Friday, March 18, 2011

“support 4 suicide farmers families” TURNS ONE!

18th March 2010 - 18th March 2011: Turning ONE!

61 COUNTRIES: Australia, Austria, Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Korea Republic, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Mauritius, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mexico, Morocco, Moldova, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, United States of America, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Vietnam... 



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To be honest, I had never even thought my small step of destiny will connect so many people and so many countries in one thread within a span of 11 months (only after the first month was over, I started recording all the details) worldwide. Truly-truly amazing and I am very-very thankful and grateful to Sai Baba and everyone who has shown great support and kindness to encourage and support me in the last one year. The journey would garner so many people across the world speaks about the universal problems and crisis of the farmers in every single country.

Many people across the globe got connected sharing their experiences about their countries and farmers’ problems. Vidarbha certainly is my karmabhoomi for life. The first year has been great in many ways... the base was established in Wardha with the help of Swapnil Barai, hundreds of shopkeepers from Andheri - Bandra & Thana, nameless Indians on the streets & local trains, 10 Special Angels and many beautiful angels from all across the world... who have come forward to support and encourage the movement. With the help of one & all, the strong base had taken great deal of hard work to build in the last one year...

I have lost many friends and so also have gained many friends in my journey of destiny... in many aspects, living life with the minimum requirement can be truly blissful... no TV, no Refrigerator, 10 T-Shirts, 2 Shirts, 1 Jacket & 4 Jeans & 5 Caps (I have near about 20 though) – one full year of wearing clothes without ironing, travelling in State Transport and pedalling my way to villages in bicycle... drinking water from wells, tube-wells in farms and villages... eating simple food served with genuine love... life has been blissful at times amidst all the miseries, pains, sorrows and poverty... the way I was being accepted in villages and yes, I have many widow sisters and nieces & nephews in Vidarbha now... I am no more alone today! I truly feel blessed and I am so-so grateful to my destiny for choosing me to bring me here!

Interacting with farmers and families in villages has given me a great learning about the ground realities of Vidarbha. Unlearning what I had learned all my life certainly was the first step that I learned after coming here. The challenges ahead are many and there are many-many years before the movement will achieve few small things to better lives of the suicide farmers’ widows and their children... the Trust registration is taking its own time and date after date are given because of being under-staff... I really don’t know how many more months will take for the final process to get over... but like Sai Baba says always – “Shraddha aur Saburi” (Devotion & Patience)... I am left with “Shraddha aur Saburi” that Sai Baba has given me in abundance.

There were too many experiences: some traumatic, some beautiful, some eye-opener & some too painful... overall, have become rich in many aspects to understand the ground realities and the love of acceptance among the poor is indeed an overwhelming experience! Vidarbha made me experience BLISS for the very first time in life among all the miseries because of the selfless genuine love given to me by poor widows & their lovely children... what I have lost and what I have got in the past one year has been tremendous in many ways... how helpless I have felt at times for not being able to save so many farmers who succumbed to suicide and how I had to fight bouts of depression time & again... only my heart knows... not many in the world would really understand the emotional trauma I have undergone in the past one year... however, every experience has made me strong for coming years to establish the movement into reality...

I wish to request all those who are reading this post to write to me about their countries’ problems connected with farmers and agriculture... everywhere the problems are the same and everywhere simple solutions are going to solve all these problems... I do hope more and more people will come forward to support the movement because this is for the future of the generation today, who are going to face a very dangerous future in another two decades... when there will be less water for drinking and agriculture, less fertile lands will be left, less number of farmers existing and but obvious food grains will be difficult to even imagine... I really shudder when I imagine the scenes from the near future... I pray to Sai Baba to give me strength to lead the poor of Vidarbha into a better future!

Thank you one & all from the bottom of my heart! Sai Baba bless you all!

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