Friday, October 28, 2011


Some times I wonder where my life is heading to... some times I am as clueless as a child wondering when things will become alright in our world... everyone seems to be busy in their respective world, including me, and the poor continues living with whatsoever they have in a most content ways, even with all the pains, sorrows, miseries and hardships... hard work and prayers to gods seem to be the only answer to their destiny!

I am really glad that this year too, like last year, the rain queen has been kind to shower its blessings on Vidarbha.... though the world all over, especially in Thailand, the rains have played havoc to create loads of problem for everyone. Vidarbha has seen less farmers' suicide for the second consecutive year because of good yield... farmers are happy with this year's crops' good yield. I sincerely thank Sai Baba and Varsha Rani for their kind blessings.

Problems seem to never stop at all come what may... day in and day out... if one manages to solve one problem, almost immediately, a new problem pops out from nowhere. Life for everyone is certainly an everyday war... struggling, surviving, striving, sustaining to succeed... almost everyone wants to succeed at any cost... this is where all the problems starts... no one is content, however, big or small one is... the rich have the problems and so do the poor...

Relationships break and continue to falter in today's fast paced life... no one has time for the other... love has surely find a new meaning altogether in today's modern world... whenever the word 'peace' is uttered by a political leader, it leads to war... catastrophe, deaths, killings and suffering increases and there is certainly no sign of PEACE whatsoever!

The World Population will cross the 7 Billion mark on the 31st of October 2011... that means more infants will suffer in near future... what with everything becoming scarce... drinking water, land, fertile lands, farmers, forests, animals... all in the name of economic growth... I wonder what will we the humans do with all these economic growth when there will be not enough drinking water to drink, when there will be no food grains available to feed the 7 billion population, when there will be no land left to cultivate anything or build houses???

No one seems to bother about the dangerous future that is heading at a much faster pace than the human race can ever race against time... everyone is just stressed trying to meet the every day's requirements or needs... patience is the virtue that has been stored in the past... everyone seems to be angry these days as the few greedy rich have developed the non-stop grabbing of all the wealth... the 99 % seems to be occupying every street in every city worldwide... where will it all end?

Just few thoughts that came in my mind... sure it has been disturbing me since 2008 to be precise ever since I started serious blogging... the more I think, the more I get disturbed... when will it end? I have been asking Sai Baba every day and there seems to be no answers at all... There are so many things that everyone wishes for... will everyone get what they want so badly? 

Whenever I am in villages living with villagers, all these thoughts vanish from my brain like a magic... all I experience is total bliss among children who expect nothing from you... the genuine smile, the look in their eyes, the love they want to share with you with no selfish gains, the world of sharing with whatever little they have... how I wish we urbanites can also be like them... but we can never be! The passion still continues within my heart and soul as it was on day one, when I started this new wonderful life to live for the poor farmers of my nation on instruction from my DESTINY!

A new chapter of my life is starting in Australia with my first international project titled DESTINY'S WEB... as a script writer! How destiny connects each one of us is still a miracle no scientist in the world can ever reveal... while I have been living in villages of Vidarbha, my script finds its way to Australia!!! How amazing is that??? 

Destiny leads us all! The DESTINY'S WEB weaves miracles for each one of us! Thank you so-so much Sai Baba for everything you have given me and others!!!


  1. Congratulations!
    This is a most thoughtful essay and full of truth. There is so much to worry about, but we must find joy in the moment and choose to be happy, then we can be of better use while we are here.

  2. Acchaka Catherine for your kind words... rightly said that we all must find joy in whatever little moments we can, to be happy and make better use of life...

    I am glad you liked it... God bless you always & forever...

    Ingat ka ha :)