Tuesday, May 6, 2014


MAY 2013 to APRIL 2014

Angels are visibly invisible!

The first two years of the “Journey of Destiny” was challenging to unlearn the learning, doing extensive research on real grounds, interact with affected farmers’ families, provide simple solutions to solve the “Demonic Myths” that the System has created with the help of Media and other vested parties… Life on real grounds certainly teaches you a great deal of the real pulse of the so-called crisis.

TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS have been helping me year-after-year with financial support for me to keep continue my devoted efforts. I have been truly blessed to have friends and strangers and few new acquaintances (now great friends), who have come forward to help and encourage me ever since the “Journey of Destiny” commenced on the 12th of March 2010. In the first two years, I was very fortunate because the required TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS were sent to me by my Sai Baba. However, in the third year, situation was tested as a few of the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS discontinued their kind support because of their own personal crisis. One of them committed and then kept silence in spite of repeated requests. It became mandatory for me to hunt for jobs once again. Having been away from the professional front since September 2008, it was certainly not an easy task to get a job. I persisted.

Finally, my joys knew no bounds as at the end of the third year, I got the job of an Editor of a soon-to-be-launched Architecture and Interiors magazine and I started 2013 optimistically. I was thankful to my Sai Baba for solving my crisis at hand. I could earn and raise my own funds to keep continuing my work. Unfortunately, my joys was short lived. I was not aware the Publisher EPC World, Belapur was a CON Publisher. Salary had to be asked after two months of work, expenses were not paid in time and I ended up in more debts and tension was building up. I worked for three months but was paid only for a month and since there was no sign of payments coming, I submitted my resignation. I was back in Wardha with mounting debts. I was fortunate and blessed to have just a few great friends, who lent me for my survival to sustain.

I had to find TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS once again for the fourth year (May 2013 to April 2014). Few of my best friends chipped in and somehow I managed to get SEVEN to help and support me. They all have been special in many aspects and the LINKS below are about them.

However, my Sai Baba has been my saviour ever since the “Journey of Destiny”. Three of my dear friends came forward to support me unconditionally. And they requested that they should not be written about because they lent me the required amount and said I could return them when I am able to. Such great friends are the biggest gift of life and the blessings from my Sai Baba. So I have survived the fourth year.

Through this post, I wish to thank the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS from the bottom of my heart for all their priceless help and kind support. Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!

The fifth year (May 2014 to April 2015) has already commenced and few great friends are helping me to set up a small effort to raise funds and simultaneously by selling my Nature’s Framed Photographs to raise enough funds to support self.

The “Journey of Destiny” continues…

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