Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Genocide under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh / Sonia Gandhi is in full swing!

Yes, this the Modern Genocide unlike Hitler’s Genocide in European Nations during the Second World War.

While Hitler’s Nazi killed innocents with bullets, Manmohan Singh is killing innocent Indians by snatching away every single morsel of food from every Indian’s plate with every single day of non-stop Price Rise of all the essential food commodities.

Yes, MMS even emulates Hitler’s famous Nazi salute wherever he goes!

Price Rise of food grains, vegetables and all other essentials have been rising at an alarming rate day in and day out ever since the Congress won the Second Term. This is happening when, since the last four years (2010 – 2013) India has had bountiful of monsoon. Agricultural Productivity since the last four years have been unprecedented excessive on a new record level…

So, why there is Price Rise? Why there is shortage of essential food items?

Very simply put, the forthcoming election and absence of a strong Opposition Party… Yes, neither the BJP, CPI or CPM, SP, BSP, DMK, TMC, NCP, Shiv Sena, MNS or hundreds of regional parties are really interested any more to bring solace to their own countrymen. Needless to say, every political party is filling their coffers with money, money and more money… Money, they can neither show openly to others; Money, they can never eat in their entire life; Money, they can never use or consume;

Is there really the “Shortage” as speculated by the Media houses time and again… Why the Opposition BJP in particular is silent on this SERIOUS issue? Why they have not overthrown MMS’ Govt long time back?

It shows, Congress have been buying BJP Ministers with loads of billions to buy their silence!

Truly, the Nation has gone to DOGS, shameless killer DOGS… who are all there just to bite and kill!

This year, the Onions’ Annual Production was more than the last year, so what made the rates to scale to a new heights of Rs. 100/- a Kg, when India has exported Onions @ Rs. 15/- a Kg to foreign countries?

For the first time in Indian History, Onions’ rates have not fallen from Rs. 50 to 60/- a Kg for the longest duration of three plus months!

And not a single Opposition Party has demanded seriously to see that rates of all essential food items should be brought to check… Ironical and a pity that we Indians are being ruled by none other but Indian Corrupt Breed of Politicians and Corporations… who are shameless, callous and killers!

Post Monsoon season, it is the period of bountiful of vegetables and food grains…. But prices instead of falling are rising higher and higher. WHY?

The Deadly Nexus between the Politicians, Corporations, Traders’ Lobby, Middlemen, Hoarders and not forgetting the MEDIA (who will speculate to help these goons to benefit, after all every Media Houses are owned by either Politicians or Corporate Houses) have created such a drastic situation for every Indian that putting a plate for decent meal has become real difficult… imagine how the poor must be living then?

Like majority of Indians, I also wish that these rotten politicians should rot in hell!

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