Monday, September 29, 2014


I wish to share "the secret" with the world today, as I feel the right time has come. 

I know that many people all over the world has not read the FIRST POST ( of my "Journey of Destiny", which commenced on the 12th of March 2010.

I dedicated my life on that day to serve the farmers' families of my nation. However, right from the beginning, I was very clear that I will not compromise on my ethics and principles, come what may. I may be able to help just one affected family but I will do it in a better way, to see that the family benefits in the long run.  I will also not take any money from the Trust's Fund for my monthly expense. Instead will ask "Beautiful Angels" to support me financially, so that I keep my work going on. I was also very clear that I will raise only the required amount of funds, that is needed for Trust's Yearly Expense, so that I may never yield to the GREED factor. I was also very clear that I may never hire any staff for the Trust. The simple reason being, I never wanted to pay for the staff's salary from the funds, that is meant to serve the affected families.

For the First Four Years, I have been blessed to have "Beautiful Angels" flying from nowhere to extend their kind support with graciousness. In fact, people who read my posts regularly will know that from the fourth year onwards, I was having crisis in finding 10 Beautiful Angels. Since then, I have been trying to find a suitable job, job that will not divert my attention from what I was destined to serve. I am still hunting for jobs, so that I am able to raise enough funds and help more affected families. 

When I share the reasons for not being able to do more with people, many suggested me that I should find a middle way to compromise to raise funds. Something, my inner conscious will never allow me to do. While I have been looking for jobs, to find a balanced mindset, I capture nature with my camera during morning, evening and whenever l am travelling and visiting villages.

I have joined the Fine Art America (the Link above) to sell my Photographs in multiple Print Formats and Sizes. 10% of all the Sales will go in the Trust's account to raise the required funds. Through this post, I wish to request people from 103 Countries, to buy what you love by visiting :

Every day, new photographs are added and more galleries will be introduced. The Secret is simple: Sell my works to raise funds for the Trust and monthly expense for self. Art Lovers / Nature Lovers may place their orders directly from Fine Art America.

Those of you kind souls, who wish to extend their gracious support, may please deposit directly to the Trust's Account:

ACCOUNT NO: 0509104000060330
IFSC: IBKL0000509

Those in India, will be given 80G Certificate for Tax Exemption by the Trust.

I will be very-very grateful to each one of you. I know, my Sai Baba will send many Beautiful Angels to help me help more affected farmers' families.

Sai Baba bless you all, always and forever !

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