Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE TENTH ANGEL (6th June 2010, 1855 Hrs)

Finally on Friday, the 4th of June the Tenth Angel arrived through FB mail… Supriya Manjunath has been friends since last 8 plus years… now what is more surprising is that we met online on Yahoo chat and got to know each other better and better as the years went by. And finally, after chatting for two years, I happened to visit Bangalore and we met in person. It was an amazing meeting in many regards. Supriya even introduced me to her husband Manjunath.

After the meeting, we started talking over phone on and off. As usual, we both loved wishing each other on our birthdays without fail, something that was common to both of us. Interaction with Supriya was always fun and very joyful. In fact, last year we did lost touch because she was having a hectic schedule at her domestic front. We had stopped chatting because of phone calls. Out of the blue in FB, I got her invite and once again things were the same.

In total, I must have mailed to more than 50 plus people to support me for a year… and the Tenth Angel took her time to arrive. However, on Friday I was very happy to get Supriya’s confirmation and when I called to thank her… she told me… 'this I am doing because I believe in my Johnny and what he is doing…' How sweet it could be to one’s ears to hear the trust and confidence in her voice!

Through this post I wish to thank all my ten angels from the bottom of my heart. The Ten Angels are:

Mr. G A (Writer-poet) – Kerala

Mrs. Shachi Bhanushali (Housewife) – Hyderabad

Miss. Nausheen Sardar Ali (Well-know TV actress) – Mumbai

Miss. Bhumika Chedda (Fashion Designer) – Mumbai

Mr. Prem Nath (Well-known Architect-Designer) – Mumbai

A well-known Architect-Designer (prefers to be anonymous) – Mumbai

A well-known Bollywood Director (prefers to be anonymous) – Mumbai

Miss. Tejal Rajyagor (Works for GiveIndia) – Mumbai

Mrs. Payal Gidwani Tiwari & Mrs. Jyoti Gidwani (Celebrity Yoga Instructor – Housewife respectively) - Mumbai

Mrs. Supriya Manjunath (Housewife) - Mysore

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