Wednesday, October 12, 2011


30th September, I had to walk from Paankhalya village to Dharni, a 10 km stretch because there was no bus. Earlier in the morning a batch of volunteers comprising more of girls (Shilpa, Harsha, Pooja & Trupti), had to walk with their luggage for near about 3 kms because the morning bus didn’t stopped as it was overcrowded, before they got an autorickshaw. A few hours later, I had to reach to Dharni Base Camp because I had to see off Palak Jha to Khandwa... the angel who came all the way from Agra leaving her seven-month-young son to serve as a volunteer because I was supporting the cause.

I was enjoying my walk through the villages looking around beautiful landscape... children having fun and swimming in river, women washing clothes, buffaloes and cows enjoying a cool time in river, drivers washing their vehicles with river water, askance look of villagers and children watching me walking, few smiles on the faces of villagers... oh, the walk was so-so rejuvenating... with green fields all around the two sides of the road.

The hot sun didn’t bother me at all and I was enjoying my long walk... I must have covered near about 4.5 kms and I wanted to reach early, so we could leave Dharni early to reach Khandwa before 6 pm. Khandwa is a two and a half hours’ drive from Dharni by bus... and the buses are at an hourly frequency...

As I was walking along, for a split moment a thought came into my mind... I said to myself – ‘Sai Baba why don’t you send me someone to give me a lift as it is another 5.5 kms.’ Just as the thought came in, a car came from behind and halted. A young gentleman asked me, ‘Where are you heading to?’ I told him Dharni! He asked in surprise, ‘Walking?’ I told him yes and that I was enjoying my walk! He shook his head in disbelief and said, ‘Why don’t you hop in... I am going to Dharni and I will drop you there.’ I thanked Sai Baba for sending me the car... so promptly!!! The gentleman came in as an angel sent by God to help me!!!

The gentleman asked me as to what I was doing and said he is glad to meet me after we had a long interactive session... for me, he was the miracle that Sai Baba sent me at just the right moment. The gentleman was a lawyer cum businessman by profession and expressed that even he wishes to help the poor but is tied up with family affairs. Deep down I just couldn’t believe that such a miracle would happen at just one thought... he was very kind to drop me right in front of the gate of Buddha Vihar Hall. We shook hands, I thanked him with a promise we may meet in near future God willing!!!

All the volunteers who had to walk were surprised to see me getting down from the car and said how lucky I was... I told them – Sai Baba sent me the car!

Miracles do happen even in this wonderful modern age! I thanked Sai Baba from the bottom of my heart and truly am amazed experiencing such a wonderful experience!!! Acchaka Sai baba!!!

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  1. excellent! I hope he will get involved and help with your cause.