Sunday, September 30, 2012


India may not cultivate or grow GMOs Foodgrains, English vegetables or fruits, but they are as vulnerable as the Western counterparts, where GMOs is a way of life. No doubt, the multifold increase of Cancer cases and other GMOs’ related diseases in the country in recent years has made me to write this post. Are we Indians safe from GMOs Foodgrains, fruits or vegetables because we don’t grow them except Bt Cotton? Think about it seriously and you will wonder as to how silently the government of India is actually crippling the Nation to kill its citizen with various dangerous diseases, so that the Medical, Pharma and Insurance industries can all suck the last drop of blood and the hard earned money of the mass... that we all earn, to spend on our treatments buying medicines, going for chemotherapy, high-end medical investigations, treatments and insure our lives.... all these at what cost?

Don’t get shock, because a recent article on pulses made me to think about this deadly dangerous plan of the government. I wonder, why I had never thought about such a dangerous move of the government of India. I am sure many like me must have never thought about the dangers of GMOs in our country. Many of us may not know that, our nation is the largest importer of pulses (inspite of being the largest producer in the world) in the world and these extra pulses come from countries like Myanmar (Burma), Canada, USA, Australia, China, Kenya, Tanzania... where the killer GMOs are grown in their industrial farming. So whether we grow GMOs or not, we are actually consuming GMOs foodgrains and many other things in vegatables, fruits, sugar and spices... without actually being aware of the dangers of GMOs on our health.

In America many leading activists against GMOs are insisting the government to label GMOs’ products & foodgrains... so that people should know what they are consuming... awareness against deadly GMOs are increasing day-by-day all across the globe. New Zealand is the only country in the world, which doesn’t grow GMOs... but I wonder what about all the imports from the West and other countries??? So even New Zealanders are as vulnerable as we Indians are... of the deadly dangerous GMOs.

My Mamman, who adopted me as her son, succumbed to Cancer five years ago in Secunderabad... now I can relate to how she must have got those deadly Cancerous cells in her body.... like my Mamman, there are numerous ladies and gentlemen who have succumbed to Cancer in the nation and have been afflicted with various other diseases that are results of consuming GMOs, which are imported in bulk from various countries. The Government of India is surely to be blamed for allowing the silent killer through imports of foodgrains, fruits, spices and vegetables from the Western countries and other parts of the world, who are growing GMOs and exporting them to the third world and developing nations.

No wonder, in the past two decades, the medical, pharma and insurance industries in the nation, have grown in leaps and bounds. There are more multi-speciality hospitals now in every nook and corner, the pharma industry has been booming and so also the inusrance industry... and the government of the nation has helped all these industries to grow at the expense of common man... his hard earned money goes down the drain in either spending a major chunk in medical treatment or inusre lives all the while consuming GMOs without really knowing about it.

While all the Organic produce in the nation is being exported by the nation for the Western countries to enjoy healthy foodgrains, spices, fruits and vegetables... our government is importing killer GMOs... whether it is Sugar, Maize, Pulses, Fruits or else Vegetables... all that is imported are GMOs grown in various Western Countries and others... where GMOs are grown in their Industrial Farms. And imagine with the FDI in retail being opened by the corrupt Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, all the dangerous killer GMOs products will find fancy shelves in various Supermarkets in glossy packages to lure the Indians... who are crazy for anything imported.

The Government of India should label all the imported foodgrains, vegetables, fruits and spices... so that people of India can avoid consuming GMOs and opt for safe Indian grown produce... to safeguard one’s health and precious hard-earned money. Yes, there is GMOs in your kitchen and diet too... and you may inflict Cancerous Cells of other deadly virus that will harm your immune system to suffer... all because our Government did not care to protect our own countrymen while feeding the best healthy Organic Produce to the foreigners... The real irony is... who cares?

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