Friday, August 15, 2014


Fed up with the "Corrupt Governance and Arrogance of Congress Ruling", the POOR Indians had very high hopes from you Mr. Prime Minister. When you choked during your speech for the first time as the PM, the country felt, we have got the perfect man to serve the POOR - after all you know very well, what being POOR is!
BULLET TRAINS: Seriously, this is the most callous approach to serve the POOR Indians. Will the poor travel in these 60,000 crores' bullet trains? What the poor needs to travel from one destination to another is more "General Coaches", so that they don't miss their trains. At present only two general coaches are available in majority of the trains run by the Indian Railways. You must visit busy train stations of India, to see how the poor with their belongings running from one end to another to somehow get into those over-crowded general coaches or miss their trains to wait another few hours...
Only if you understand what the poor needs... YES, we need more General Coaches, so that more of us can travel and not miss our trains. How I wish that the poor Indians don't travel like this:
Mr. Prime Minister, India and Indians surely don't need Bullet Trains but more coaches for the poor to travel and not travel like the above picture depicts. 

You talk about taking India towards being a "Developed Nation"... so please provide the poor with basic small necessities like having Government Officials helping the poor and not blackmail them with bribe. Imagine, in your own ruling state of Gujarat as the CM, Premji Bhai Patel of Upleta had to forego his still pending three and a half crores (invested from his own pocket in building underground water tanks for villagers with state government's partnership)... the man, who is the only Indian to have been awarded twice by the President of India Abdul Kalam (for Rain Water Harvesting & Planting more than 1 crore trees in Rajkot Region). When I met this amazing man, he was sad how the State Government treated him and the BABU, who wanted 30% commission to release his cheque of the due amount. The old man refused to pay the bribe and the BABU never gave him his due amount. All this happened under your very ruling as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Instead of helping such a great selfless man... Well, what can I say! You should tell the nation how Indians are being treated.

There is more Mr. PM: 
For 7 long years, the poor tribal villagers of Gujarat had requested your government (as the CM) to build a bridge so that their children could go to school without their existing state of swimming every morning and evening to and fro from home. The Poor wants a small bridge not the BULLET TRAINS.
The real development of the Nation (by simple Common Sense) is when no poor tribal villagers have to dig their wells with bare hands and simple tools, like the above villagers of Melghat do, even in this so-called Modern India of the 21st Century. Is this how INDIA is going to become the SUPER POWER in the WORLD?
As we celebrated the 68th year of Independence Day, Mr. Prime Minister, let me tell you that the above tribal villagers and poor children of Melghat Region have never seen ELECTRICITY in their entire life. The real development would be to provide electricity to the poor in remote villagers. These poor villagers don't need BULLET TRAINS Mr. Prime Minister.

I am sure you are aware of Mr. Prime Minister, how villagers - women and children - have to walk miles to fetch drinking water for their families to survive, while the 'Business of Bottled Water' is flourishing at will. Whether in hot Sun or during monsoon, the women and children braves all odds to fetch water.  While the CORPORATIONS like COCA COLA, PEPSI etc are making BILLIONS selling DRINKING WATER, these POOR VILLAGERS have to walk miles to fetch their drinking water Mr. Prime Minister. WHY must the POOR pay the price of SUFFERING?
These children in hot Sun with temperatures ranging from 42 to 46 °C have to walk for 1.5 kms to fetch drinking water... THEY certainly don't need BULLET TRAINS Mr. Prime Minister... or in that matter, woman (below) like her, who has to walk 3 to 5 kms daily to fetch water, needs no BULLET TRAINS. So when you say, you are going to work for the POOR, please tell the nation Mr. Prime Minister as to how the 60,000 Crores' BULLET TRAIN Project will help these POOR Villagers? Will the Bullet Trains fetch water for these children and women? Will the Bullet Trains dig wells for the tribal villagers of Melghat or other backward areas? Will the Bullet Trains take the Children across the river to their schools? Will the Bullet Trains provide electricity to all those remote villages, who have never seen electricity since time immemorial?
The Real Development of India would be when such a scene from the Food Corporation of India - FCI's Godowns is never ever seen in future:
68,000 Crores worth of food grains in FCI Open Godowns are allowed-on-purpose to rot in the open during Monsoon (so that the Liquor Distilleries can buy the ready-made raw materials at 60 paise a kg - mainly owned by the kith & kins of every political parties) every year Mr. PM. India needs godowns to store the precious food grains safely and you may learn simple technique from poor tribal villagers of Melghat. Yes, they may be uneducated and poor, but they are more brilliant and intelligent (than all the planning departments' babus with high qualifications sitting in a/c offices in Delhi) to build custom designed Silos to safeguard their yearly food grains from rotting and rodents:

We Indians certainly don't need BULLET TRAINS Mr. PM but we need SILOS in FCI Godowns to safeguard our poor farmers'  hard work to grow excess food grains, vegetables, fruits. The day, India is able to safe all the food grains from rotting in open under Government's Misgovernance & corrupt planning, that day, we will be able to say, India now needs Bullet Trains, not until then. Because the poor are dying with high prices of essential food grains, vegetables...
This is the condition and plight of Village Schools Mr. Prime Minister in various villages all across India. The poor village children want a better school premises and buildings... and certainly not the BULLET TRAINS. 
The Poor farmers of India need water in irrigation canals Mr. PM and not Irrigation Scams worth billions of dollars... these canals have taken 28 years to build (still incomplete and without water for irrigation). The poor farmers don't need BULLET TRAINS but CANALS that will irrigate their farms when the crops need water.
Mr. Prime Minister, such poor children, old men and women certainly don't need BULLET TRAINS but a proper support from the government for doing the great job of cleaning the earth from all the filth and waste (we educated people do senselessly). In my opinions, they are the REAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS, who maintain the Earth for a meagre sum to survive in life. You have worked as a tea boy Mr. PM, so you very well understand the pain and humiliation every poor has to go through in every day life. 

The REAL DEVELOPMENT of INDIA is not in having BULLET TRAINS but, providing the POOR with BASIC NECESSITIES Mr. Prime Minister.
Will you really work for the POOR Mr. PM or your First Speech in the Parliament was the BIG LIE to deceive all the poor Indians, who voted you to POWER?

INDIA will be developed, only when such SCENES are ERADICATED with your ACTIVE ACTIONS and not SPEECHES.

What the MEDIA and the POLITICAL LEADERS are portraying pictures of INDIA are totally FALSE and full of LIES because these pictures tell the tale of the REAL GROUNDS!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


If you have not started growing Vegetables in your backyard / terrace or balcony... Start today...

It gives an ultimate bliss while you enjoy pure Organic Vegetables of your choice... Most of the seeds were never bought actually... rotten tomatoes provided the seeds; ripen bitter gourd provided the seeds; after you eat papaya, they provide you seeds; so does pumpkins & all others...