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16 - 04 - 2010 to 16 - 04 - 2014 : FOUR YEARS IN WARDHA - PART FOUR

APRIL 2013 - MARCH 2014

Worries ! Worries ! Worries !

Third year saw debts rising because of not been able to get the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to support me and a few of them discontinued their help because of their own personal problems. Deep down I knew my Sai Baba will send me the much needed Angel (s) when the right time will come. 2013 was a very tense year of the "Journey of Destiny".

At the end of December 2012, I got the much-needed job as the Editor of a soon-to-be-launched magazine on Architecture & Interiors. 2013 seemed like a good beginning. I was mistaken as barely after three months, I realized I was duped by the CON Publisher EPC World, Belapur. The tension grew multifold as I was not being paid my salaries... I ended up borrowing money from good friends. I quit the job after three months to realize, I was destined to be in Wardha rather than in Bombay.

April, I was back in Wardha and approached angels in disguise to help and support me for a year. Few of my good friends assured once again to help me as one of the Ten Beautiful Angels and I managed to get 7 Beautiful Angels, which means I had to borrow more money to sustain self. Life was tough and the "Journey of Destiny" continued.

Vegetables' Prices escalated to the never before Rs. 100 /- a Kg... Onions (I am a person, who simply cannot live without Onions but from June to December, I could not afford them.) became priceless and with limited budget to manage my life, I struggled and couldn't buy vegetables for months. The Shortage of Onions nationwide was created by the politicians to loot the citizen to gather funds for the coming election, because the Corporate Companies stopped funding as they were not seeing any sign of support from the corrupt governance of the most corrupt Prime Minister India has ever had - Manmohan Singh.

The fact being that since 2010, India has been producing record breaking Agriculture Produce. While Indians were buying Onions in the country at Rs. 100 /- a Kg, the neighbouring Bangladesh was selling Indian Onions in their country at Rs. 40 /- a Kg. It says it all!

I even cut down on my food consumption, eating just one meal-a-day many days of the month, just to sustain. I felt helpless because I was not able to do more. The job hunting was on with no sign of any on the horizon. 

The situation was a blessing in disguise. I requested my Landlord's son Praful if we can start growing vegetables on the terrace. When I got the 'YES', my joys knew no bounds. With Praful's help, I started growing vegetables as an experiment.

The success of growing your own Organic Vegetables is a sweet experience. I learned a great deal by growing multiple varieties of vegetables. 

During one of my visits to Bombay, I interviewed a farmer from UP (Uttar Pradesh), who does farming on the adjacent land along the railway tracks. During our interaction he said,'It would be nice if the Nation at large could benefit from such venture.' I wrote an 'Open Letter' to the Railway Minister with a simple solution, how such a simple project can benefit the Railways, Landless Farmers and Citizen with bountiful Green Produce.

My Trust work took me to Hyderabad and I met a very senior Organic Farmers from Yapral - Mr Maru and his son Ajay, whom I had known from the last two decades when I used to sell vegetables in TARKARI (the first exclusive Vegetables' Super Shop!). I had lovely interaction with them and learned many things about Organic Farming.

Monsoon was very good in Vidarbha Region. 125 % yearly monsoon was a boon for the farmers and the region saw very few farmers succumbing to suicide.

For the first time in four years, I visited Durga Pandals in Wardha because deep down I was thankful to my Sai Baba for HIS blessings for the farmers' community.

I find solace from my depression and miseries by clicking Nature's pictures during Sunrise and Sunsets.

I realized that I can sell Nature's Photographs to raise funds and for self support from the fifth year. As it is I have run out of my contact base to get Ten Beautiful Angels for the fifth year. So I created a 'Page' in Facebook to brand my photography in December. With the blessings of my Sai Baba, I was very fortunate to get many International Fans and Followers of my work.


Meanwhile My Magical Terrace Organic Vegetables' Garden bloomed to provide healthy fresh vegetables and it became popular allover the world, through Facebook.

In Wardha, my Terrace Vegetables' Garden became popular after it was covered in a National Daily and I was known as the Terrace Vegetable Gardener. 

The Good News soon followed with another one, when I read the Railway Minister has included my simple solution of creating Green Belt all along the Railway Tracks. Two Pilot Projects are starting from April 2014 as per the Budget declaration, one in Agra and another one in Jaipur. 

While the Year started on a disappointment when I was conned, the ending was an icing on the cake with many more miles to walk ahead.

The "Journey of Destiny" enters the Fifth Year and continues... with more to do for the farmers' community.

I wish to thank each one of all those who have come forward to encourage, help and support my one-man-crusade since the last four years. And my gratitude to all the BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of all the Four Years is from the bottom of my heart... and the special mention of some of my greatest friends from all around the world, who have never asked me to quit, instead, they have been standing with solid strong backing whenever I am in crisis. SAI BABA I am truly grateful to you for everything!


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