I am simply sad at such a turn of events!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EK NAYA SAVERA (5th May 2010, 0950 Hrs)

Yeh maine jana bas aaj kal
Bharat ka bhavishya hai bahut ujwal
Maine nahin dekha tha pehle kabhi
Nayi peedi ki soch mein aisa fark

Katinayion ki parwah kiye bina
Har shaksh badalna chahta hai purane Bharat ki tasveer
Desh mein paresaniyon ke hain kaei pehlu
Naujawano usse samajhne lage hain aaj

Ek naya savera dastak de raha
Shitij chamakne laga hai swarnim sa
Haan doston, ek naya savera ka aeilaan ho chuka hai
Aur main un saare naujawano ko salaam karta hoon

Salaam karta hoon dil ki gehrayiyon se!

Johnny D
5th May 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday the motormen of the Western and Central Railways went on strike and Mumbaikars were taken at ransom, so the media accused them. Accusations seem to be the first reaction of the media houses without really knowing the truth of both the sides of the coin. Investigative journalism has died long time ago. It’s the age of Speculative journalism. Sad and pathetic is the state of the fourth pillar of our nation.

Should the common (poor) working class die in slavery because of government policies? The government doesn’t hesitate one bit to increase the price of petroleum products when international rates rises; the government doesn’t hesitate to increase the prices of essential food products even when there is no shortage and grains are rotting in FCI’s open-air godowns? So why should the common working class not demand increase in their salaries when everything is shooting up? Is it their fault to work 24 x 7 x 365 selflessly so millions of fellow Indians can go to their work place to earn living for self and family members in great comfort? So why does the media not expose the faulty policies of the government instead of targetting and blaming the common working class?

Farmers, Soldiers, Policemen, Motormen, Labours and many more working classes are doing their jobs selflessly and contributing a large chunk of their earnings in nation’s growth. Sadly, these are the people who have been neglected since ages by our government. Media will not expose the hoaders and black marketeers because they are part of the political leaders and media houses are paid in crores to keep shut and divert the nation’s attention towards trivial senseless issues. So why did the media targetted the motormen yesterday when all they were asking is a small increase in their pay scale? Is it too much to ask for, to meet their monthly budgets in this rising prices scenario?

Working selflessly to comfort the fellow citizen seems to be the biggest crime in our nation. One should not open one’s mouth to ask for a raise even if it means to let one’s family die of hunger because the expenses are more than what one earns in this modern day of regular price rise. Whether it is our farmers or else our policemen or be it our soldiers, who are dying to protect our nation by their selfless deeds. They are all living hand-to-mouth and working like slaves, while the political leaders have shut their eyes while sucking blood of these working class to become crorepatis almost over night…

Not even a single individual really think about how the railways personnels have to work so hard 24 x 7 x 365 days, so that everyone (who uses them) can comfortable reach to their work place. They rarely get holidays and enough rest as all these sectors have shortage of manpower ever since its inception. Farmers and soldiers are quitting their profession to either move towards urban cities or else joining private forces (so they can earn more to feed their families) respectively… yet our policy makers have shut their eyes in their air-conditioned rooms and offices.

Should the poor working class die in slavery? When will our government wake up to show some humane side to treat them with dignity and respect and give them what is due for their selfless services? I ask the Prime Minister, why the poor will not lift a gun when you are killing them with your policies, which are not helping them, instead you are pushing them towards suicide?? One last request to the media houses, please stop all the stupid speculations and instead expose the corrupt politicians, trust me not even a single Indian will die of hunger… you are playing a major role in killing your own fellow Indians… people who grow food for you and people who protect you from vicious terrorists and goons. Build the nation please and please-please don’t divide the nation by helping the rich and targetting the poor by speculating on serious issues.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE (2nd May 2010, 2345 Hrs)

When anyone dares
to walk the distance
that no one has
ever measured before
The world dreams
the journey
to complete one day
irrespective of the impossibilities…

There are many
who join in to cheer,
encourage and
be by the side
to let him remember
‘hey buddy,
you are not alone’

Noble laureate Tagore (Rabindranath)
had written a poem
in Bangla –
‘Yaddi tor dakh sune koi na aashe,
Tumi ekla chalo re’
(If no one hears your call,
Start walking all alone)

Yes, I started my journey
all alone
to support the suicide
farmers’ families in Vidarbha
only to find
so many feet
joining the endless journey

Some with encouraging words,
some contributing generously,
some with invaluable information,
some with great insight,
many with hard facts,
few special ones
with brilliant ideas
and of course,
a few
with discouraging attitudes,
but most with the passion
that I had never imagined
when the world would unite
as one
for the serious cause
sans politics

Johnny D
2nd May 2010