Sunday, October 25, 2015


Angels are visibly invisible !

Angels fly to complete your 'destiny' in the most miraculous way. Not many accept this beautiful truth, but I do!

Ever since I started the "Journey of Destiny" I have experienced many miracles coming my way to shape up my incomplete 'destiny'. Many "Beautiful Angels" flew from places I have never been to; visibly invisible and when they became visible to be part of my 'destiny', I realized how blessed my life has been. Each one of us, enter others' life in the most unexpected ways to play a role. Ways, that is totally hard to decipher in our understanding.

Shephalika Misra Sharma is one such beautiful angel, who entered my 'destiny' in the most unexpected way. When she became a part of my 'destiny', she was always eager to play the role, she was destined to. And when the time was right, she came forward on her own. Not many, who read the "Journey of Destiny" have come forward to lend their support and kind help to help girl child education of suicide affected families in Vidarbha.
My life is committed to help the suicide farmers' families in my own small ways. Shephalika came to know about the movement and assured me she will help support the cause. Sitting far way from Vidarbha, she has the heart of gold to understand the pain and miseries of girl children of suicide farmers' families. She flew on her wings from Gurgaon to come with her kind support and help. 

Our Trust - "support 4 suicide farmers families, Wardha" opens an R/D Account for a girl child of affected family for 7 years, so that when the child is ready to enter college, the matured money comes in her aid at the perfect time for her higher education. 

The "Journey of Destiny" takes its own twists and turns and I have learned to flow with the 'flow of the almighty'. It has been a lovely experience to surrender self in Nature's hand. I remember, there was a time, when I was selling vegetables in the first exclusive Vegetables' Supermarket 'Tarkari' in Road No. 1 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. I was blessed by vegetables' vendors and sellers of Monda Market, from where I used to procure vegetables every morning for our shop. The love and affection of each one of them, from a tiny toddler to the 80-year-old Chicha, men and women, blessed me to make me a journalist of repute in Bollywood. I ended up writing for 60 plus esteem National and International publications. I went onto become Editor of an Interiors magazine in barely 7 years of my professional career.

In 2008, I gave away my professional life to start blogging on social issues of the poor and the common people. And on March 12, 2010, the "Journey of Destiny" started on a new unknown road. Road, that I had never known would lead me to miseries, pain, hardships, sorrows, challenges to joy, happiness, contentment. Deep down I kept my faith on my Sai Baba all the while. I knew, my Baba had chosen my path for a reason and the reason was to help few lives with the help of "Beautiful Angels", like Shephalika Misra Sharma and many others.

From March 2010 to September 2015, I have interacted with many suicide affected farmers' families, travelled to various villages in different States of India. I always collected a very selective amount of funds for the Trust to help few families. These 5 years, have seen all my personal money invested in the "Journey of Destiny" with no regrets at all. Not to mention, the 'DEBTS' kept increasing on me to survive and keep doing as destined. Sai Baba has blessed me with amazing great friends and kept sending me "Beautiful Angels" to keep me alive all the while.

The ever increasing 'Debts' had made me to search for jobs ever since the beginning of 2013... I did get few jobs too... Each one of them lasted less than a month as destined. It was frustrating but I always knew my Sai Baba was shaping me in His own ways to make me ready for the 'Right Job'. And when I was ready, HE lifted me from Wardha to place in Hyderabad as the Editor of an International website. The site is on design trends and we will be launching the site soon. I shall inform you all.

Through this post, I wish to thank Shephalika Misra Sharma for flying all the way from Gurgaon as one of the "Beautiful Angels". Sai Baba bless you always and forever Shephalika!

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