Thursday, March 15, 2012


58,000 crores / billions worth of food grains are allowed to rot in the open by the nation every single year !

Sheer CALLOUSNESS or should one say the nation's INEFFICIENCY ?

The farmers' community slog day and night in hot sun, high temperatures, heavy rains and chilly winter... and imagine how one must feel about the huge wastage of food grains when the nation has the highest hunger index, beating even the poor African nations...

I keep wondering all the time, how can the government turn a blind eye... but then it is a well-laid plan so that the kith and kins of corrupt politicians, who own liquor distilleries can buy these rotten food grains to turn them into high profit liquor to be served in the five stars!

Wonder of wonders, what is the so-called highly educated planners of the nation in the Planning Commission are doing to prevent such a huge national wastage? NOTHING! Yes, NOTHING!

Mind you these figure of 58,000 crores / billions is the official acknowledgement by the nation's Agriculture Minister... as we all know, the government always tend to lower the statistics in such cases... so the actual figure must be double or triple the announced figure!

During my recent visit to various states, everywhere I witnessed that FCI have ample of space but not sufficient buildings to store grains, while they are out in the open at the mercy of nature... WHY? In the past 65 years, we, as the nation couldn't even build sufficient storage system to safeguard our food grains while millions of poor die of hunger. And our Minister of External Affairs SM Krishna goes to Burma and donate them hi-tech Silos, while the nation is without any such modern system...

Unlike the callous nation, who plan flawlessly year after year to allow huge wastage of food grains (in every state) to rot, the tribal Korku are very progressive in nature. Since they are so-so poor, they cannot even have the luxury to waste even a morsel of food. They may be illiterate but are much-much more intelligent than all the so-called highly educated Planning Commission Officials. Their simple bare minimum huts / homes may not have any belongings or even a suitcase / trunk / cupboard but more than 90 % of them have two custom made Silos to safeguard their food grains, cultivated with blood and sweat. Each house / hut has two huge Silos to store their yearly production, so that the family is well-fed throughout the year.

It is indeed an amazing feat that one will never get to read in any of the leading newspapers or see on news channels of the world. The conspicuous presence of Silos in each home / hut also proves tribal Korku's intelligent planning to safeguard their families from hunger and prevent the wild rodents to feast on their food grains. But obvious, there is no chance of any wastage, whatsoever! Each Silos are built with either cement-mud combination and painted white to keep the food grains cool, with a heavy lid over the top. A small window hole at the bottom is made to take out the required grains as and when required while cooking.

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) should learn this simple technique to safeguard nation's food grains and prevent the huge loss year after year. The Korku tribe are very poor and marginal farmers and they still believe in and practice ancient traditional method of farming. That means, the Korku tribe grow pure Organic Food Grains in their fields. This also proves that they are eating much healthy food as compared to urban population. Most of the farmers own their own cattle, few goats, few hens, dogs... which are useful for multi purpose.

I wish to SALUTE the farmers of KORKU tribe of Melghat Region in Maharastra for showing the world how simple it is to use your BRAIN to safeguard the most essential item to live healthy... HATS OFF!!! Do wish the Planning Commission will send their officials to learn from the Korku tribe at the earliest!!!

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