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With the Supreme Court constituted TEC’s final report submitted against further trials and cultivation of GM Crops, the Agriculture Minister’s stance that ‘it is sad that GM Crops is not allowed for trial cultivation in India’, reflects that the evil MONSANTO has either bought the minister concerned or else has given him a huge kickbacks to talk in favour of GM Crops.

India surely doesn’t need GM Crops as suggested by the Agriculture Minister to meet the requirements to feed the 1.2 Billion citizen. What India requires and must do is to save the rotting of food grains worth 58,000 Crores wastage every year, as stated about the rotten grains by the Agriculture Minister himself in the Parliament. It is indeed a huge amount of food grains that is being allowed to rot in the open-air FCI Godowns on “Planned Purpose” to benefit the kith and kin of various politicians (Congress, NCP, BJP and others) for their liquor distilleries.
When the Supreme Court ordered the Agriculture Minister and the Prime Minister to distribute free the excess grains rather than allow, both were adamant and said the SC should not interfere in Policy Making of the Government. How callous can one be, when one is in power!!! The Agriculture cited in 2010 to the SC that it cannot distribute food grains free to the poor because the government is buying them @ Rs. 15 /- a Kg…. However, what the Agriculture Ministry did after the food grains were rotten is that they sold the same rotten grains @ Rs. 0.60 /- a kg to Politicians’ Liquor Distilleries. So the Government made a loss of Rs. 14.40 /- per Kg. Loss to the nation… for which neither the Prime Minister nor the Agriculture Minister are accountable!

Such is the magnitude of the Food Grains Rotting SCAM under Manmohan Singh’s governance!


I am very sure that either the Agriculture Minister doesn’t know anything about MONSANTO and other GMOs manufacturers… or else, he must have been bought by these greedy evil corporations to kill more citizen of the world by inflicting deadly incurable diseases like Cancer, Nervous Disorders, Kidney Failures – to name just a few. The Agriculture Minister should read about the deadliness of GMOs through this link:

Never! There is never a Simple Solution to contain the crisis or problems. In fact, the System (Government) creates such complications that one forgets what the real problems was? Instead of making all efforts to safeguard the excess food grains the farmers of the nation produce with their blood and sweat, it is indeed shameful that the minister concerned in backing introduction of field trials of more GM Crops.

I had written about a simple solution in my blog to safeguard the food grains to rot by involving the poor Korku Tribesmen of Melghat to build traditional Silos… The decision to act would have helped the poor tribal villagers with occupation to earn some money while creating the largest contemporary food storage facilities for the nation to benefit at large. The Nation would not only safe food grains worth 58,000 Billion but also the citizen will benefit at large with low prices of food grains. How difficult is such a simple step to implement?


India doesn’t need GM Crops because the majority of farmers are marginal farmers in the nation. And everyone in the world should know the fact that 85 % of the food grains produced in the World are being produced by the Marginal Farmers of the World and not by the Industrial Farming Corporations. The World should also know that as per the UNO’s reported statement: There are 7 Billion Population in the World, out of which 1 Billion people lives in Hunger and the food grains produced by the World can feed 11.5 Billion people. So tell me, is there really a shortage of food grains in the reality? In fact, every year, the World can feed another 4.5 Billion people each year… but we all are still clueless as to what really happens to all the excess food grains the Farmers of the World produce? Where does it vanish? But obviously, common sense says… they are allowed to rot to end up in the Liquor Industries of the World, owned majorly by Politicians of the World!

GMOs is surely not the solution to meet the hunger of the world. Traditional Farming, i.e. Organic Farming is the only way where the World can feed the World with healthy and abundant food grains, which will check all the artificial created diseases by the Scientific Evil Discoveries and greed of the Evil Corporations like MONSANTO, DOW etc. While the World is switching back to Organic Farming, our Agriculture wants to destroy all the fertile lands by Chemical Farming. The Bt Cotton production has already reached its saturation and farmers in the nation are losing productivity per acreage because of heavy use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer… and these chemicals have taken a toll on the ground water table… Punjab & Haryana is a good example and so is the Vidarbha belt in Maharastra and even the Gujarat belt growing Bt.
... To be continued...


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