Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Having explored Rajasthan and Gujarat to meet some of the most amazing achievers in the first 20 days of April... I headed towards Bombay and took the much needed break to unwind my mind more than my body... I really needed this break badly because my mind, ever since, I started the movement has been on a continuous roller coaster ride thinking all the time about what next?

The state of depression, the unending worries, the helplessness for not being able to save the lives of poor farmers who succumb to suicide (a continuous process in Vidarbha and many parts of India), the worry of when the Trust Registration will get over, when the fund raising activities can be started and when the units of widows will start functioning... all these and many more... not forgetting my personal life has been in shambles, losing friends because of the movement and of course making amazing new friends.... my mind really needed the break!

So, I locked myself at my friend’s place and didn’t even go out anywhere for 20 days... I was completely cut off from the world physically even though I kept updating picture albums of my trip to Barefoot College Tilonia, Rajasthan and Mitticool Man Shri Manshukh Bhai Prajapati’s work and kept changing my status but not as actively as I usually do... I even didn’t make calls to friends or received calls from friends during these 20 days... all I did was, watch some movies, cook, eat and sleep... the rejuvenation was indeed great but the summer heat in Vidarbha is simply terrible this year...

When I went home in Yavatmal (the Naigaonkar family who adopted me)... it was boiling hot!!! The heat wave was simply extraordinary and the soaring temperature, well, the less said is better... the heat is very severe but now that I am finally back in Wardha, the work will have to start, be it the high temperatures, heat, rain or cold winter... I am so happy, to be back home!!!

I will be writing in my new posts all that I had experienced in Rajasthan and Gujarat to tell you about the extraordinary beautiful people I met and interacted with, stories that will inspire many, knowledge that I had learned a great deal from each one of them and that will help many... I am glad I made this amazing trip to explore a complete new world! At home, I was welcomed  by  cobwebs and layers of dust... took hours to clean but I am so happy to be at home! 


  1. Johnny you don't need to know me. But one thing you should know that I am so proud of you! May God bless you and be with you in every step of the way! I read your Blog regularly and when there's no update I miss it so much!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words... One thing is for sure... I would really love to know you as a person... I am touched really! Words like yours give me the energy & strength to keep inching forward slowly and steadily... the journey is long and challenging... just doing what my destiny chose me to act on... will update soon... just have been busy with village visits and other things... Sai Baba bless you always!

    Cuidate :)