Thursday, November 25, 2010


If the 26/11 tragedy had not taken place, UPA would have lost the election... but it happened and UPA – II came in power with the wave of sympathy... heads were rolled... CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and the Home Minister of India Shivraj Patil had to step down... and even after two years, nothing has really changed, courtesy UPA – II mis-governance.

Well, when Manmohan Singh came into power once again, the first biggest lie he uttered to the whole nation was:

Prices of food grains will be brought down within 100 days... days have changed into years and prices have been increasing and increasing with every passing month.

Second lie he declared was that no Indian will die of hunger because of drought situation in the nation. The fact, more than 40 % of children die due to malnutrition every year and more than 600 plus farmers (in Vidarbha) have committed suicide in this very year.

Then came the Fake Austerity Drive, where in Tharoor and Foreign Minister were made to vacate their Five-Star dwellings, which cost the nation lakhs of rupee... the drive lasted just for few months as lavish conferences etc continued after the media forgot the whole thing.

While the nation was suffering from drought situation, the audacity of nation’s government to allow the food grains worth 58,000 crores to rot in FCI open air godowns so that relatives of various politicians can buy those rotten grains to convert them into liquor for the rich & famous, while millions of poor Indians were and are eating tamarind leaves, rotis made of grass. When the Supreme Court ordered the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to distribute the excess food grains to the poor instead of allowing it to rot, the Prime Minister admonished and warned the SC that they should not interfere with the policy making. Instead of sacking the Agriculture Minister for committing such a big wastage for the nation where millions die every year because of hunger, the Prime Minister supported the corrupt minister by shielding him. Is this what the nation expects from its PM?

While the nation was wasting 58,000 crores of food grains every year, poor farmers in villages of Bundelkhand were forced to sell their wives to feed their children. What happens? A 48-Hour Probe is ordered by NCW Chairperson but the Congress 48 Hours seems to be unending since the last September (2009)... way to go Mr. Prime Minister!!!

When the 2G Scam came into light, almost immediately Raja washed his hands by giving the first statement to the media – Everything happened in the knowledge of the Prime Minister and P Chidambaram and their consent. Yet, the PM once again supported his corrupt minister by protecting him to such an extent that today he and his party is afraid of JPC. Does it takes 16 long months for the Prime Minister of the nation to take action against his corrupt minister? And to further misled the nation has the audacity to say that “Guilty will be punished!” He is the one who should be punished first because under his able leadership everything has happened and is happening... still he trying to fool the whole nation by trying to escape the SC’s ruling and still supporting Raja... the nation lost 1.76 lakh crores... the nation wants answer Mr. Prime Minister... so please don’t complicate the issue to mislead the nation.

While the nation’s image was being tarnished worldwide by Kalmadis, Gills, Dikshits... the Prime Minister preferred to sleep or else he was busy counting his crores from the 1 lakh crores corruption to reconstruct the already existing stadium for CWG... The PM woke up just one week before the commencement of the games... Bravo Manmohanji... aapka jawab nahin!

Adarsh Scam may not involve him directly but then in the name of martyrs of Kargil... rules were bent by CM Ashok Chavan and the gang to cheat the heroes of Kargil... imagine a 31 storied building comes up in the CRZ and sensitive zone and everyone slept till the whistle was blown... Yes, nothing will happen to all those people who have helped such a big scam to take place...

While the PM took the pride to give away the first UID to few villagers of Tembhali village, where in the majority of tribal villagers survive eating tamarind leaves as daily food. Imagine what will they do with the UID? Why the PM didn’t give the UID to his corrupt ministers first so that the nation would know who all is gulping crores and crores to deposit in Swiss Banks?

Well... there are many more reasons why India’s Prime Minister is GUILTY in capital letters for all the corruption and scams and now he is afraid of JPC... if he is not guilty why should he be afraid of JPC?

Bravo Mr. Prime Minister for tarnishing the image of the nation to such an extent... at least you created a new record as India’s first Prime Minister to be summoned by the Supreme Court of India!!! Keep it up... we now know how adarsh you are...

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