Thursday, March 12, 2015


Angels are visibly invisible!

There are beautiful angels everywhere, invisible to the naked eyes in our every day’s life. These beautiful angels become visible only when they touch lives with their angelic actions. They are simple human beings with a sweet kind heart. Whenever they have touched my life with their angelic help, support and kindness, they just smile to insist they are simple people and doing the least one can expect. But, I know they are not simple human beings but the true form of the beautiful clan of mystical angels, angels who fly at the right moment to lend their magical and miracle filled support.

It was this day, 12th of March, five years ago (2010) when I woke up from my deep slumber (blogging since two years on issues related to poor citizen and farmers) to dedicate my life for suicide affected farmers’ families and move to Vidarbha to help few lives. The “Journey of Destiny” I was destined to undertake out of no choice has been very-very tough and given a choice, many would not even dare to think or imagine, forget treading the path. I am blessed by my Sai Baba because HE chose me, so I could meet so many beautiful angels in my life, HIM sending them on their invisible wings to help and support me. These five years have taught me many invaluable lessons and like many of my friends, who felt I will never be able to last for mere few months; I wish to thank them because they made me stronger to keep walking the “Journey of Destiny” one step at a time to come this far.

A beautiful angel flew from Bombay recently out of nowhere. I have known her as a fellow journalist colleague in ASAPP since December 2007, when I was the Editor of Interiors Magazine. We lost touch for many years since 2008 and met for a very brief period in January 2013. We lost touch once again and only few weeks ago, we connected as destined. 
Remona Divekar is the beautiful angel, who flew from Bombay to extend her kind help when she came to know what I was doing in Wardha. I told her what I was doing and how my trust – support 4 suicide farmers families, Wardha – help support a girl child by opening an R/D Account for Seven Years, so that when the girl grows up and is ready for college, she could use the maturity amount for her higher education. She wrote to me saying, Certainly the cause which you are associated is something great and very noble. On a personal level it would be my honor to be of any help to such girls. I shall contribute in whichever way I can. And just within few days, she sent me the cheque.
Through this post I wish to tell Remona – the beautiful angel that SAI BABA will always bless her for her kind help. Sai Baba bless you sweet beautiful angel always and forever! I am truly grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for your kind help and support.

Life has been challenging and tough for me since 2013 on a personal level but my Sai Baba sends me beautiful angels in disguise as good, really good friends, who have supported me financially to sustain on the real ground s with my bare minimum expenses. All my savings have vanished and debts have been increasing. I have been trying my best to return back to my professional front but so far no luck. My “Journey of Destiny” is taking me places that I am unaware of and am just flowing with the flow. I know there is something very beautiful waiting for me and it is very-very near. I am trying to sell my nature photographs (Framed and Canvas Prints) online but so far, I have not succeeded. I know, they will ultimately sell and I will be able to generate enough funds to help more girl child of suicide farmers’ affected families.

My next post will be about how you may / can help support a girl child by buying my nature photographs. I sell my photographs to raise funds for girl child’s education of suicide affected farmers’ families in Vidarbha. 100 percentage of the profits of all my sales goes to the registered trust.

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