Saturday, December 25, 2010

TWO WORLDS OF ONE CHRISTMAS (25th December 2010, 0000 Hrs)

Birth, joy, arrival
Celebration, happiness
Festival time across the world

Sweets and gifts aplenty
Enjoying, expectant children
Joy giving Santa Claus everywhere

Decoration, prayers
Making merry old and young
Dressed nicely, dancing the nights

Music surrounding everywhere
Tinkling bells, crowd galore
Chorus singing beautiful maidens

Sitting in a corner
Watching the illuminated world
Life is never a celebration, why?

There are so many
Children like me weeping quietly
Sans love in tattered clothes

Why no one really cares for us?
Where is Jesus?
Where are you my Santa Claus?

Living in one corner of the world
Wishing a little joy in my life
I’m also a little soul of your kingdom

Christmas or no Christmas
My life is never a celebration
Why Jesus? Why Santa Claus?

Johnny D

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