Friday, April 30, 2010


Yes, I am really sorry folks but my life has been taken by the affected farmers’ families, for whom I am living now. While I wish to thank every single individual who have taken out their precious time to join the cause and write some very encouraging words… I wish to apologise to all those, who wish, as to why I am wasting my life for the suicide farmers’ families!
In my last post I had written how perplexed I was at the turn of the events in my life, I wonder as to why few urbanites don’t even think for once how important ‘the farmers’ are in our lives. They don’t even hesitate for even one bit, showing no remorse or emotions at all, to say without knowing the facts, of how fast the nation is losing our farmers (@ an average of 46 farmers’ suicide daily since the last 12 years), to tell me that I am wasting my life for a cause that really doesn’t need attention, care or support because government is giving them a lot of privileges and packages (only on papers though). Yes, the farmers have been and are being exploited by one and all, to such an extent that they are pushed towards suicide by the whole nation and globalization effects.
Globalization has its pros and cons in our modern world but the age-old farming technique were revolutionized by the Western technique to increase the greed to get more yields while killing the fertility of the rich soil. Seeds were and are being genetically engineered so that the yields will be more than earlier. Poisonous pesticides and fertilizers were introduced so that the genetically produce crops can be made safe from the pests and insects’ attacks. However, these poisonous pesticides and fertilizers have not only affected the farmers who are exposed to them for behaviourial changes but also it became their easy source to commit suicide.
A farmer selflessly toils hard in the hot sun and heavy rains to grow food for the nation, even in many cases, they let their families go hungry and in Bundelkhand villages, the farmers have last year sold their wives so that their children can eat meals to survive. The government has since the last 63 years not even provided the basic infrastructure of irrigation to the farmers of the nation and some urbanites have the audacity to say – farmers don’t really need any support… Imagine out of 87 major irrigation projects in India, only 15 projects have been successfully completed so far. So that means it will take another 315 years (15 projects in 63 years) before all these 87 projects will be successfully completed. WOW! Isn’t it incredible INDIA? I wish to ask these few urbanites ARE WE REALLY LIVING IN A CIVILIZED GLOBAL WORLD? What will happen when there will be no farmers left in the nation? How will they feed their children and families? Will they eat dollars, euros and rupees and coins to satisfy their hunger to lead a healthy life?

This irrigation canal near River Wardha
is still incomplete even after 23 years

Irrigation projects which were surveyed in 1962 were given okay in 1987 in Vidarbha Region. Just to sanction and start the projects, the government take 25 long years and even in 2010 (23 years later)… the canals and the incomplete projects are still being dug in a slow process… do these urbanites really know how the farmers of the nation had to protect irrigation water with guns so that nearby villagers may not steal them? Honestly, I get very upset when senseless people tell me that I am wasting my life for no reasons at all… while they seem to care about my life yet they are thankless to the farmers who feed them and their families…

I just wish to tell one and all, please-please wake up from your sleep and as a human being have some senstivity when you discuss farmers’ suicide in the nation. If you don’t have any emotions left within you because of the greed for the money, atleast please don’t tell people like me that we are wasting for our lives for the cause. The farmers need our strong support just like we need their invaluable support to lead a healthy life. Since the last 63 years we have not shown any support to them, now is the time, before it gets too late, to not only show them our strong support and concern but also save them from committing suicide in near future.

Lastly, I wish to thank all those people who have contributed generously in cash or kinds, encouraging words, spreading awareness and supporting the cause!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am perplexed at the turn of events in my life ever since the movement was started on the 18th of March 2010. From where strangers are entering into my life to become a solid support system for the cause… truly amazing phenomenon of the almighty or just the nature! I have always believed that everyone comes into this world with a pre-destined destiny and karma. Because that is how my life has shaped up ever since my childhood… first I wanted to become an army officer, then as I grew up… it changed and aspiration to become a doctor grew stronger… well, none of the two most ambitious dream really worked out for me.

I used to make paper envelops (used in ration shops earlier) and sell to make a little pocket money; worked as a receptionist in a hotel after my 12th grade; worked in an electical shop as counter salesman; managed successfully my friends’ road-side dabba (from managing to cooking to serving to even washing dishes – labour problems hehehehe ); sold micro-chips to well-known research engineers and innovators working on 2GC Project (the mobile we are using now); sold readymade garments; worked as a Production Manager in a jeans manufacturing company; used to run Tarkari, the first-of-its-kind Vegetable Supermarket in Hyderabad with my rakhi sister; worked as a Project Manager for an upcoming multi-cuisine restaurant; worked as an Interior Designer with a Landscape Architect; became a copywriter in the ad world; took up tuition; became journalist by default (writing about human achievers) and sucked in by Bollywood as film journalist, scriptwriter, lyricist and screenplay writer; I even handled couple of well-known stars' PR work; changed tracks to become Editor of an Interior magazine to finally turn into serious blogger… oh yes, currently working with an upcoming NGO as their Advisor, Consultant and Writer!

I know, it has been quite a riot in my life… but trust me every single field gave me immense knowledge about people’s behaviour and beautiful lessons to learn. And look where I have reached finally to find bliss by serving the affected farmers’ families… in hot temperatures of Vidarbha ranging from 44 to 47 degrees centigrade, I am oblivious of heat and high temperatures. Many may not believe me but now I really don’t feel the heat and hot sun any more… it is truly an amazing turn of events!

On Sunday, I was with Jaya Bhattacharya in Nitin Deasi’s Karjat Studio (she was shooting for Jhansi ki Rani serial on Zee) discussing various things about Vidarbha farmers and plan of future action. Suddenly one of the extras came to me and asked about my T Shirt’s message. When I told about the movement, he revealed that he is a farmer from Akola and working here so he can earn enough money to buy the costly seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. This was the least place where I could think of meeting a hard working farmer, who will discuss about his village’s plight and his own condition in spite of having 10 acre land. We discussed various things and I promised him that I will be visiting his village during the monsoon. He was happy and invited me to stay at his home during my visit and assured me that he would teach even other farmers from his village to build bhaand (high boundary mud walls all around the farmland) this season so that water table in the region can be increased. We exchanged numbers. A little later, Jaya and I wondered from where God sends his contacts and where… really no one can say that and we smiled at each other to bid goodbye!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


She has the most infectious smile in her family. And she connected almost instantaneously with me, no sooner I was welcomed at her house. Manali is the grandchild of deceased Shri. Namdeo Bablaji Jhade, a 65-year-old farmer who committed suicide on the 1st of March 2010. Unlike the rest of the bunch, Manali was very inquisitive about my visit and kept smiling at me, sometimes with a look of wonder and at times just happy to converse with me in mono-syllable.

Manali is a standard sixth student and loves going to school. Even though we interacted very little but she seemed to say a lot of things to me through her bright eyes and smile. She was quick to bring a glass of water for me, which showed how thoughful and caring nature she has. In many ways, while I was a little emotionally uncomfortable trying to know the reasons behind her grandfather’s suicide… Manali seemed oblivious of the void in her life. Well, what can one expects from a child of 11 years, who doesn’t even know why her grandfather was snatched away by God so early…

Ms. Manali – The Future Teacher of Indian Nation

Farmers commit suicide for various reasons but the reason to end one’s life is really hard to fathom, be it anyone in that matter – rich or poor. Human life is precious indeed, the beautiful gift that God has given to all of us and yes, ‘shareer nasvar hai’ (body is perishable) but then taking one’s own life is not a joke. Honestly, I don’t agree with the world that those who commit suicide are cowards. Here, I would like to tell all those people to try to cut just one finger of yours to show how brave or coward one is… one will get the results immediately! Anyways, the debate will go on and on…

While I was leaving, all the children assembled to see me off and were smiling all the while. I was putting on my shoes when I asked Manali, what she wanted to be when she grows up? Instantanesouly came her confident reply, “I want to become a teacher! I want to teach children so they can help their parents.” I was overwhelmned with emotions and saluted her for her determination and confidence. I said, “Shabaas beta… mann laga kar padai karna.” (Bravo girl, study with all devotion) – She smiled and nodded her head. Yes, I want to see Manali fulfill her goal in near future. I will defintely support her once she completes her Xth (tenth) grade. I will keep a tab on her progress and one more teacher our Indian nation is sure of, in coming future. Manali, I will be always there for you and so will all the people who are supporing the cause! Keep your confidence high and study well… the world is with you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

GREAT EXPECTATIONS (23rd Apr 2010, 1130 Hrs)

On 20th April, I visited the village Vaigaon, 18 kms away from Wardha. Great expectations indeed, whenever a new stranger enters the village. Especially for the families who have lost someone to the dreaded disease called ‘Farmers’ Suicide’! I got details of three recent suicide cases from the gram panchayat office.

This surely was the testing time for me. Not knowing exactly how I will be able to start the conversation with the affected families, with a strong will, I made my entry in the first house, then the second and followed the third one. Every single case was different from the other and every facts were revealing in many aspects. Deceased Namdeo Bablaji Jhade, a 65-year-old farmer committed suicide on the 1st of March 2010, leaving behind his wife, three married sons and a married daughter Madhuri (Vinod – 37 yrs, Pramod – 35 yrs and Vilas – 32 yrs) behind with as many as 6 grand children.

Children are oblivious of the tragedy and
they kept smiling looking at me

Reason of suicide was stated by Pramod as debt and distress and his father consumed poisonous pesticides to end his life. Pramod revealed that as much as Rs. 50,000 /- of bank loan and more than Rs. 1 lakh of moneylenders’ loan are to be paid. The joint family have 7.5 acres of farm land. To meet the demands of the family, the younger brother continues farming like his father while the other two work as every day labours to earn sufficient money to run the family of 13 members. They have in total four cattle for milk and ploughing the farm land. The amounting pressure of bank and moneylenders to return the loan amount led Namdeo to find the easiest route – SUICIDE!

Sad but true, unlike the soldiers of the nation who serve various defence forces, the poor farmers never get any pension from the government of India for his life-long services to grow food for the nation selflessly. I wonder what is the fault of the farmers’ community and why the government overlook such an important facets to compensate the hard working farmers of the nation. Inspite of facing various natural calamities, the farmers have to fight against all odds to keep growing food for the nation. And what does the nation gives them – SUICIDE!

Their losses are hard to compensate by the nation in whatever ways, even if one tries to do so… all they need is security of a decent living by the government and is this too much to ask for? If Swantantra Senani, Police, Armed Forces, Political Leaders and all Government Employees are entitled for pension by the government, WHY HAS THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT EXCLUDED THE FARMERS FROM THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA? Hope the nation wakes up to support the farmers of the nation by giving them a proper due by granting them pension for their selfless services as, unlike others who have a retirement age, the farmers continue farming till he is physically capable irrespective of his age… Please Mr. Prime Minister… if you have introduced the RIGHT TO EDUCATION, then why can’t you introduce PENSION FOR THE FARMERS???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VAIGAON VISIT (21st Apr 2010, 1310 Hrs)

Yesterday visited Vaigaon, a village 18 kms away from Wardha. The high temperature, hot sun and gusty hot wind made everyone, except those who had no option but to venture out, stay indoors. I was nicely welcomed in the gram panchayat office by a group of members and the Medical Officer Dr. Khureshi of Mandi Health Unit. Every single member had a different story to share with me and plenty of questions about why the nation’s government is not at all bothered to take good care of farmers of the nation.

We had an hour long discussion about various issues and how I wished I could unite each one of them towards a better future. Rangarao Mahadev Rao Dudurkar has been in the gram panchayat for more than 40 years and said he had seen how the villagers get divided by various political parties and no one really wants to stand united. Vaigaon has an estimated population of near about 10,000 and the village Sarpanch (Head) is a lady, popularly known as Asha Tai. Her husband Bapurao Moreshwar Warwatkar is a farmer and has just joined the panchayat last year only. He said that no one is willing to stand together because they get swayed by dangling carrots during each election by leaders. His insight that government has to think hard to solve the miseries of the poor farmers rather than just giving false promises to them, made me understand how villagers get divided to let the leaders rule them. Dharmdas Mahadevrao Waghmare (member since last 6 years), Manoj Bakshiji Telang has been serving the panchayat since the last 15 years and they both also talked about various issues.

All of them treated me well with drinking water and a hot cup of tea. They were very happy to hear about my plans and said they would lend their hands if need be to move ahead. Dr. Khureshi, the M.O joined in our conversation and said to all of them in Marathi, “You all are talking but does this man understand what you are talking?” I just smiled, tapped him and said, “Saheb mala marathi mayethe (I know Marathi).” Much to his surprise and almost immediately he had to compose himself and started conversing with me in English, even though I was talking to him in Hindi. I was requested by them to write few words in their visitor’s book and when I wrote in Hindi, they were impressed by the remarks

Even God has given up hope to help the farmers of the nation. 
The missing God in the village

They gave me few names of the families that have recently lost family members to suicide and even directed me towards their homes. What followed later was disturbing as well as sad and interacting with such families is really hard to fathom as after spending hours with them, I was emotionally drained out. More about them in my subsequent posts…

Monday, April 19, 2010

YEVATMAL VISIT (19th Apr 2010, 2315 Hrs)

A farmer with his cows in Yevatmal

Me and the ploughed field in Yevatmal

Yevatmal welcoming me with open arms...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN HEART (18th Apr 2010, 1830 Hrs)

One full month completes this day ever since I started my journey. I do feel blessed because of all the strong support I have got from one and all, friends and fellow Indians and strangers who have become friends now. In one month having raised Rs. 15,776.50 paise and setting up my base in Wardha, Vidarbha Region… truly it is an amazing feeling!

One man, I would like to introduce to one and all, was a complete stranger because he silently followed the exclusive blog from the early stage, is Swapnil Barai from Wardha. This young 24 year-old amazing Indian has the golden heart that is seldom seen or heard of in many sense. I had called after getting his number from his blog and in our first conversation we clicked. It has happened very rarely with me because to be honest, I don’t mix so easily with people I meet. But even though we were just exchanging our views and vision over phone, we felt connected. So when I made my journey to Vidarbha, Swapnil became my main contact as he had assured me with all his help.

Unlike other youngstesr, Swapnil from an early age wanted to do something for the farmers. And when he joined TISS for his graduation in Turjhapur, his determination and undying passion worked wonders for him and many farmers. HE has worked as a Regional Manager with an NGO and considering his young age, he is an excellent master to analyse various subjects and issues with statistics in his finger tips. Both of these traits make it a truly deadly combination! His great writing skill is gifted and his will to help anyone who is heading to work for the benefits of the farmers, words cannot describe it.

I was a totally stranger but what a warm welcome I got when I landed at his home in Wardha. The whole family seems to love me at the very first instant, something I have really never experienced before in my life. Truly amazing parents, the love and bonding with his younger brother Sagar and his bunch of friends… well, wish everyone can experience such warm hospitality in one’s life. Truly, truly out-of-this-world! His well-spread connection showed what can be achieved in just one single call. In mere five minutes’ time, a room was arranged for me and my base was set almost instantaneously.

Swapnil is a great and passionate talker and his company is truly inspiring in many ways. I don’t think without Swapnil’s kind support and selfless help, such a fast settlement was possible for me. What surprised me the most was that he had spread the word about the movement with all the good people in his circle. And so when I called Gijs Spoor, the person from Holland who started ZAMEEN (an NGO) he knew everything about me. We shared and discussed various possibilities how we could join hands to help the farmers’ families in the region. Truly amazing experiences and have learned a great deal from this young man with the golden heart in mere three days.

Yes, we have a long way to go but now I am more confident than ever with Swapnil’s help and support, the task ahead is going to be well executed to bring solace to the poor farmers in the region. I had never expected that in one month’s time, I would come this far…

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Vidarbha region is famous for its black soil that is considered highly fertile for cotton, groundnuts, sugarcane and soyabean. While I was traveling in the ST bus wherever my eyes went, I could see huge buildings of various academic institutions, various factories and few small ones in the midst of the farmlands. Yes, Wardha is one of the major educational hubs in this region…with the highest literacy rate in the region and perhaps even in the state of Maharastra.

In some farms, cotton was still being plucked by labours, in some groundnuts’ green plants were such a delight to my eyes, but in major parts… the farmlands seem to be waiting for the rain god to shower them well with his blessings this year, so every farmer can rejoice with good crop. Yes, deep in my heart… I prayed that this year rain god should bestow good rainfall in this particular region. Every khet (farm) was telling me a tale of their own in their own ways… I know you may think I am crazy writing about all my experiences and feelings that are undergoing in my heart. Surprisingly, I have never felt like this before even though I have traveled many a times in rural India.

Development at the cost of converting farmlands into concrete educational institutes and factories… what will happen when all the already depleted farmlands will be concretized? But obvious, there will be no land to cultivate crops and then my fellow Indians what will happen? I will not blame the farmers for selling their lands to survive in this cut-throat competitive world… where in each one is trying to kill each other in various means. How I wish, Darwin had coined – “Survival only when united” instead of “Survival of the fittest” theory… the world surely would have been different and much more wonderful a place for all of us… don’t you think so?

There will be many more observations coming your way throughout my traveling in various villages and interaction with real people of rural India… how a common man thinks about rural India and what are the changes he want to see in near future… well, I will tell you as I see from my eyes…

Friday, April 16, 2010


The train journey was just fine and at 7.30 am reached Nagpur. I had to charge the mobile battery, so headed towards the waiting room. It was full and every point taken by fellow passengers. After a while my turn came and much to the displeasure of two Punjabi gentlemen… who had captured five seats (2 place in the three-seater sofa and three single sofas… when I tried to sit, one said… it is occupied showing to me his friend. Then I headed for the single sofa in front of him, he said even that is occupied… so I asked him where is he? He said… he is in bathroom. I sat and told him, when he will come, I will get up.

Yes, he made faces and said nothing… While my mobile was getting charged, no one came to occupy the other two vacant sofas… funny because after half an hour, these two gentlemen left and I was wondering why they were holding five places when they were only two people. This is urban India folks.

Anyways, at around 9.30 am, I called Swapnil, my Wardha contact, who was waiting for me… so I left Nagpur by bus and reached at his place at around 11.15 am… it was so wonderful to meet him! Even though we were meeting for the very first time, there is an unusual bonding as if we have been friends for life. Swapnil has worked with farmers as a Regional Manager for an NGO and given me great insight about all the ground realities. You know what is the most astonishing thing that will be hard to believe for you all reading this? Even though the temperature is soaring at 44 or 45 degrees, I was not at all feeling uncomfortable or uneasy even one bit. Even this experience surprised me all through the day.

Meeting Swapnil’s younger brother Sagar, mom and dad and interesting set of friends (Vicki & Mangesh) is an amazing experience because of such loving warmth and lovely hospitality I got. This experience is really hard to get in any urban set up. We discussed at great length about various issues connected with farmers’ suicide and then we had lovely lunch… After lunch, I contacted Mr. Vijay Jawandia and spent some interesting time to get his insight about the problems existing in the Vidarbha region. It was indeed a very fruitful meeting and I got to learn many things from him.

Swapnil was astonished to see that all through the hot sun (in Wardha one can rarely see anyone out in hot blistering sun with hot wind blowing in the afternoon) walk… I didn’t complain even once regarding the summer heat. I really don’t know why it was like that… yes, when I am in Mumbai, I do complain about the heat but why not here… really surprising. I guess my karm bhoomi has joined hands with me in such a loving manner that I was engulfed in her arms with a cool loving blanket.

All day we discussed and finally it was decided that I needed a base to start my work. So immediately Swapnil was in action contacting his friends for a room. By 7 pm, a beautiful room has been arranged near his house only. So the first day in Vidarbha, my base is set… What more can I ask for… tomorrow is another day… such fast development couldn’t have been possible without Swapnil… I really don’t know how we came together but I know that we have come together for a reason and the reason is to somehow stop all the suicides in Vidarbha region.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

OFF TO VIDARBHA TODAY… (15th Apr 2010, 1030 Hrs)

I am all set to leave for my karm bhoomi in the evening. Yesterday evening, my long time best friend Madan Patil contributed 1000 valuable rupees from his side for the cause taking the total sum to 15,776.50 paise… this valuable amount will be used effectively for respective affected families. I wish I had more funds at my disposal but I am content to start with a small sum.

There are various people in Vidarbha region, who are waiting for me to arrive there to start the movement effectively with all their support. There are ten thousands thoughts running simultaneously in my mind and trust me the task ahead is not going to be an easy one. How does one console a family who has lost its breadwinner? I wonder and pray to Sai Baba to give me strength and always be with me so I can do my work effectively. However, one thing I know that come what may… I will be putting my heart and soul to lead the affected families and villages that I will be visiting, towards a new horizon.

Yes, I will be writing my every day experience from Vidarbha, so with all your valuable contributions and blessings… I am all set for the biggest task of my life…Just pray for me to lead the farmers towards a suicide-free life of decent living with honour and dignity… 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In the very first post I had mentioned about how my English Teacher Mr. KK Roy Choudhury of Central School Panagarh (West Bengal) had influenced my life to make me what I am today. His blessings were more than enough when I started this journey because he was the first person I shared with my decision to support the suicide farmers’ families. But today, I received his valuable contribution of Rs. 101/- by money order… the most precious contribution that this movement will ever have because of the sentimental and emotional value it holds to me.

Please, please don’t take it otherwise because every single rupee that comes in from every single individual is as precious as it can be to save the affected families. The reason I am writing this is because when a guru blesses his student with such strong support… honestly, I really don’t have words to describe my feelings today. My eyes were moistened and heart was overwhelmed with emotions because my guru is in his late 70s and a retired teacher. However, his voice is as sharp as it was during my school days. The only difference is earlier I used to be scared of him because of his strictness and today each time we speak over phone… I can feel his love overflowing. Such a bonding is really hard to explain in few words. I wish every student to get such a wonderful teacher in their lifetime!

He stands strongly behind me like a pillar blessing me to be always careful and do some good work in life. He still teaches young children English in his spare time and whenever any issue arises due to injustice, he has not failed to write ‘Letters to the Editor’ to various dailies expressing his discontentment and solutions to solve those issues. He often used to tell me, “Johnny you are fortunate that you became a journalist. You have certain duties towards your nation and society to fulfill. I can understand when you struggled initially in Bombay you were writing about celebrities and films. However, is this really fruitful in any which ways except that it is feeding and taking care of your monthly expenses?”

Yes, he was not pleased of his student’s profession (as a film journalist) because he didn’t teach me English to write about films. He is the man, even Oxford Dictionary and various well-known English grammar book writers have acknowledged for his impeccable knowledge of the foreign language. In school, we used to say – “Oxford can go wrong but Roy Choudhury sir can never be wrong when it comes to English grammar.” Such high standards he had set for himself because as a student his English teacher had admonished him in front of the whole class. So he vowed that he would excel in the language and yes, I am really proud to be Mr. KK Roy Choudhury’s most loving student.

Thank you so much sir…I salute you for everything you have done for me and with your kind loving blessings, I am sure my path to save the affected families will surely be a success!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is perhaps the greatest achievement of the biggest democratic country of the world ever since India achieved the status of Independent India in 1947. While millions of Indian are sleeping and dying because of hunger, lakhs and lakhs of metric tonnes of wheat and paddy are rotting in FCI godowns or should one say open-air-storage.

Can you believe that since the last 63 years, the nation’s government has not even bothered to build proper food grains’ godowns in the nation or else made any attempt to build in near future? Indeed, this is the greatest achievement any country can boast of and yes, India, my country stands FIRST in this callous and insensitive attitude by all the leaders of the nation – right from Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Morarjee Desai, Vajpayee or else Sonia Gandhi and the ever-sleeping Prime Minister of the nation Dr. Manmohan Singh.

According to FCI officials, they can store only 20 % of the total food grains produce in the nation. That means 80 % of the grains are kept in open and as a result they rot in open because of rain, moisture and dew… this year alone when the spiraling prices have made millions of poor to die in hunger, more than 70 metric lakh tonnes of wheat were rotten in the open air storage only in Punjab. There are various other FCI centres in cities like Lucknow, Yamunanagar, Khanna and Haryana… where in lakhs and lakhs of tonnes of wheat and paddy were not safely stored by the government’s organization FCI…

In spite of such huge stocks available in the nation, shortage of food grains was created by the Agriculture Minister and Congress led UPA government to benefit the black marketeers, as a result food grains prices are still in the all time high index! And then they talk about AUSTERITY! The total amount of food grains wastage is of such a huge quantity that according to various experts, the whole nation of 1.25 billions could have had two to three days of lovely meals three-times-a-day! So one can imagine the magnitude of how the government functions to help the rich to exploit the poor farmers, forcing them to commit suicide and quit farming… so the corporate companies can deposit billions of dollars in their Swiss Bank Account… oh, yes, India is the No.1 contributor in black money also helping the Swiss Bank to finance the global terrorism… as no one knows where all these billions and billions of dollars are invested by the Swiss Banks!

One last question: Will all the rich corporate bigwigs and corrupt leaders take these billions and billions of dollars they are accumulating, to heaven or hell to spread corruption there also?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The rich greedy corporate companies want the rich mineral belts in the interior regions where poor tribals have lived all their life. The selfish greedy government wants to please the corporate so that these companies will foot the crores during election time. The selfless poor tribals just want to survive in peace and live their lives in a safe haven without really bothering about the world around them. Each one of them, i.e., the CORPORATE, the GOVERNMENT and the poor TRIBALS – want simple things to benefit their own lives.


The government should ask the rich corporate companies to build homes with all proper amenities for all the poor tribals first, if they want the rich mineral belts. By doing so, there will be no exploitation and killing of these poor tribals.

The government should fill in one year ration in every poor tribal’s home. This support will develop confidence in the poor tribals.

All the tribals or poor villagers, who have become naxals, should be immediately taken in army as soldiers of the nation, thereby, giving the tribals and poor a regular means of employment and income.

These naxals are expert in jungle warfare and they can be used effectively in the Kashmir region to fight Pakistani insurgency. Since the government is making them important by giving them a new life, they will become proud soldiers of the nation who will stop all the insurgency with pure passion and dedication towards nation’s sovereignty. This way, all our borders will be well-guarded by this fierceful force.

The corporate can mine their rich belts to benefit nation’s economy and satiate their greed and hunger for crores.

The government and the corporate should take care of irrigation infrastructure in all the villages that will make every farmer to cultivate food crops all through the year and not commit suicide because of drought or flood. With proper irrigation infrastructure, not even a single farmer will quit farming or else commit suicide.

Government should insist all farmers to start Organic Farming so that the nation becomes healthy and the soil’s fertility for multiple crops can become a boon for the farmers.

All the poisonous pesticides and fertilizers along with GM Seeds manufactured by MNCs should be banned in our agriculture sector because they are the main sources of Genocide of a modern era.

Yes, these are simple steps towards a better future of our beautiful nation, provided ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS…

And yes, no corruption or hera-pheri otherwise the unrest will follow and more and more tribals, farmers and soldiers will be killed as it has been happening since our Independence.

Now, will someone in the government or opposition buy these simple solutions to see everyone happy in one nation??? I leave that on one and all…

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Filmmaker Suma Josson gave me Anand Mor’s number and when I met him yesterday, half of the mission’s job looks to be done by his strong support. Anand’s father, an expert in organic farming has been doing Organic Farming since decades, having realised the ill-effects of all the poisonous pesticides and fertilizers that were required for GM Crops.

The fruitful meeting lasted for more than two hours and when we shared our vision, we both realized that we both were looking for solutions to end farmers’ suicides in Vidarbha region. He gave me beautiful insight about the ground realities and assured me of all the help from his Ecofarms, a company that is dedicated and devoted to change the mindset of the poor farmers, who get influenced by the MNCs touts and marketing team to finally succumbed to end their lives.

Anand comes from a farmer’s background and has been actively involved in setting up systematic approach to help solve farmers’ plight by teaching them to adopt organic farming. His approach is simple and has benefited hundreds of farmer in the region in a slow and steady manner. Right from sowing to buying their produce to give them a better price… Ecofarms’ policies believe in achieving success rather than just preach. His strong support means, now we have a company that will take care of all the affected families so they can become self-reliant once again, save a little to lead a decent life with their head held high.

It is obvious the job in hand is not at all that easy as it seems but when you have a strong team of like-minded people with the same vision and intellectual approach, we are sure our hard work and devotion will not go waste and in our lifetime we are optimistic to see a day when Vidarbha will be known for it lovely organic cotton and food crops.

After I left his office, I felt blessed and thanked Suma for introducing such a wonderful person, who is working in a silent manner to achieve a possible solution that has been overlooked by one and all so far. My energy level, needless to say, is soaring with great optimism even though I know the road ahead is full of obstacles.

We both strongly believe in Swami Vivekanand’s approach – “I like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple. If you are going to be thinking any way, you might as well think big. Most people think small, because most people are afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning. You cannot win if you do not try!”

Yes, we both wish and want to win over Farmers’ Suicides in Vidarbha. The earlier, the better!


200,000 Farmers’ Suicide in last 12 years – 1997 to 2009 & Still Counting… (Vidarbha has seen 204 Farmers’ Suicide already in 2010 till date)

Less Farmers mean Less Food Crops, Less Food Crops mean High Prices. High Prices mean Many Indians will not be able to even eat two meals a day! We cannot allow our nation’s farmers to commit suicide, migrate to cities, sell their precious farmlands or else simply quit farming. This man-made catastrophe has to stop before it is too late all my fellow Indians.

Think when the farmers’ community will become EXTINCT… what will happen? Who will grow food for all of us? The near future that I see is, our children and grandchildren will have to kill each other to feed themselves…because there will no farmers left and hence no food crops to eat…

The suicide farmers’ families of the nation need your kind support and valuable contribution so they can once again become self-reliant and work hard to grow more food crops for all of us. I have dedicated my life by starting a one-man-crusade to support the Suicide Farmers’ Families of the nation and many creative and passionate individuals have joined in to stop this genocide created by the Multi-National Companies with the help of our Government

I am heading to Vidarbha on 15th April to support affected families. Without the support of every Indian, I will not be able to stop this Genocide… so please come forward to donate in whatever capacity you all can… even little contributions are welcomed because I know my beautiful nation has amazingly beautiful people, who cares for these farmers, who grow food for us selflessly, even though their own families live in hunger.

So please-please donate generously. The Suicide Farmers’ Families will be grateful to you for supporting them so they will once again stand on their feet once again… Your contribution is highly appreciated from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you my fellow Indians!

Yours truly,

Johnny D
support 4 suicide farmers families
11/38, B.I.T.
St. Mary's Road
Tadwadi, Mazagaon
Mumbai: 400010
Phone: +91 98203 22549
Twitter: @johnnydbombay
Facebook Events: Support Suicide Farmers' Families

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sometimes it is a boon to be busy with various things in life and sometimes it is so hectic that you feel how time flies so quickly. I have been running around to complete various formalities that one is required to do in such a mission. I really didn’t have any time to even google to know more about Suma Josson. It was a boon in many ways. She had called me on Sunday evening and we agreed to meet on Monday evening at her place.

The beautiful meeting lasted for more than an hour and a half, where in I gained all the possible knowledge about Vidarbha farmers from the beautiful lady. She has spent years in Vidarbha while making her documentary film I WANT MY FATHER BACK, an insight that every Indian should watch to realise how the Western Countries are hell bent to kill (in fact, create GENOCIDE) all our farmers with their policies to implement forcefully their GM crops and poisonousness pesticides and chemical fertilizers with the help of our beautiful government.

We shared and discussed our vision to better the lives of farmers in India towards a better future. Not even once she mentioned about her great achievements in filmmaking and journalistic or poet-writer fields. It is only today, when I googled I came to know how lovely and great Suma is with her work to make well-documented documentaries and social relevant films in her career. She gave me important contacts and people who would be supportive about the movement to stop farmers’ suicide in Vidarbha region. Little did I know that one day I will be spending time with such a lovely lady with the heart of the gold… the experience and education that she imparted to me yesterday will live for many-many years within me to spread her vision for the betterment of farmers’ lives of our nation.  She also gave me two of her documentaries – I WANT MY FATHER BACK and BEFORE THE LAST TREE FALLS along with the Marathi version of the first one.

Her generous contribution and blessings indeed is a boon for me and her strong support has given me a new strength… The documentaries will soon be uploaded for everyone to see to know more about our government policies and the reality, once it is split in 7 part series of 10-minutes each. A little important information about Suma is given below:


Suma Josson was born in Kerala, graduated in English Literature from the College of St. Teresa, Minnesota, USA. She started her career in journalism but later switched to the visual medium. BOMBAY’S BLOOD YATRA on Bombay Riots won acclaim in the nation and abroad. She is one among the five women filmmakers commissioned to make a documentary TRADING IMAGES on the subject ‘Women Spaces’ in German International co-production.  She won three State Awards for her first feature film in Malayalam JANMADHINAM (1998) starring Nandita Das & Sureka Shikri, which was screened at various International Film Festivals including 1999 Berlin Film Festivals, followed by second feature film SAREE in 1999.

Her other documentaries are:

WASTE (on Gerd Rohling, a German Installation artists & rag picker)
ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE (on V P Singh, as a painter)

Suma is also a well-known poet and fiction writer and has published in various Indian and International magazines. The three books that she has written:

A HARVEST OF LIGHT (collection of plays)
CIRCUMFERENCES (a novel, Penguin)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

WHY A POOR INDIAN (FARMER) SUFFERS… (3rd Apr 2010, 1115 Hrs)

In one of the weekly magazines, I read the interview of Mr. Kaushik Basu, who is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance. The gentleman has had a 15-year-stint at Cornell University. He has been awarded a Padma Bhusan and is currently working closely with the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and the Prime Minister to achieve future growth for the nation.

In his interview he did not mince a single word to confess that the money which is meant for the poor never reaches them. And that government should get involved directly in three major areas, namely Food, Healthcare and Education to serve the poor towards a better future. However, our country has just the opposite policies in all the three mentioned areas. It is indeed true that the country cannot provide everything for everyone but an attempt has to be made. We are a 63- year-old democracy and the biggest democratic country in the world, so why we have not been able to achieve the basic necessities to provide succour to the poor Indians?

These problems surely need a serious thought by one and all, in fact, every single Indian. There are as many as 250 million plus (it is more than 60 % of the 1.2 billion plus population, in fact) poor people in India according to Mr. Basu and yet when it comes to budget allocation, the majority of poor have always been neglected by the nation since the last six plus decades. Mr. Basu believes that subsidies should not be given to the producer rather it should be given to the poor consumer directly to provide solace to their depriving state of living conditions. Yes, our government does just the opposite.

Simple solutions are made to look complicated and then there is no looking back to solve the basic problems. The government knows that farmers are committing suicides, yet there is no law and order situation to stop this crime in the rural belt. However, when there is even one suicide case in the city, everyone is there to highlight the plight of the urban situation shouting from the rooftop. Why there is so much INEQUALITY when every Indian has the RIGHT TO EQUALITY as one of the Fundamental Rights of being an Indian?

I only wish instead of pointing fingers at others, we start doing our bit… yes, it is about my DUTY towards my nation and I believe my RIGHTS will follow me automatically. This is one of the main reasons that I have dedicated my life to save few affected farmers’ families to make them self-reliant. Please don’t think what a single man can do… remember if every single man contributes, the collective efforts will do wonders for each one of us and the nation. So start from today… in whatever little ways you think you can contribute towards a better future for your children and grandchildren… I have thought about them… are you thinking?

Friday, April 2, 2010


A single step will be supported by so many feet in less than two weeks’ time…well, I had never expected when I started my journey to support the suicide farmers’ families on 18th of March. This day, with as many as 146 ‘confirmed guests’, 124 ‘maybe attending’ and 1531 ‘awaiting reply’ at 0626 am, are supporting the ‘Events – Support Suicide Farmers’ Families’ show there are hundreds of beautiful hearts that care for our poor farmers. This amazing support is truly encouraging in many ways.

The Events was started on 20th March and till 30th evening had just 27 ‘confirmed guests but the sudden spurt of people joining in from all over the world to show they care, has truly boosted my energy level to a new high! Thank you so very much one and all from the bottom of my heart for your strong support!

When I started the mission, my main aim was to enlighten the urban population about how deadly the future is going to be for all of us without the dedicated selfless service of our poor farmers… who toil hard in hot sun and have to face heavy rains so that we can eat good food in whichever part of the nation we live in, even when their own families live in hunger. It is amazing and shocking indeed that when I was walking the streets, as many as 85 to 92 per cent people I met, didn’t know India has lost 200,000 Farmers to suicide at the rate of 46 farmers per day, 1388 per month and 16,666 per year since the last 12 year-period from 1997 to 2009!

Sans politics, we are all united as one India and one World… the movement has shown to the world today, each one of us do care for the other person and wish well to support each one with whatever means one can contribute in whatever capacity. The journey is surely long till we all will achieve to see these affected families stand on their feet smiling to see a new dawn breaking with promises of a very happy future for them and all of us! Thank you once again all you beautiful people who are supporting the cause and movement, and a big ‘thank you’ to all the others, who have no time to support the cause and the movement.

Think Hard: What will happen when there will be no farmers left in the nation in the near future? Obviously, no food! What will your children and grand-children eat then? Please take a pause from your hectic lifestyle and just for a second think about the ‘future of your children’… believe me, each time I look into the future about such a situation, it scares me to death and I shudder to see humans eating humans to survive… yes, people of the world… we are surely heading towards a deadly future at a very fast pace!

Our farmers and their affected families need your strong support now so that future of your children and grand-children is full of happiness and abundant food! Please-please wake your humane side from your within before it is too late!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


An old poet-writer friend from UK revealed the most astonishing fact that is slowly and steadily gripping and crippling the Western Countries because of GM (Genetically Modified) crops… hence the shift towards Organic Farming has caught up with the Western World. Needless to say, while the West has realized the ill-effects of GM Crops, we in India are looking towards GM crops in order to increase the produce irrespective of how strong the ill-effects are going to cripple the already crippled nation. I wish to quote a portion of the mail she sent me:

“I was glad to tell you that Prince Charles over here has set up the organization I mentioned BHUMI VARDAAN FOUNDATION and people are sending money to this so that the Indian Farmers are helped. The British people are really very kind and give freely to charities. We are all so concerned about the fact that the Indian farmers were persuaded, against Prince Charles' warnings, to use GM crops, and now this has happened.

Here in our country, we are also in a very bad financial mess. We are having lots of our important services cut. People have been living longer and more and more people are developing dementia at an earlier and earlier age and their relatives have to cope without much help, and they are beside themselves because of it. We are wondering whether it is because there is something in our food or in our water that is affecting people in this way. I have a very dear, Christian friend, who is one of the nicest people you could meet. She is a mother of four grown up children, and also a grandmother, and her husband, in his fifties, a very nice and clever man, started to develop dementia. She and her husband and son were in a car one day. The husband was driving. Suddenly the car swerved off the motorway and plunged down an embankment turning over and over and over. People who saw it expected that nobody would have lived, but they had good seat belts on and they managed to be got out of the car alive. Her husband had gone to sleep for a second or so at the wheel. When medical tests were done, they found he had dementia. Now he is incapable of speaking and she has to do everything for him as if he is a baby, and he is only in his fifties. We are all terrified in this country that it will happen to us all.”

I do hope our farmers will be wise enough to not adopt blindly the GM crops to cripple all of us including our children for the sake of increasing the produce. I also wish all agriculture experts should open their eyes and especially their ‘conscience’ to guide nation’s farmers to do more of organic farming by using organic manure rather than poisonous chemical fertilizers. In my movement, this is going to be the first step towards a better healthy produce… Yes, it is difficult to make huge amount of organic manure but if every single Indian contributes, we all can surely achieve the unexpected.

Do we want our children affected with dangerous diseases when they grow up like it is happening in the Western World? The choice is yours, so please come forward to support the movement to a safe healthy future with organic produce. Please join the mission towards a healthy future for your children’s sake!


I knew the word before
But never had experience the state
The day I got my calling
To serve the suicide farmers' families
Illusion vanished like magic
The tension-filled life seemed like yesterday
Worries flew off in thin air
As determination cemented the strong base

Support pouring in from all over the world
Made me realize how beautiful the world is!
The journey started with a single step
Reverberating are the sound of march today
Even in the remotest corner of the world
As hundreds of feet join in
To support the suicide farmers' families
The world has become my nation

Johnny D
1st April 2010