Monday, March 12, 2012


As our wont, we allowed the British traders with open arms almost more than 265 years ago, little realizing the tiny island nation will make us slaves and rule our nation for 200 years and loot all our nation’s precious wealth... if we want, we can... as freedom fighters showed us how a bunch of dedicated patriot Subhas Chandra Bose, Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmibai and many others... shed their blood so that the British were forced to leave our land, where guests are welcomed with open arms considering them as Gods visiting!

History showed us how in 1947 the nation was divided into two while millions innocent were massacred to satisfy the greed for power to rule... everyone kept quiet... the politician lot don’t even care how many innocent will be killed and become homeless... history is full of such examples. So after the nation got its freedom in 1947... we started fighting among ourselves to rule... and when the nation got its first deserving Prime Minister as Shastri, he was knocked off in conspiracy theory in Russia. How I wish we had more Shastri like leaders in the nation, who were selfless to serve for the betterment of the nation unlike all the others who didn’t  and still do not hesitate to kill the innocent in millions... decade after decades!

You all must be wondering as to what is the relationship between these historical facts and the present scenario of the nation and the title of the post, right? It was an Indian who gave the world the ‘zero’ to facilitate counting... it was India who found water on Mars... and yes, it is India under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, which has achieved the distinction to create 120 Plus Scams in almost every department of governance worth trillions and trillions of dollars... so you see, if we want, we can... to loot the nation’s wealth to the hilt... but when it comes to serving the nation, as our wont, we won’t!

India as the nation has achieved many great feats, so why has it lacked in Agriculture in the past six and a half decades? 70 % of the population depends on agriculture, so why none of the previous Prime Ministers except Lal Bahadur Shastri, bothered to establish Agriculture as the most advanced industry of our country? Absolutely, there is no answer at all... each one of them were busy looting the nation and allow the MNCs to loot while everything is being snatched away from little and poor farmers of the nation... from Irrigation water to seeds, fertile lands to their savings... the farmers’ community are left in lurch to defend themselves at the mercy of rain God, money lenders, micro-finance institutions, corrupt politicians, traders’ lobby and faulty government policies.

If we want, we can... many individual success stories have been recorded all over the nation... but the government will never replicate those simple success stories on the real grounds because then the poor farmers will better their life style and the rich corporate companies and greedy politicians don’t want this to happen ever... instead, everything is being sold in the rural backdrop by these MNCs to milk every single penny from the poor farmers, who constitute the large chunk of the economy. From Re. 1/- Satchet Shampoo to Sachet eatables to micro-finance to buy dish TV, fridge, motorcycles and not forgetting the costly medical treatments in multi-speciality hospitals and clinics... each device has been master planned to extract little pennies from the poor.

If the nation can achieve to build super-class METRO in Delhi in record time, why it has not been able to construct effective irrigation infrastructure in the nation since the last six and a half decades, even when billions have been gulped by the government officials and the private companies? If the nation can build flyovers and express highways efficiently, then why we as the nation couldn’t build food grains storage godowns in the last 65 years? Why as a nation, we are so callous in our approach to please the global entity while the majority of our poor lot are suffering from hunger and poverty?

I am certainly not against the nation’s economic growth... but is economic growth all about the numbers? Should we close our eyes as blinds to see the ground realities of rural India where millions of villagers have to walk miles and miles in hot sun, heavy rains or severe winter to fetch drinking water for the families? Is economic growth about digging wells with bare hands in rural India? What is the use of UID Card when the villagers are feeding self with Tamarind leaves? While every producer or manufacturer are permitted to decide on the cost of its product, the farmers are controlled by the government by means of MSP (Minimum Support Price), why?

A nation is a dead nation without the farmers’ community and insted of supporting them in the right ways, everyone is out there to exploit and milk them to push the farmers towards the edge... even their deaths are exploited by greedy parties to make money... how inhuman it can be? No one seems to understand the grave danger we as the nation will be facing in coming future... every natural resouces are fast depleting, mountains and plateaus are being razed, forest cover are fast decreasing, water scarcity has become the order of the day, electricity... well, many villages don’t even know what it is even in this 21st Century... what more can one expect in this beautiful nation??? The babies who are being born today are going to have a dangerous future ahead and we as the nation are to be blamed for making such a strong base of uncertainty...

No one is really bothered about the catastrophe that we are fast approaching... each one of us is busy in our own illusionary world... humans... the more modern we have become the more callous we have become and the more regressive we are in real sense. How I wish I can change all these in the big picture??? I am doing my best and putting in all my efforts in whatever small ways I am able to do as destined...

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