Friday, August 9, 2013


The “Journey of Destiny” was not my choice as a human being. I still wonder, what made me to leave everything to begin the unknown journey… the answers are still unanswered day after days…

Like a mystical magic, I was lifted from Bombay and made to shift with bags and baggage to Vidarbha in 2010 by Sai Baba. And to show HIS divine intervention, HE sent me one more Sai Baba in Swapnil Barai, who has provided me his unconditional support and help all along with his beautiful loving family. I have experienced miracles from day one of the “Journey of Destiny”, when known-unknown friends from all over the globe and strangers on the streets of Bombay, came forward to extend their help and unconditional support.

The way I have been adopted by the small town city of Wardha is really hard to put in words. Living in less, just what you need to live, has taught me a great deal about life. It also taught me to feel the real pain of the villagers, who toil hard to make their ends meet. To experience bliss in real sense watching the unconditional genuine selfless smiles on the faces of village children has been an experience totally priceless! Among all the miseries, sorrows and scarcities… their smiles… indeed are the miracles that I have been experiencing in my life since March 12th, 2010.

The “Journey of Destiny” is tough, full of challenges and obstacles with unending worries… and I have no options but to keep walking. The kind beautiful angels flew from various quarters to help and support me with kindness, financial aid and emotional support. However, being alone with your solitude can be unnerving. Sleepless nights and depressions have been haunting me time and again. Most of the times, there is just no one except my Sai Baba. HE has been very-very kind to guide me accordingly and tells me… “Hang on Johnny… I am sending you few more beautiful angels… you just walk ahead… one step at a time!”

I have no regrets whatsoever to begin the “Journey of Destiny”! Even though I am left with no savings and loads of worries… worries for self and affected children… I must confess, it has been difficult most of the times because of financial stability. I tried to go back to Bombay and started working once again to build a strong corpus for self and the movement… I was duped by the publisher in mere three months and instead of making money, I landed up losing a great deal. Once again, I was back in Wardha to continue the journey.

I knew Sai Baba will send me HIS beautiful angels at the right moment because of the miracles I have been witnessing since I started the “Journey of Destiny”. Prawaal Raman, the director from Bollywood returned in my life as one of the miracles. He came in as the Third Sai Baba in my life! He came in as the FIFTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL of the Fourth Year and even before I could thank him… he was telling all his friends and colleagues about the movement. He told me, “Stay there only Johnny, I will see how I can raise all the help you need to continue the movement. Don’t worry!”

I cannot describe the days I have experienced after I returned from Bombay in March 2013. I realised that I was distracted by my plight of not having financial stability, whereas, my mission in life is to help a few affected farmers’ families. From April onwards, I was once again in search of the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to help and support me for the Fourth Year. Prawaal Raman told Pooja Bhatt and she agreed immediately to extend her help. I still need four more BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to come forward so that I can sustain to continue the “Journey of Destiny”.

The girl child of farmer’s widow Aruna Jivan Barade of Salod village in Wardha is being helped for the second year, continuing with the 7-Year-R/D deposit. There are works that once complete, will be disclosed to the world at the right moment.

Through this blog post, I wish to tell to the world that believe in miracles because I am witnessing miracles from time to time. Also believe in angels! Yes, Angels are visibly invisible! They do exist and is everywhere! Prawaal Raman I wish to let you know once again (I have told him over phone and with my text message before) that I am indeed grateful to you for being my Third Sai Baba! Sai Baba bless you always for your noble act.

YES, I am blessed by THREE Sai Baba! Thank you so-so very much my Sai Baba for everything!

The “Journey of Destiny” continues…

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