Thursday, April 14, 2011


Saying ‘goodbye’ is one of the most difficult jobs when you have been surrounded by genuine love from every single individual that constitutes the beautiful small world of Barefoot College Tilonia, the world that exists parallel to the big world... Deep down while I am glad to make so many friends and gurus during our week long stay... somewhere in one of the corners of my heart, today, I am feeling sad for tomorrow morning we will be leaving Barefoot College... and I am sure to miss all the beautiful people that I have interacted with – smiling, laughing, learning, teaching, sharing, giving, grasping, wishing and above all to feel the power of humanity in true sense with all of them... YES, this beautiful small world very much exists in our big bad world of greed... I know I will have to come back again and again here during the course of my life...

YET, I am sad deep down and I am touched when I told that we are leaving tomorrow early morning... everyone had only one loving request – “Phir zaroor aana (do come for sure again)” – their eyes sad and their smile magical touching the hearts to the deepest abyss... and so much blessings for the work in Vidarbha even though many of them don’t even know exactly where Vidarbha is... they don’t even know about the farmers’ widows that I am working with but deep from their hearts their blessings are unmatched and I feel so much strengthened from within and I know if these women can do it, widows of Vidarbha can definitely do it too!

I have indeed become rich in many aspects after watching carefully the will to work hard with contentment, no greed, everyone helping one another working in unison and everyone confidently saying that they have not gone to school because of various reasons, poverty being one of the major reasons... however, their zeal to explore and master the unknown territory with the help and guidance of Shri Bunker Roy that YES, WE CAN AND WE WILL DO IT COME WHAT MAY... HARD WORK CAN ACHIEVE BIG RESULTS TO SOLVE THE BIG PROBLEMS LOOK LIKE SMALL EVERYDAY AFFAIR!

Is it magical? Well, the hard work of every single individual to trust the vision of Shri Bunker Roy and work sincerely towards that goal... that is how Barefoot College was born almost 39 years ago and their journey have seen various twists and turns, dedication and devotion, trust and hope, zeal and passion, hard work and no substitute... well... Sandipta Dhar... you certainly are the beautiful destiny child of this great Indian nation for sending me to this small beautiful world, which has been irrigated and cultivated with so much of love and affection that it is difficult for people to leave so easily... yes... I am sad to leave Barefoot College Tilonia but I have to...

There will be a series of some amazing individual that I shall be introducing to the world in my posts soon... and I am very confident that it will definitely open the eyes of many from all over the world... And lastly, I wish to say to Shri Bunker Roy Sir... grateful to be blessed by Smt. Aruna Royji and you! There are many dark villages that will be illuminated because of your sincere efforts in coming years worldwide!!! And yes, I shall put in my best efforts to see many dark villages of Vidarbha see illuminated nights where children can read and families can enjoy to live a beautiful life!

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