Sunday, July 31, 2011


Angels are visibly invisible!

The long wait ends finally, while the journey of destiny continues. Finally, Sai Baba sends me HIS Tenth Beautiful Angel to support me with his kindness and all the help. Yes, it has been a long wait but beautiful lessons learnt while developing a higher level of patience. Sai Baba’s two magical words – SHRADDHA aur SABURI (Devotion & Patience) – are no wonder the most beautiful virtues anyone in the world can possess to see through the difficult of times with great strength and character.

No wonder, these two virtues are always in abundant supply among the poor villagers, even though they have suffered since ages, are suffering and will suffer for many more years... in spite of all the sufferings, miseries, sorrows and pains... these poor villagers have taught me a great deal about life in mere 16 months of the journey of destiny. I am indeed grateful to all my Beautiful Angels and each one from all across the world for supporting this movement and cause. I know one thing, SAI BABA is always by my side and so are the blessings of many beautiful angels from all across the world.

The Long Wait – one may say was to teach me greater lessons of patience and I knew Sai Baba will surely send me the TENTH ANGEL... the long wait brings great joy because I connected with a long lost friend from my school life... Satpal Singh and I have shared great friendship during our school life and it was once again Facebook, which brought us together to reminisce all the beautiful moments of life. Hailing from Punjab, he is now in New York but every week, he calls over phone as if we are just few miles away. It is so-so wonderful to get in touch with old friends and especially if you have done lot of mischievous things during your school life, reliving all those precious moments after years can be really so-so wonderful!

It was only recently, when we were talking I spoke about not finding the TENTH ANGEL and as always, Satpal said, “Dost tere liye toh jaan haazir hai!” (Friend for you, my life is at your disposal!) I choked! Emotions overflowed! I was SPEECHLESS!

Moments like this bring tears of joy, stops your breath, words don’t find the voice and everything seems so unreal, even though you know REALITY is in fact so wonderful when you have such great friends in life! Satpal’s few words brought all the joys in life. His wonderful family are also a great support for the movement even though we haven’t met in person after all these years. I am anxiously looking forward to meet the visibly invisible angel and his loving family whose kindness and support have strengthened the movement to a great deal.

Thank you, thank you so-so much Sai Baba for sending me all the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to support the movement with all their kindness. Please bless one and all and please give me strength to keep moving forward slowly and steadily to serve the poor villagers of our nation. I really feel blessed for YOU chose me!

Cuidate :)

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