Friday, December 5, 2014


CANCER is spreading like wild fire in the Indian sub-continent!

Almost every single family has been affected and have lost member(s) to CANCER, courtesy GM Crops.

I have lost my mother in 2008 to Cancer and I know how miserable and helpless one feels when you lose your loving ones. Almost one member or more of all my close friends have a CANCER case(s) in their families and so also their friends in their own circles. Members, who neither smoke, drink or chew tobacco.

The whole world is opposing GM Crops for its dangerous health hazards.

YES! Every country’s government is involved in GENOCIDE to kill their own citizen and cripple their very own nation to make the RICH more rich, all for the sake of BLACK MONEY.

They (Politicians) are selling their own country openly through FDIs, Open Contract to MNCs while telling the poor to be patriot. Why is PATRIOTISM only for the POOR? Not a single politician is hanged for selling their own country, WHY?

In its Election Manifesto 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has clearly said “NO” to the introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) food, dated 7th April 2014.

Barely 6 months in ruling the Nation, Modi’s Government now states that there is no scientific proof about the harms of cultivating GM Crops. BLACK MONEY from Monsanto & GM Lobby has filled the coffers of the BJP Government to allow such a ruling.

Politicians who said there is no harmful effects should read this deadly facts about Killer Monsanto, who is hell bent to spread GENOCIDE (killing billions through FOOD) all over the world.
This was the same government who opposed the Congress ruling when they wanted to allow GM Crops’ trials. SO what has changed in mere 6 months? BLACK MONEY!!! In a letter dated 8th November 2013 (addressed to the then prime minister Manmohan Singh) 251 scientists and academicians had asked the former government to accept the final report submitted by the Supreme Court-appointed Technical Expert Committee on modern-biotechnology regulation [archive containing the Supreme Court report here, 3.2MB].

“Never in the history of agriculture has a technology been so controversial as Genetic Engineering (GE) / Genetic Modification (GM) of crops,” the letter had said. “The unpredictability and irreversibility of Genetic Modification (GM) as a technology and the uncontrollability of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the environment, coupled with scientific studies pointing at the potential risk to human health and environment, has resulted in a controversy across the world around the safety as well as the very need for introducing such potentially risky organisms into food and farming systems. These concerns, incidentally, have been raised first and foremost by scientists who are free of vested interests, on scientific grounds.”

WHY is Modi Government hell bent to cripple the nation with more deadly diseases, courtesy GM Crops? Is this the same Prime Minister, who made an emotional speech in the Parliament and said – ‘I will work for the POOR’???

New crop trials have been effectively on hold since late 2012, after a Supreme Court-appointed expert panel (TEC) recommended suspension for 10 years until regulatory and monitoring systems could be strengthened. The court, the country’s highest, is hearing a public interest litigation against GM trials that is likely to be decided this year. The point is: Are these EXPERTS of TEC dumb in their approach? So who made them an EXPERT to be in the TEC? Why the Supreme Court of India appointed these experts to lead the TEC? Their reports mean nothing? Isn’t it STRANGE?

Modi’s Government has proved once again that the SUPREME COURT is not the SUPREME authority and all its rulings are bogus and mean nothing, absolutely NOTHING to the Central Government of India.

The ERA of SCAMS under Modi begins… More inflow of BLACK MONEY for the corrupt politicians from MONSANTO & GM LOBBY.

Logically, it is not rocket science to analyze how GM Pulses have infiltrated in every household to put a seed of CANCER in one of the family members in India. Otherwise, why there is a sudden rise of CANCER / alzheimer in India as it is in the USA since the past three to four decades? India is the largest consumer of PULSES in the world; largest producer of Pulses in the world; and also the largest importer of Pulses in the world. So every Central Government since the past four decades have been crippling the Nation’s Citizen with GM Pulses to be inflicted by CANCER and other deadly diseases.

BEWARE of the PULSES! Because GM Pulses are dangerous agents of Cancer.

Even children across the world know how dangerous Monsanto and other GM Crops manufacturers are. Why should a small country like HAITI burn all the GM Crops / Seeds after Monsanto donated them after the Natural catastrophe? Why are developed countries in Europe banning GM Crops cultivation in their countries?

Monsanto & the GM Lobby seems to have bought the Modi Government to get this favourable ruling in their favour. This means, more Indian will be inflicted with deadly diseases. Which will benefit these GM Manufacturers because they are also manufacturers of Pharma Medicines. Sucking the blood of the citizen through various dubious policies are the standard practice of each government that is in power.

How much Monsanto & the GM Lobby paid BRIBE to the Modi Government to get this ruling? The Prime Minister should tell to the world about these Billions Dollar Deal. The ‘Deal’ that will cripple the nation. The man is deep into corruption and is lying in every speech he gives about wiping out ‘CORRUPTION’. 

Monsanto has had a history to BUY every Scientists and Politicians who oppose their MALPRACTICE by BRIBING. It is a well-known FACT that is known worldwide by almost everyone.

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