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This is an open letter to Mr. Arun Jaitely providing a simple solution to solve woes of PAPS. I do hope this simple solution will be considered by the Government of India to benefit the Nation at large.

Respected Mr. Arun Jaitely, 


“Every problem has a solution!” – So many years ago my Mathematics teacher stated!

Life is just like Mathematics! There are problems and problems and every problem has a number attached to it with a simple solution, for those who know how to solve the problem in few simple steps, just like a problem in Mathematics...

From the time one is born till one leaves from this earth and even after... everything is connected with numbers. So every problem in life has a simple solution to solve the so-called complicated looking issues or problems. If we really wish to solve the problems at its bud by making simple efforts in proper steps, we can all solve every problem in the world. Incidentally, instead of making simple efforts, we humans have always loved to complicate simple things to such a magnitude that the problems start looking gigantic and difficult to solve. The people who are trained actually to solve problems at the top, have, actually complicated simple issues to such a magnitude that every little problem of the nation now looks like the ‘never-to-be solved’ demonic myth!

Instead of simplifying the problems, the Planning Commission of India along with the so-called able (I consider them to be incapable though with a poor IQ level that even doesn’t match the illiterate villagers of the nation) leaders of the nation, have been creating more problems for the citizen of the nation instead of solving the existing ones. Hence, everywhere we see chaos... So, even if a do-gooder individuals put their best efforts in a systematic ways, things will never improve all our lives... certainly this is not the myth but the irony of the world!

Rehabilitation of PAPs, mainly consisting of poor farmers’ community and tribals, has seen several violent agitation and protest all over the nation... from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharastra, Orissa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Chennai to Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka... everywhere, farmers’ community led by social activists and political leaders have been protesting against the government, corporate companies and MNCs for acquiring their fertile lands by force in the name economic growth. Protest by the poor farmers’ community are turning violent because of police atrocities, lives lost, women raped by security force, property damages continue, and the huts bull dozed... with only the government, corporate companies and MNCs benefiting out of the whole exercise... because the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister and the Planning Commission are supporting this wonderful inhuman act by misusing their power in the destructive way!

There seems to be no respite for the poor farmers’ community and the tribal sects... they have to run for their lives, trying to save whatever little they have... or else gets killed, raped or simply beaten mercilessly... all in the name of “The Great Economic Growth” of the Nation! In the name of the Economic Growth, natural jungles are being raped by MNCs (mining), Industrialists are acquiring fertile lands @ peanuts to build their industries or thermal power plants – as agricultural lands are turning into concrete jungles! Rivers, mountains, jungles and fertile lands... everything is being grabbed at such a fast pace that the generation today, will have to fight for their survival without enough water to drink, food grains to eat and enough space to live... are we really heading towards the bright future? Above all, who really benefits from all these inhuman activities? It is the universal truth that except for the few top politicians and few rich industrialists living in their ivory towers with  sleepless nights to accompany them... every single poor loses everything from their fertile lands to house to their source of livelihood!

No one seems to be really worried about how all the three parties, namely, the government, the corporate companies and the farmers’ community, can all benefit with simple solutions... thereby taking the nation forward in the real sense. It certainly is not a rocket science if we all put in use our ‘Common Sense’!


Land for economic growth is as essential as air is for humans to live! After all the Ruling Government needs land to build infrastructure, industries, educational institutions, homes etc etc... and most of the lands are either in government’s own possession or else with the farmers’ community. Rehabilitation of PAPs has seen decades and decades go by while the poor tribals or else farmers’ community are left high and dry without being paid proper compensation. The Government has the power to initiate a simple procedure where in the displaced farmers or tribals will benefit along with the Government and the corporate lobby.

STEP 1: The companies who are in need of the land should provide a two-bedroom (average family) or three-bedroom (big families) ready-made flats to each farmer displaced before acquiring their lands. This way, the PAPs will never be displaced again all their lives! There should be strict clause that the respective family cannot sell these flats to any other party lifelong, thereby securing lives of the poor forever!

STEP 2: Compensation should be calculated (as per the market rates x 4 Times) and all the money should be deposited as FIXED DEPOSIT in banks, so that PAPs can earn the monthly interest to live comfortably. Those who don’t have land (landless farmers), a minimum deposit that should earn enough interest for the families to live comfortably to compensate them.

STEP 3: The Companies should provide a job to one of the family members of the PAPs as a pact.

STEP 4: The Government should build a force of farmers (like army or police) so that agriculture is turned into the State Governed Industry, where farmers should serve on a monthly salary... as one big industry to grow food grains for the whole nation. This simple step will actually gain multi-fold benefits for the government, namely:

The Government creates a huge force of farmers just like the army, navy or air force by creating AGRICULTURE FORCE OF INDIA (AFI);

The farmers get permanent employment and after serving till the age of 65 years, will be entitle for State Pension as the defence soldiers;

The Government will cut all the profits of the middlemen / agents or traders’ lobby, thereby controlling the prices of the food grains nationwide;

The corporate companies will get the required land without any problems;

The Government can thereby safeguard all the fertile agriculture land in a systematic planned manner;


Off recent, many projects all across the nation (48 Plus affected regions) have seen and still facing lot of killings of poor tribals and farmers’ community by State Police firing under the State and Central Governments’ orders supporting forcibly land acquisition. Violent protest have become the norms of the day and as usual false promises by leaders, politicians and corporate & MNCs have turned the tables on corporate & MNCs as they are facing the heat to acquire the required land for their multi-billion projects.

The simple solution will benefit the corporate & MNCs in simple steps:

STEP 1: By providing ready-made flats before acquiring farmers’ lands and opening respective fixed deposits’ bank accounts for the PAPs, the corporate & MNCs will be readily and happily given the required land without any problems.

STEP 2: By providing jobs to PAPs, the companies’ labour problem is sorted out simultaneously solving the unemployment for the PAPs.

STEP 3: This way they are setting up transparency for the world to see that our corporate and MNCs are actually interested in nation’s economic growth.

STEP 4: They will also strengthen the government by helping to build a strong work force of farmers in the bargain.

STEP 5: The country benefits in real sense while everybody is making their respective profits without exploiting the poor farmers’ community.


For any farmer to lose his fertile land is the most worrisome curse or situation in his life. Being displaced to once again start his life afresh in a completely new environment with (many times) non-fertile lands to cultivate adds further to the miseries and woes for the farmers. The simple solution (simple steps) will not only help the poor farmers’ community but the government will eradicate the percentage of poor living in the nation in a systematic and effective manner.


The future of the PAPs are secured with flats for their families and fixed deposit to earn interest to take care of their monthly expenses.

By getting employed by companies and government (in Agriculture Force of India), the percentage of unemployment in the country will decrease drastically.

With plenty of labour at disposal, labour problem of the industries and the government will be  solved.

Standard of living of the PAPs will enhance with proper education, health, medical and employment systems, thereby eradicating the percentage of poor living in the nation. This also means that because of proper health, the nation is building a healthy environment for the whole world to take notice.


Politicians, Leaders, Farmers’ Community, Corporate, MNCs, Prime Minister of India, Home Minister, Chief Ministers, NAC, Planning Commission and all respective bodies should come together to achieve these SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to take the country to a better future for every country to emulate the simple steps to strengthen the nation’s growth, wherein each one is complementing each other to better each others' lives without exploiting the poor while making the required profits.

This surely seems to be MY DREAM for MY BELOVED NATION for the coming future... so may I request one and all from the bottom of my heart to start planning and executing these simple steps to benefit the nation in the right way.


The formation of AGRICULTURE FORCE OF INDIA (AFI) will benefit the government to organize the unorganized Agriculture Sector.

Eradication of Poverty in Simple Systematic Manner.

Better living standard of the poor, thereby eradicating various diseases.

Eradication of Unemployment Problems.

Facilitating the corporate and MNCs problem-free land acquisition.

Systematic growing of food grains by government’s AFI, thereby eradicating the traders’ / middlemen lobbies to bring down the prices for the citizen of the nation to benefit.

Your truly,

Johnny D
Wardha, India

(P.S: I had suggested this simple solution to the Congress Government earlier and had written this years ago.)

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