Monday, October 10, 2011



Below is the important written assurance to every volunteer about “Participation Certificate” by the Dhadak Mohim’s Management (this part is missing now from their blog and even in their website, fortunately I have an email sent to me on July 31st 2011, in which the file is still intact)

“Q) How The Participation In This Initiative Going To Benefit the Volunteer and
His/Her Respective College/Office/Institution?

Ans:- This initiative is our social responsibility towards our downtrodden brothers and sisters. But still it is a Win-Win situation for the Volunteers and People of Melghat.

1) Participatory certificate to EACH VOLUNTEER.

And Also Certificate to Institution/Office/College, if the institution is officially promoting its students to participate in this noble initiative.”

Every such camp being held by various organizations to serve the humanity at large do make sure to give “Participation Certificate” to every volunteer. Dhadak Mohim too had announced this in writing before the camp was held... however, none of the volunteers have been given “Participation Certificate” when they finished their 10 days’ camp...

The missing link from their blog and Trust’s official website shows as to why they have DELETED this important part after 2nd September 2011... yes, this is the date when I started writing about the total mismanagement. If they can charge Rs. 700/- from every volunteer, why the management didn’t give them the “Participation Certificate” for serving the villagers by living in hard conditions? Do I need to say more???

(... to be continued...)

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