Friday, November 26, 2010

TWO YEARS SINCE 26/11 (26th November 2010, 2020 Hrs)

That fateful day I was supposed to meet a friend, who didn’t turned up even after an hour of our rendezvous... I left early from Yari Road and was at CST Mumbai at around 7.30 pm and finally took a train for Ambernath. Next day, I watched the horror on television being covered as if it was some international circus. The crazy senseless media was giving running commentary as if it was the world cup match going on... now how I wish I was there to kill the dreaded terrorist who was mercilessly killing innocent Indians with no remorse and no link... and since the last two years he has been ridiculing our law, officials and the whole nation to enjoy chicken biryani for killing our innocent countrymen... isn’t our nation really STUPID in capital letters... that bastard should be tied near the Gateway of India so each Indian can slap the bastard so hard for doing what he and his fellow terrorists did to our countrymen...that every terrorist will think twice before attacking our nation.

Nothing has really changed since the last two years... the red tape mechanism is intact and busy to gulp more crores. In fact, the situation in the country has even worsen to such an extent where in the Prime Minister is busy saving his corrupt ministers one after another and in turn now his seat is under fire... even after two years the so-called SPECIAL BLACK CATS COMMANDO or NSG for Mumbai are homeless without any training camp or location being given to them...(after all our former CM Chavan was more busy with Adarsh Scam till he was caught) the mystery of the faulty low quality bullet-proof vest is already forgotten by one (including the over-the-top media) and all in amchi Mumbai and the great nation called INDIA! The supplier surely has greased the palms of the former CM Ashok Chavan well to roam scot free without being named or interrogated by the CBI or government... all the chowkies that was built after the tragedy are lying empty with dogs and puppies living in there... metal detectors in CST are still not working and unmanned... police constables who are supposed to keep keen vigilance are more busy to make their money from the poor passengers to give them entry in general compartments... the advocates are still fighting to hang the bastard since the last two years while our corrupt politicians are busy licking Americans leaders to do something... WHAT IS THIS SHIT all about (I am extremely sorry for using such a language but one can understand how angry I am with all that is happening in my nation... and shame on all the Indians for allowing our corrupt government to sit and feed the man who killed hundreds of innocent...)

Yes, I am very-very angry with what is happening because does it take two long years to hang one killer? Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit flouts rule and law of nation to provide special bail to murderer Manu Sharma so he can once again go drink nicely to create ruckus in a bar to gain some more publicity... PM flouts rule and law of the nation to save one stupid corrupt minister Raja who has allowed the nation to lose 1.76 lakhs crore when he could have made this money for the nation... Yes, I am also angry that Mumbaikars are celebrating the 26/11 anniversary as if we have achieved gold medal in an Olympics and what everyone says – Athithi Devo Bhava!!! Totally bullshit!!! Shame on one and all for being so callous towards such a serious issue...

Ask the families of those hundred plus people who were killed for no fault of theirs... what they are going through and what those void means to each family... All we are worried is what the next Friday release is and where the next party is... just like our nation’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, we as the nation is still sleeping and not bothered who is looting us day and night... before 1947 it was the British and post 1947 it is our own Congress leaders... we really don’t need the Gandhis and Nehrus but we need more of Chandrashekhar Azads, Bhagat Singhs, Netaji Chandra Boses, Sukhdevs, Rajgurus... who really fought for the nation!!! Wake up and walk on the streets of Mumbai for one long month and don’t rest till the bastard is hanged at the earliest... otherwise keep celebrating the 26/11 every year burning candles and party for 364 days of the year!!!

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