Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MY JOURNEY SO FAR – PART III (25th Jan 2011)

Farmers’ suicide continues to haunt Vidarbha region as usual and during monsoon there are many villagers who die because lightening strikes in the open vast field. I use a bicycle to travel to nearby villages. During my first trip to Khurjadi (Fort), as I was nearing the village (30 kms from Wardha), dense dark clouds surrounded me while I was drenched completely in heavy rain... lightening were striking at will with loud sound of cloud bursting in open fields. I was scared and for a second thought of turning back... the thought was in my mind for less than a second when I said to myself – ‘Johnny you have not come here to go back...’ I prayed to Sai Baba and requested – ‘Baba please don’t kill me in this way... there are things I have to do before you take me...’

Baba listened to my request and kept me safe in HIS grace... the farmer widow requested me to stay because it was already dark and still raining heavily and the village entrance was cut off by deep gushing waters. It was surely the divine intervention for such a loving hospitality I received that night... even though I was wet completely, I was amazed by the love and affection the mother and son gave me. It was my first stay in a village in Vidarbha. Even without electricity in the village, I was full at ease... the sumptuous dinner of garma-garam bhakri, dal, thecha, kanda and kairee served under the kerosene lamp light was an experience that will always remain with me all my life. That night I slept the best sleep of my life and early morning I woke up fresh and totally in bliss. The experience also taught me that I should not risk my life in such an extreme situation, especially during monsoon.

So far, there are four widows who are ready to work and earn but time is the greatest factor for them to spare. After the monsoon season, the festival and harvesting season starts and all the widows work in their respective farms... I am left with no option but to wait for them while I was making repeated trips to get the trust registered... finally in December, all the required papers were submitted. I am told that it will still take couple of months before we will get the registration papers to start our activities. For five long months, it was a trying times for me because of which my plans for 11 Districts Vidarbha Run to cover 200 villages in 45 days (supposed to commence on the 1st of February 2011) had to be postponed. The run was supposed to generate awareness among farmers in Vidarbha and also raise funds for the movement... as destined it will have to wait for the next available time. Once the trust is registered, the run will be planned accordingly in next couple of months.

Yes, there are many people who expect me to perform a miracle out of nowhere... they wonder how things are going to work... what are the small units that will be established for the widows... but they all seem to be in a hurry to see results rather than wait patiently before things are done in a proper way to benefit the suicide farmers’ families for life. I know they will never understand the ground realities and yes they want to see miracles happening fast. However, through my earlier posts and this post I wish to inform one and all that I am going to live here in Vidarbha for life and do my best to achieve whatever little I can do for the affected families. Results will be seen after couple of years for sure and the trust would need a lot of contributions from everyone, so that we are able to achieve what we have set out for.

The long journey which started with a blog and a single step is being supported by many kind people from all around the world... more than 55 countries are following the movement and there are many eager souls who wish to be part of the movement. To be very frank, I had never imagined one single step would unite the world in such a strong way... after all, food is the necessity that affects one and all... farmers all over the world should get their rightful dues as they have been serving the nation with their selfless hard work and dedication... no one realises what will happen when there will be no farmers and farmlands left in the world... what the future lies for the generation of today is really very-very DANGEROUS even to think of... and every single year is bridging this gap at a much faster pace... the greed of the rich is increasing at the faster pace than ever it has in the history of mankind... the poor... well, till the last drop is sucked... the few beasts will not stop their hunger to accumulate to kill them!

.... to be continued...

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