Saturday, March 12, 2011

‎12th March 2010 - 12th March 2011: I am ONE today!

‎12th March 2010 - 12th March 2011: I am ONE today! 

Last year, early morning lightening struck me, I opened my eyes for the very first time in life to look beyond I, ME & MYSELF to start the one-man-crusade - "support 4 suicide farmers families" !

First Year has been a struggle to unlearn what I had learned all my life!
First Year has been a rich & traumatic experiences to understand farmers' plight!
First Year has been enriching to meet so many interesting people worldwide!
First Year has been good to build a strong base for the coming future!
First Year has taught me a great deal about the ground realities!

I wish to thank one & all from all over the world with my deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart for supporting the cause and give me encouragement in the journey of my destiny! Every small contribution from various strangers on the streets to friends and unknown (now friends) has added great value to strengthen the movement - "support 4 suicide farmers families"!

Johnny D
support 4 suicide farmers families
Vidarbha, India

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