Friday, November 25, 2011


The LATEST: The Chief Minister of Maharastra Prithiviraj Chavan had had a meeting with respective political leaders protesting for a Higher MSP of Cotton, Soyabean and Paddy on the 23rd November 2011.

RESULTS: None! As expected because when the CM Prithiviraj Chavan can announce the “1088 Crores Crop Failure Aid” for Vidarbha farmers last year in December 2010 and even after one year, no one really knows as to why the AID was not disbursed to the poor affected farmers??? The 1088 Crores has already earned the CM more than 594.40 Crores in INTEREST @ 5 % Monthly! So that means the CM has near about 1686.40 Crores to disburse BUT WILL HE?

Where is this huge amount going to go? I really wonder... CM Prithiviraj Chavan was entrusted the job by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh because of his clean image... so why has he not disburse the Financial AID to poor Farmers of Vidarbha Region since the last 11 months??? This is one more SCAM that the Congress Ruling State has given birth to... why is Rahul Gandhi quiet on this?

Continuing from the last post... (I had written the whole post in one sitting so the latest development is being put for everyone to note the latest development)

I am happy in a way! Because of the Civic Assembly Elections next year, the local politicians have woken up to support and protest against the plight of the farmers’ community for a better MSP for their produce. If I may remind you all about the last year 2010 – none of the politicians from any parties came forward to support the farmers... the simple fact being, there was no election to be fought, while the government had fixed the MSP of Cotton @ Rs. 3000/- per quintal. Nature surely helped Indian farmers. It was a well-known fact that because of floods in he neighbouring countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan... the cash crop was washed out completely, thereby creating shortage in the international market. While the government procurement centres remained empty... the opportunistic traders’ lobby were quick to make money by offering a good price ranging from Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 7600/- per quintal for cotton to farmers. The farmers and the traders’ lobby were both happy to complement each other and benefit from the situation. The farmers of Vidarbha and Gujarat surely reaped a good price courtesy nature’s fury in neighbouring countries.

This year, 2011, the good rainfall surely has seen a very good yield of cotton, soyabean and paddy... as we all know, whenever the agriculture produce is in plenty, the traders’ lobby along with international market and respective politicians intelligently manipulates the prices in the open market... during such times, the government governed MSP come to save the farmers... but how will a farmer survive if the MSP itself is less than their initial investment? So, more than the rescue act of the government, the government actually are exploiting the poor illiterate farmers of the nation by fixing MSP in such a fashion that in any case, the government and the traders’ lobby will benefit to exploit the farmers to further push them into the debt’s vicious circle. The farmers’ dreams are all shattered after harvesting even good yield with all their hard work and sacrifice.

Yes, there is no one who is willing to help this farmers in real sense. In February 2010, I had started the series – WHAT THE FARMERS NEED? – in which I had discussed several points / needs that should be made mandatory for the farmers’ community, so that their selfless hard work can feed the nation and continue farming. Because if the farmers are benefitted like any other businessmen / houses, the nation and the citizen of the nation will benefit... otherwise the day is not too far (like the situation in France & Japan), when the farmers’ community will extinct like various animal species in the wild are vanishing from the earth. In Japan, farmers are leaving farming to migrate to cities to do menial jobs just to feed their families... because the escalating input prices of various essentials to grow a crop doesn’t even equals to the output. So, it doesn’t make any sense to be a farmer any more! In France, the farmers’ community are towards extinction because of faulty government policies. A small country like Indonesia too, is facing the heat of faulty government policies... all over the world, be it farmers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Pakistan, Brazil... you name it... the problems of the farmers’ community are IDENTICAL as the Vidarbha Region of Maharastra!

Indian farmers, unlike the farmers of the world, are a resilience lot... who are selflessly working hard zealously to feed the 1.22 Billion population against all odds!

I request from the bottom of my heart to everyone along with the concerned authorities in the State and Central Government to help the farmers by giving their respective dues for their hard work before we as the nation arrive to the same situation like many developed nations are facing today... I also request all the local politicians of Vidarbha to support the farmers’ community in true sense rather than just for their momentary gains, whether it is election time or not...

15th February 2011

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