Friday, February 18, 2011


“Shraddha aur Shaburi” (Faith & Patience) is what Sai Baba always told His devotees to maintain... while most of us have great faith in Him, sadly though in this high stressed life, we tend to lose patience and hence all the miseries follow. When I started my journey in the unchartered territory, I had many plans and must confess, I had perceived many things even before they were implemented on ground. That was my greatest mistake because the ground realities were completely different from what I had perceived... it also taught me that I should not be in a hurry to get results and that it is patience and perseverance which will see things to happen in due course of time.

Today, when I look back I realize that only patience and perseverance will see me through in this journey... while I was building up my base interacting with various people in Vidarbha, I realized that the complexities of the farmers’ suicide issue is far more complicated than what we all read in newspapers. However, while doing research, meeting widows in villages and interacting with farmers in villages... all have been fruitful in many aspects and they have taught me a great deal about the real problems of the poor farmers of the nation.

Implementation of small-small units for widows surely needs a lot of funds to start up and without getting the Trust register things will not be possible at all... since August 2010, I have been running around to get the Trust registered and finally on 20th December 2010, I managed to submit the Trust papers... the first date for an interview with the Assistant Commissioner is set in March... I really don’t know how many more months will see the Trust being registered... I have no option my citizen of the world but to wait patiently for the Trust registration to get over... once the Trust is registered, the fund raising process will start and only then the unit will be established. These are the ground realities of my movement that I had not seen coming when I started...

I really don’t wish to give false hopes to the poor families by only talking to them and do nothing... and at the same time, I want everyone in the urban cities to please note that things will roll slowly and steadily in the right process and systematic ways... yes, for every small unit, the Trust will need a good amount of money so that widows are paid properly for their hard work and thereby continue to establish their respective units in a profit making unit to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. I am here for life as my destiny wants... so the journey is currently in a standstill process... yes, I have the patience to wait for things to happen accordingly because I or one must say, no human can force his / her ways against destiny...

I know there are as many as 60 plus countries following the movement and wondering and hoping for miracles to happen... and to happen real fast... I am sorry to say to dear citizen of the world, I am here in Vidarbha to help the poor suicide farmers’ families in a way where they will become self-reliant to lead a life that they are wishing in their dreams and thoughts... we all need to support them to achieve that and fulfil their dreams into reality.

Meanwhile, the long wait is surely testing how much patience I have for this work... I have full faith in my Sai Baba and certainly patience will see me through the tough times... Sai Baba blesses you all!

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