Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have known Television and cinema actress Shraddha Nigam since 2001 since her KRISHNA ARJUN days... a very sweet beautiful noble individual with who I struck a chord right in our first meeting while I was working with SCREEN. Needless to say, the interview went well and since then we have been friends, keeping in regular touch over phone and meetings in parties and at home. A little later, I also covered her beautiful home for SOCIETY INTERIORS and the whole family loved the coverage.

I do feel blessed for Shraddha's loving parents with whom I do share a beautiful rapport. And her mother's tea is simply awesome... I often do land up at their place and aunty is always too happy to serve me her awesome tea! I must confess I feel truly  blessed because I have been treated very well with all my celebrity friends from the industry then and even now at their homes. Shraddha Nigam has been very supportive and encouraging when she came to know about my movement in Vidarbha. She is always there to lend me moral support and always asks me as to what she can do to support the movement. She is someone with who I can talk about anything and our friendship blossomed over the last one decade. I still do feel as if I met her just yesterday for the interview.

I requested her to request her father to send me some medicines for the villagers. She was very excited to be of help for this noble cause! Almost immediately, she called me back to inform me and said dad is too happy to help me... in her words, “daddy says that he would do anything for Johnny.” This was the sweetest thing one can hear of the strong support from someone who cares for the poor. She then asked me to send the list of medicines to her father and also call him. Father Dr. Nigam and daughter Shraddha came in as a blessing as they were very happy to do a little bit (according to them). He asked me to send the list and said he will let me know soon.

A few days later, I requested Shraddha if she will be kind enough to send me the medicines in my Wardha address. “Of course! This is the least I can do!” So promptly, all the medicines were packed and dispatched to me. I called both of them after I received the parcel. Dr. Nigam said, “Johnny just let me know what are the regular medicines that are handy in the villages, so that I can send them regularly to you and as and when you require.” I thanked father and daughter from the bottom of my heart and will always be grateful for their kind support and help.

Angels are visibly invisible... this journey of destiny surely has made me meet so many beautiful angels from all over the world with their invaluable contributions, help and support. Dr. Nigam and her beautiful daughter Shraddha Nigam are also beautiful angels who have been always there for me... and yes, not forgetting aunty whose wonderful tea rejuvenates and our interaction on various spiritual journeys to have taught me so many good things of life. Grateful and thankful to the whole Nigam family for their beautiful support from the bottom of my heart. Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!!!

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