Wednesday, November 30, 2011


“Every problem has a solution!” – So many years ago my Mathematics teacher stated!

Life is just like Mathematics! There are problems and problems and every problem has a number attached to it with a simple solution, for those who know how to solve the problem in few simple steps, just like a problem in Mathematics...

From the time one is born till one leaves from this earth and even after... everything is connected with numbers. So every problem in life has a simple solution to solve the so-called complicated looking issues or problems. If we really wish to solve the problems at its bud by making simple efforts in proper steps, we can all solve every problem in the world. Incidentally, instead of making simple efforts, we humans have always loved to complicate simple things to such a magnitude that the problems start looking gigantic and difficult to solve. The people who are trained actually to solve problems at the top, have, actually complicated simple issues to such a magnitude that every little problem of the nation now looks like the ‘never-to-be solved’ demonic myth!

Instead of simplifying the problems, the Planning Commission of India along with the so-called able (I consider them to be incapable though with a poor IQ level that even doesn’t match the illiterate villagers of the nation) leaders of the nation, have been creating more problems for the citizen of the nation instead of solving the existing ones. Hence, everywhere we see chaos... So, even if a do-gooder individuals put their best efforts in a systematic ways, things will never improve all our lives... certainly this is not the myth but the irony of the world!

Rehabilitation of PAPs, mainly consisting of poor farmers’ community and tribals, has seen several violent agitation and protest all over the nation... from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharastra, Orissa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Chennai to Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka... everywhere, farmers’ community led by social activists and political leaders have been protesting against the government, corporate companies and MNCs for acquiring their fertile lands by force in the name economic growth. Protest by the poor farmers’ community are turning violent because of police atrocities, lives lost, women raped by security force, property damages continue, and the huts bull dozed... with only the government, corporate companies and MNCs benefiting out of the whole exercise... because the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister and the Planning Commission are supporting this wonderful inhuman act by misusing their power in the destructive way!

There seems to be no respite for the poor farmers’ community and the tribal sects... they have to run for their lives, trying to save whatever little they have... or else gets killed, raped or simply beaten mercilessly... all in the name of “The Great Economic Growth” of the Nation! In the name of the Economic Growth, natural jungles are being raped by MNCs (mining), Industrialists are acquiring fertile lands @ peanuts to build their industries or thermal power plants – as agricultural lands are turning into concrete jungles! Rivers, mountains, jungles and fertile lands... everything is being grabbed at such a fast pace that the generation today, will have to fight for their survival without enough water to drink, food grains to eat and enough space to live... are we really heading towards the bright future? Above all, who really benefits from all these inhuman activities? It is the universal truth that except for the few top politicians and few rich industrialists living in their ivory towers with  sleepless nights to accompany them... every single poor loses everything from their fertile lands to house to their source of livelihood!

No one seems to be really worried about how all the three parties, namely, the government, the corporate companies and the farmers’ community, can all benefit with simple solutions... thereby taking the nation forward in the real sense. It certainly is not a rocket science if we all put in use our ‘Common Sense’!


Land for economic growth is as essential as air is for humans to live! After all the Ruling Government needs land to build infrastructure, industries, educational institutions, homes etc etc... and most of the lands are either in government’s own possession or else with the farmers’ community. Rehabilitation of PAPs has seen decades and decades go by while the poor tribals or else farmers’ community are left high and dry without being paid proper compensation. The Government has the power to initiate a simple procedure where in the displaced farmers or tribals will benefit along with the Government and the corporate lobby.

STEP 1: The companies who are in need of the land should provide a two-bedroom (average family) or three-bedroom (big families) ready-made flats to each farmer displaced before acquiring their lands. This way, the PAPs will never be displaced again all their lives! There should be strict clause that the respective family cannot sell these flats to any other party lifelong, thereby securing lives of the poor forever!

STEP 2: Compensation should be calculated (as per the market rates x 4 Times) and all the money should be deposited as FIXED DEPOSIT in banks, so that PAPs can earn the monthly interest to live comfortably. Those who don’t have land (landless farmers), a minimum deposit that should earn enough interest for the families to live comfortably to compensate them.

STEP 3: The Companies should provide a job to one of the family members of the PAPs as a pact.

STEP 4: The Government should build a force of farmers (like army or police) so that agriculture is turned into the State Governed Industry, where farmers should serve on a monthly salary... as one big industry to grow food grains for the whole nation. This simple step will actually gain multi-fold benefits for the government, namely:

The Government creates a huge force of farmers just like the army, navy or air force by creating AGRICULTURE FORCE OF INDIA (AFI);

The farmers get permanent employment and after serving till the age of 65 years, will be entitle for State Pension as the defence soldiers;

The Government will cut all the profits of the middlemen / agents or traders’ lobby, thereby controlling the prices of the food grains nationwide;

The corporate companies will get the required land without any problems;

The Government can thereby safeguard all the fertile agriculture land in a systematic planned manner;


Off recent, many projects all across the nation (48 Plus affected regions) have seen and still facing lot of killings of poor tribals and farmers’ community by State Police firing under the State and Central Governments’ orders supporting forcibly land acquisition. Violent protest have become the norms of the day and as usual false promises by leaders, politicians and corporate & MNCs have turned the tables on corporate & MNCs as they are facing the heat to acquire the required land for their multi-billion projects.

The simple solution will benefit the corporate & MNCs in simple steps:

STEP 1: By providing ready-made flats before acquiring farmers’ lands and opening respective fixed deposits’ bank accounts for the PAPs, the corporate & MNCs will be readily and happily given the required land without any problems.

STEP 2: By providing jobs to PAPs, the companies’ labour problem is sorted out simultaneously solving the unemployment for the PAPs.

STEP 3: This way they are setting up transparency for the world to see that our corporate and MNCs are actually interested in nation’s economic growth.

STEP 4: They will also strengthen the government by helping to build a strong work force of farmers in the bargain.

STEP 5: The country benefits in real sense while everybody is making their respective profits without exploiting the poor farmers’ community.


For any farmer to lose his fertile land is the most worrisome curse or situation in his life. Being displaced to once again start his life afresh in a completely new environment with (many times) non-fertile lands to cultivate adds further to the miseries and woes for the farmers. The simple solution (simple steps) will not only help the poor farmers’ community but the government will eradicate the percentage of poor living in the nation in a systematic and effective manner.


The future of the PAPs are secured with flats for their families and fixed deposit to earn interest to take care of their monthly expenses.

By getting employed by companies and government (in Agriculture Force of India), the percentage of unemployment in the country will decrease drastically.

With plenty of labour at disposal, labour problem of the industries and the government will be  solved.

Standard of living of the PAPs will enhance with proper education, health, medical and employment systems, thereby eradicating the percentage of poor living in the nation. This also means that because of proper health, the nation is building a healthy environment for the whole world to take notice.


Politicians, Leaders, Farmers’ Community, Corporate, MNCs, Prime Minister of India, Home Minister, Chief Ministers, NAC, Planning Commission and all respective bodies should come together to achieve these SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to take the country to a better future for every country to emulate the simple steps to strengthen the nation’s growth, wherein each one is complementing each other to better each others' lives without exploiting the poor while making the required profits.

This surely seems to be MY DREAM for MY BELOVED NATION for the coming future... so may I request one and all from the bottom of my heart to start planning and executing these simple steps to benefit the nation in the right way.


The formation of AGRICULTURE FORCE OF INDIA (AFI) will benefit the government to organize the unorganized Agriculture Sector.

Eradication of Poverty in Simple Systematic Manner.

Better living standard of the poor, thereby eradicating various diseases.

Eradication of Unemployment Problems.

Facilitating the corporate and MNCs problem-free land acquisition.

Systematic growing of food grains by government’s AFI, thereby eradicating the traders’ / middlemen lobbies to bring down the prices for the citizen of the nation to benefit.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Please read everything about the wonderful husband-wife team of farmers, who have developed a simple yet great technique to save self from the clutches of suicide...

I wonder why such great achievements are not advertised and highlighted by political leaders... to safeguard Vidarbha Farmers...

Read on:

Friday, November 25, 2011


The LATEST: The Chief Minister of Maharastra Prithiviraj Chavan had had a meeting with respective political leaders protesting for a Higher MSP of Cotton, Soyabean and Paddy on the 23rd November 2011.

RESULTS: None! As expected because when the CM Prithiviraj Chavan can announce the “1088 Crores Crop Failure Aid” for Vidarbha farmers last year in December 2010 and even after one year, no one really knows as to why the AID was not disbursed to the poor affected farmers??? The 1088 Crores has already earned the CM more than 594.40 Crores in INTEREST @ 5 % Monthly! So that means the CM has near about 1686.40 Crores to disburse BUT WILL HE?

Where is this huge amount going to go? I really wonder... CM Prithiviraj Chavan was entrusted the job by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh because of his clean image... so why has he not disburse the Financial AID to poor Farmers of Vidarbha Region since the last 11 months??? This is one more SCAM that the Congress Ruling State has given birth to... why is Rahul Gandhi quiet on this?

Continuing from the last post... (I had written the whole post in one sitting so the latest development is being put for everyone to note the latest development)

I am happy in a way! Because of the Civic Assembly Elections next year, the local politicians have woken up to support and protest against the plight of the farmers’ community for a better MSP for their produce. If I may remind you all about the last year 2010 – none of the politicians from any parties came forward to support the farmers... the simple fact being, there was no election to be fought, while the government had fixed the MSP of Cotton @ Rs. 3000/- per quintal. Nature surely helped Indian farmers. It was a well-known fact that because of floods in he neighbouring countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan... the cash crop was washed out completely, thereby creating shortage in the international market. While the government procurement centres remained empty... the opportunistic traders’ lobby were quick to make money by offering a good price ranging from Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 7600/- per quintal for cotton to farmers. The farmers and the traders’ lobby were both happy to complement each other and benefit from the situation. The farmers of Vidarbha and Gujarat surely reaped a good price courtesy nature’s fury in neighbouring countries.

This year, 2011, the good rainfall surely has seen a very good yield of cotton, soyabean and paddy... as we all know, whenever the agriculture produce is in plenty, the traders’ lobby along with international market and respective politicians intelligently manipulates the prices in the open market... during such times, the government governed MSP come to save the farmers... but how will a farmer survive if the MSP itself is less than their initial investment? So, more than the rescue act of the government, the government actually are exploiting the poor illiterate farmers of the nation by fixing MSP in such a fashion that in any case, the government and the traders’ lobby will benefit to exploit the farmers to further push them into the debt’s vicious circle. The farmers’ dreams are all shattered after harvesting even good yield with all their hard work and sacrifice.

Yes, there is no one who is willing to help this farmers in real sense. In February 2010, I had started the series – WHAT THE FARMERS NEED? – in which I had discussed several points / needs that should be made mandatory for the farmers’ community, so that their selfless hard work can feed the nation and continue farming. Because if the farmers are benefitted like any other businessmen / houses, the nation and the citizen of the nation will benefit... otherwise the day is not too far (like the situation in France & Japan), when the farmers’ community will extinct like various animal species in the wild are vanishing from the earth. In Japan, farmers are leaving farming to migrate to cities to do menial jobs just to feed their families... because the escalating input prices of various essentials to grow a crop doesn’t even equals to the output. So, it doesn’t make any sense to be a farmer any more! In France, the farmers’ community are towards extinction because of faulty government policies. A small country like Indonesia too, is facing the heat of faulty government policies... all over the world, be it farmers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Pakistan, Brazil... you name it... the problems of the farmers’ community are IDENTICAL as the Vidarbha Region of Maharastra!

Indian farmers, unlike the farmers of the world, are a resilience lot... who are selflessly working hard zealously to feed the 1.22 Billion population against all odds!

I request from the bottom of my heart to everyone along with the concerned authorities in the State and Central Government to help the farmers by giving their respective dues for their hard work before we as the nation arrive to the same situation like many developed nations are facing today... I also request all the local politicians of Vidarbha to support the farmers’ community in true sense rather than just for their momentary gains, whether it is election time or not...

15th February 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


MSP: Minimum Support Price is the price the Central Government fixes for all the Agriculture Produce in India, suppose to benefit the farmers’ community BUT...

MSP has turned out to be Murderous Systematic Plan by the Government!

I had written about the MSP as one of the major requirements or needs of the farmers in February 2011, please read in detail under the series “WHAT THE FARMERS NEED”

Petrol and petroleum products have seen 13 times Price Hike since the last 13 months and when the PM is pushed by allies, he states – “The Government has no say in Private Sectors.” But when it comes to Agriculture Produce, the government keeps a check on the farmers’ community to increase their woes and miseries further more by fixing a low MSP, which is not even equivalent to their initial investment, forget about their selfless hard work all through the year in hot sun, high temperatures and heavy rains.

Every manufacturer and producer, be it a drug manufacturing company or a builder, soap making companies or an advertising agency, media or else any one who is a businessman are allowed to fix a “Particular Price” for their finished or raw products EXCEPT my dear citizen of the world, THE FARMERS!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? Just because they are the poor lot? The world all over, the respective government of each country have been exploiting the farmers’ community along with the rich traders lobby of the market to control the price of agriculture produce.

Thanks to the Civic Assembly Polls early next year 2012 (in February), every opposition party including few Congress leaders too, have voiced their concern to increase the MSP of Cotton, Soyabean, Paddy and other crops as well (only recently when the Marathawada Farmers protested for the increase in Sugarcane MSP, the Agriculture Minister & the CM increased the MSP – for the simple reason... all the Sugar Mills & Liquor Distilleries are owned by Kith & Kins of Political Leaders)... Protest and Agitation on the roads have become the order of the day in various districts of Vidarbha. I am glad that at least this year, the political leaders have woken up (even if it is for their vote bank in polls), it is certainly a welcome sign! The series – WHAT THE FARMERS NEED – certainly tries to show how the farmers can be helped and supported to increase their output if the government and political leaders join hands... mere promises will never solve the crisis in Vidarbha or else any nation...

All along, the hard work of selfless farmers’ community, to feed the nation and allow everyone except his own family to benefit – are being exploited, controlled and looted while pushing them towards the edge, whereby their only choices remain is to succumb to end their lives or else migrate to cities leaving their traditional ancient profession. Instead of helping the farmers’ community, the government has been sucking even the last drop of blood from the poor farmers...

Their fertile lands are being grabbed at an alarming pace in the name of economic growth!
The water for irrigation are being diverted to heavy industries and thermal power projects to illuminate the cities while the villagers live in darkness since time immemorial!

Their seeds also have been snatched away from them by selling the patent rights to big greedy MNCs like Monasato, GM etc...!

Their Cattle Bank have been snatched away from them by showing a false dream of modernisation of agriculture, thereby making the hardworking farmers to depend more on machines to make them lazy as compared to earlier times!

Come Sowing Season, the government along with traders’ lobby create artificial shortage of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers to escalate prices to loot the farmers, thereby increasing their initial investment and those who cannot afford with whatever they have, have no option but to get into the debt trap!

Their electricity connections (those who have, majority have not seen electricity in their lives) are cut exactly at the particular time when they need to irrigate their lands... yes, unlike the rich industrialists, the farmers’ community don’t get a special low tariff! Yes, none of the politicians have ever bothered about this aspect!

AND, fighting against all odds with nature’s mood – either there is heavy rainfall, no rainfall or scanty rainfall, along with all the factors mentioned above (there are many more but I have mentioned only the major ones) – when the farmers harvest a bumper yield – the BIG BLOW comes like a TIGHT SLAP on their FACES with low MSP while the traders’ lobby will dictate the terms and condition to exploit the poor to crush to their dreams for their families!

So tell me citizen of the world... how will a poor farmer survive the onslaught of the greedy corrupt system of government’s faulty policies and manipulations of the traders’ lobby?

Vidarbha is burning this year 2011 not because the MSP for Cotton, Soyabean or Paddy is low... Vidarbha is burning because there is Civic Assembly Polls next year 2012 and every political parties have come on roads to encash their vote bank! I am happy for the farmers because even though the political parties are protesting in support of higher MSP, at least the poor farmers will benefit to get a higher MSP for their produce...

... to be continued...


I have known Television and cinema actress Shraddha Nigam since 2001 since her KRISHNA ARJUN days... a very sweet beautiful noble individual with who I struck a chord right in our first meeting while I was working with SCREEN. Needless to say, the interview went well and since then we have been friends, keeping in regular touch over phone and meetings in parties and at home. A little later, I also covered her beautiful home for SOCIETY INTERIORS and the whole family loved the coverage.

I do feel blessed for Shraddha's loving parents with whom I do share a beautiful rapport. And her mother's tea is simply awesome... I often do land up at their place and aunty is always too happy to serve me her awesome tea! I must confess I feel truly  blessed because I have been treated very well with all my celebrity friends from the industry then and even now at their homes. Shraddha Nigam has been very supportive and encouraging when she came to know about my movement in Vidarbha. She is always there to lend me moral support and always asks me as to what she can do to support the movement. She is someone with who I can talk about anything and our friendship blossomed over the last one decade. I still do feel as if I met her just yesterday for the interview.

I requested her to request her father to send me some medicines for the villagers. She was very excited to be of help for this noble cause! Almost immediately, she called me back to inform me and said dad is too happy to help me... in her words, “daddy says that he would do anything for Johnny.” This was the sweetest thing one can hear of the strong support from someone who cares for the poor. She then asked me to send the list of medicines to her father and also call him. Father Dr. Nigam and daughter Shraddha came in as a blessing as they were very happy to do a little bit (according to them). He asked me to send the list and said he will let me know soon.

A few days later, I requested Shraddha if she will be kind enough to send me the medicines in my Wardha address. “Of course! This is the least I can do!” So promptly, all the medicines were packed and dispatched to me. I called both of them after I received the parcel. Dr. Nigam said, “Johnny just let me know what are the regular medicines that are handy in the villages, so that I can send them regularly to you and as and when you require.” I thanked father and daughter from the bottom of my heart and will always be grateful for their kind support and help.

Angels are visibly invisible... this journey of destiny surely has made me meet so many beautiful angels from all over the world with their invaluable contributions, help and support. Dr. Nigam and her beautiful daughter Shraddha Nigam are also beautiful angels who have been always there for me... and yes, not forgetting aunty whose wonderful tea rejuvenates and our interaction on various spiritual journeys to have taught me so many good things of life. Grateful and thankful to the whole Nigam family for their beautiful support from the bottom of my heart. Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!!!