Monday, December 20, 2010

A RELIEVED MAN! (20th December 2010, 2020 Hrs)

What started on the street of Mumbai in March 2010 led me to Vidarbha in April and even before I knew, I bid farewell to the dream city once for all to settle down in Wardha for life. It started as a one-man-crusade but within few months time, I realised that to do good for your country and countrymen, one has to have license from the government of India. So forming a trust was mandatory for me and the movement, which I wanted to be unique in many sense... nevertheless, the difficulty was then to find like-minded people who would form the trust as trustees.

Difficulty to find such genuine people made me approach people I knew... but each one had their own apprehension and unwillingness to be part of the trust... some doubted my capabilities while few were suspicious and so the search went on for couple of months. I realised only after failing initially that Swapnil Barai (the man who helped me settled down in Wardha) was the best bet and so when I asked him, he said – “Why not!” The first hurdle was so easy to cross, I realised why I didn’t approached him earlier. Now I needed one more person so we could float a trust. After a long thought, I called my Ninth Angel Tejal Rajyagor in Mumbai and asked her if she would be interested to be part of the trust... Almost instantaneously she said – “Yes!”

Well, I was so-so happy when these two wonderful people joined me to form the trust because all of us want this movement to do something better for the farmers and farmers’ families in coming years with our devotion and selfless acts. We are all serious to tackle these problems and in many ways we share the same dream with the same zeal and passion. However, while the second hurdle too became easy to cross, the mental trauma that was ready for us to engulf in its arms was waiting like a hungry crocodile... please-please don’t feel it is so horrible as it sounds reading the metaphors...

Registering a trust has its own norms and procedure according to the government law. There are various forms and papers to be submitted along with the application and trust deed and these procedures can take its own sweet time because of various reasons. What started in August 2010 is finally over today in December... yes, all these months there were necessary papers of all the three trustee members that were asked one after another (each time I visited the office)... I am today a relieved man because finally we have managed to submit our trust application to the sanctioning authority in Wardha Office. All these while, the mental trauma that I was facing was in many ways bothering me months after month...

Now in January 2011, we will have to follow up with the officials, so that things move fast and our trust is registered at the earliest. I was told it may take another two months or so before we get the final papers with registration of the trust. One thing is for sure, while these official procedures will take its own course, all three of us are pleased that finally we have managed to submit out trust papers and soon our trust will become a registered one!

Thank you Baba for blessing us!

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