Friday, December 18, 2015


Angels are visibly invisible!

This Beautiful Angel from Thane is still invisible to me because I have never met him in person. First, I heard about him from my trustee friend Swapnil Barai. He got to know this Beautiful Angel through his friend Harshal Jarode during one of his Bombay visits.

In fact, this post is long overdue. I could not write about this Beautiful Angel because of my working schedule and mental stress. He came to our Trust's help and support, when we really needed the most.

For the first time, I interacted with him over one or two mails. Then SMS to thank him for his generous support and kindness. I really don't know, I was just not able to even call him. Then one fine day, I called him and thanked him over phone and got to know him. It was a beautiful interaction sharing our views with each other. I really don't have suitable words to describe this amazing Beautiful Angel's intention in life. It is angels like him, which make this world a better and beautiful place.

The Beautiful Angel Yogesh Kulkarni arrives from Thane. He hails from Akola district, the Vidarbha Region. He is inspired by his younger brother Sagar Kulkarni, who from a very young age used to do his bit working for orphanages and helping them along with his friends. Yogesh always wanted to help farmers and had the intention to lend his support. During our conversation, he disclosed his helplessness because he never knew how he could help the farmers' community and whom to approach.

His good intentions were reciprocated by his friends, however, they were skeptical. He continued to lend his kind contribution to Sagar. He said, "Whatever possible, we were content to do from our side, we did in our own small ways. My younger brother is the BIG Inspiration and when I look at his devotion towards orphanages, I feel nice from within. A chance meeting with Swapnil Barai opened new vistas to look at things in the larger perspective about the farmers' community. He informed me about various possibilities. And I was glad to hear your trust is lending support to suicide affected farmers' families' girl child with long term future education by opening R / D (Recurring Deposit)."

So one fine day, I get a mail from Yogesh with the NEFT in our Trust's Account. 

Yes, it has been more than two months since this happened. I wish to apologize to Yogesh for such a long delay from my side. Please do forgive me Yogesh... things were just out of my control. His generous contribution will be able to support our second beneficiary Rohini Subhash Patil for a year.

We are truly grateful to you Yogesh for being such a Beautiful Angel to come forward on your own to extend help and support. Sai Baba bless your brother Sagar, your noble family members and you always and forever!

We are also very grateful to Harshal Jarode and Swapnil Barai, who brought the Beautiful Angel in my contact. Sai Baba bless you both always and forever!

We certainly need more Beautiful Angels to come forward to lend their kind support, so we are able to help more girl child with their higher education.

The "Journey of Destiny" has taken a new direction and I am glad the reach is increasing to a wider circle now. We look forward for more Beautiful Angels to fly from various parts of the World on their beautiful wings.

Thank you so much Sai Baba for sending me Beautiful Angels at the perfect time. I feel so blessed!

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