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This April, I will be completing 4 Long Years in Vidarbha (16th April 2014). On the 12th of March, 2010… I dedicated my life to start the one-man-crusade – support 4 suicide farmers families – from the streets of Bombay. Four long years, Beautiful Angels flew from everywhere to help and support the “Journey of Destiny” by providing me financial support year after year, so that I continue the work effectively. The unlearning of learning the ground realities, floating a Trust “Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families, Wardha” and supporting a girl child of a suicide farmer’s from Salod Village, Wardha with a 7-Years’ R/D Account, the “Journey of Destiny” has seen many challenges and one step at a time, with the blessings of my Sai Baba, I have continued walking… and will keep walking ahead.

From the third year onwards, I did faced financial crisis when I couldn’t get 10 BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to support me. Fourth year was even worst and I ended up borrowing money from friends to continue my work here. Yes, debts are a big worry and farmers’ suicide all over the world are caused by this miserable ancient trade. So, to pay off my debts, my Sai Baba showed me the way and last November, I thought of selling my Nature’s Photographs in a frame, to not only raise the required funds for the Trust but also raise sufficient money to pay off my debts and take care of my monthly expenses.

In December 2013, I created an exclusive Page on Facebook to display my photographs for the world to see. This month, I started getting my photographs framed (Size: 14” x 20”) and put them on sale for a very minimum price of Rs. 2,000/-. Each purchase will sponsor a girl’s child Future Education Fund (one month installment – 7 Years’ R/D Account is opened for the beneficiaries) being sponsored by - "Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families, Wardha". Registration No: E-350 (W).

A very dear long-time friend, model-actress-National Karate Champion Sandhya Shetty came forward to purchase the First Frame and assured me to spread the word among her friends’ circle. Sandhya was very happy when I told her about this new beginning and said, “Johnny not many can do what you are doing out there leaving your professional life and giving up everything. Whatever little I can do from my side, I will do.” These kind words are the adrenaline that keeps me walking the “Journey of Destiny” without losing the sole aim to help the farmers’ community.

I wish to thank Sandhya from the bottom of my heart for everything. An Angel in disguise, I know she was sent to me at the right time by my Sai Baba. Sandhya through this post, I wish to say – Sai Baba bless you always and forever! I am very grateful for your everlasting kind support and also for encouraging me always to keep walking ahead and above all, for being such a loving soul!

Readers, who wish to buy the Photo Frames may contact me:


LIMITED EDITION FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS: Size: 14" x 20" (Sunrise / Sunsets / Flowers / Birds / Ancient Temples of India / Village Life / Vegetables’ Plants etc)
Price: Rs. 2000/- Each
Each Purchase will SPONSOR a Girl Child's Future Education Fund (one month installment – 7 Years’ R/D Account is opened for the beneficiaries) being sponsored by - "Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families, Wardha". Registration No: E-350 (W). On the anvil of the Trust – Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families, Wardha – is setting up a well-stocked Library in a Tribal School in Melghat Region that will serve students of 5 villages.

In Mumbai, order placed will be delivered in a week's time. Outstation Order will be delivered through DHL Courier (Courier + Packing Charges Extra) within 15 days, after Full Payment is received in advance.

Johnny D, former Editor of CW INTERIORS magazine and a well-known Film Journalist dedicated his life on 12th of March 2010 to start one-man crusade to support suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha region. He gave away his professional life to shift his base from Mumbai to Wardha and has been serving the farmers’ community in the Vidarbha region dedicatedly since April 2010. An International Photographer, Johnny D loves capturing Nature at its best. Limited Edition of his photographs (framed, size: 14” x 20”) is on sale to raise funds because he believes to spread joy (through his photographs) among the kind donors to serve the farmers’ community.

HELP him raise funds by buying the Limited Edition Framed Photographs.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for supporting Johnny D’s one-man crusade.

Johnny D
Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families, Wardha (Regd. No: E – 530 (W)
C/o Swapnil Barai
House No: 200
Opp: Lohit Complex
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001
Ph: +91 98203 22549

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