Thursday, November 4, 2010

IF WE WANT, WE CAN BUT WE WON’T (4th November 2010, 0930 Hrs)

That is exactly what we all have seen in the cases of the recent Adarsh Society scam, the CWG scam, the 3 crores spent on Madam Gandhi’s visit to Sewagram to plant a dying sapling on 15th Oct, the 2G Spectrum Scam, the 58,000 crores annual rotting of food grains scam, the failure of PDS, the BIG lie of the Prime Minister that no one will die of hunger since the nation had enough food grains’ stock (while the nation is losing its infants and children at the highest rate in the world due to malnutrition), bullet-proof jacket scam in 26/11 and God knows how many more there are... the list seems to be endless...

If we want, we can but we won’t! The problem starts from here...

When the corrupt politicians want, they can bend the rules and law of the nation to give shape to their dreams and wishes fulfilled at the fastest possible time... yes they can and they do achieve the lowest levels of selling the nation in bits and pieces to be in power at the expense of the poor!!! But when it comes to solving the problems of the poor, the majority of the population... they simply won’t! Things are made to look complicated and even though there are simple solutions, they will make it so complicated by using all the rules and laws of the nation... that things becomes bigger than they really are in reality!

All problems in the world can be solved by simple solutions but then we humans have loved and mastered the art to complicate things to feel vindicated by the BIG problem status to make it look grand! The Adarsh Society Scam where in almost all the bigwigs are involved are now passing the buck on their adversaries to save their skin... and yes they want it badly and they can, they will in front of the eyes of 1.25 billion and world’s population with gusto and shameless attitude. But will the Adarsh Society be handed over to the rightful owners of the Kargil War Heroes’ families? The simplest of the simple solutions that can make all these bigwigs look great by sacrificing just a few lakhs of their crores they have looted from the poor... but obviously, they won’t!

It is not only the Chavans, Deshmukhs, Ranes and Generals of the Indian Army and Navy... but all the departments, which start from the very bottom – the BMC, LAW Department, Ministries concerned to Army, Navy and all the Government offices to the corrupt shameless political leaders of the nation... each and every one is to be blamed, who have passed the file to play the part to perfection in the scam because each one of them has made money to allow such a BIG thing to happen right in front of our eyes... this also involves the Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh trying to show its clean image... but the fact is because they are corrupt, they help to assist to allow scams after scam to happen! Now tell me, I am not an analyst or a reputed columnist who is showing how simple things are... but then... who will listen to me?

Surprisingly, these simple solutions will never be applied by using simple common sense... instead an ENQUIRY will be set up, CBI and what not will be asked to investigate life long, so even these officials will make some more crores from all the departments to save their respective asses... in legalities all the things will be made to look so complicated that the problem which is actually simple to solve will look BIG! And then after few months, a new scam will grab the hungry media’s headlines (who are fed every single juicy bits by the respective agencies) and the so-called intelligent 1.2 billion Indians will do the oohs, the aahs and forget about the Adarsh Society Scam and the poor martyrs’ families will still be running from pillars to post to get their rightful due and nothing will happen to all the political leaders and bigwigs!

Yes, it is WE as the nation who have allowed such things to happen and encourage such things to keep happening in future to come also... reality is simple and it is the illusionary world that is so complicated where all such things are happening... why all the irrigation water for the farmers are being diverted to the industries in the name of growth and development? Why the poor are being squeezed by the rich to the last drop of the blood? Why are the villages still in darkness while the nation claims to the world of its fastest growing economy status? Why are food grains allowed to rot when poor villagers of the nation are fighting hunger by feeding the nation? Why the corrupt leaders are allowed to come into power once again even after being caught red-handed? Why the nation is being split into bits and pieces and sold to MNCs knowing well they are feeding poison to the nation?

If we want, we can but we won’t! 

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