Wednesday, December 7, 2011

रोटी का पेड़

(English translation is given below the Original)

जैसे होता है आम का पेड़,
क्यों नहीं होता है वैसे 'रोटी' का पेड़?"

"मैं क्या ज़ानू बेटा,
बनाया क्यों नहीं भगवान ने ऐसा कोई पेड़!"

तो कितना भला होता ना
हम गरीबों का माँ?
जब कभी लगती भूख मुझे,
फट से एक तोड़ कर खा लेता
और पेट भर जाता अपना! (मुस्कुराते हुए )
तुमको और हर माँ को
होता फिर कितना आराम ना माँ?"

"हाँ मेरा प्यारा भोलू,
अच्छा ही होता
गर रोटी का पेड़ होता तो!"

"चूल्हे के धुऐं से कैसी हो गयी है
तुम्हारी सूरत माँ!
कितना कष्ट होता है तुम्हें
माँ रोटी बनाने में!

बोलो ना माँ, बोलो ना माँ,
क्यों नहीं भगवान ने बनाया
रोटी का पेड़?"

"भगवान को शायद पता था,
कि किस तरह अमीर
छिनकर सब कुछ हमारा, शोषण करते हैं!
शायद इसी कारण से, नहीं बनाया
भगवान ने रोटी का पेड़!"

"पर माँ,
हम गरीब तो उनसे कुछ लेते ही नहीं!
कुछ ना कुछ तो देते ही रहते हैं उन्हें!
फिर भला अमीर क्यों 
छिन लेता हमारा रोटी का पेड़?

रोटी का पेड़ होता तो...
कोई गरीब भूखा नहीं सोता कभी,
कोई भूखा नहीं मरता दुनिया में,
कोई माँ तुम जैसी काली नहीं होती,

हर कोई सुखी रहता!

माँ, तुम भगवान से कहो ना
वो जल्दी से हमें एक रोटी का पेड़ दें!

नहीं माँ, नहीं!" (ज़ोर से चिल्ला कर )

"क्या हुआ भोलू?
क्या हुआ बेटा?" (हैरान हो कर)

"कुछ नहीं माँ!
भगवान से कहना
कि वो हमें ही नहीं
हर गरीब को एक रोटी का पेड़ दें,
कोई भी गरीब
भूखा नहीं रहे दुनिया में!

तुम बोलोगी ना माँ,
बोलोगी ना माँ भगवान से?"

(आसूँओं से भीगे नयनों ने अपने पाँच वर्षीय भोलू की नादानी से
माँ का दिल पसीज कर रख दिया! भोलू तो रोटी खा कर सो जाता है, पर माँ?)  

--- स्वरचित ---


Like there is Mango tree
Why there is no Chappati (Indian bread / Roti) Tree?”

“What do I know son,
Why God didn’t make such a tree!”

“If there were
how wonderful it would have been Mother
for the poor like us?
Whenever I would be hungry,
I would just pluck one to eat
And my stomach would be filled! (Smiling)
You and all mothers
Would be in so comfort no Mother?”

“Oh yes, my lovely Bholu,
It would be so nice
If there were Chappati Trees!”

“With the smoke of the firewood
How your face have become Mother!
To make chappatis
You have to work so hard Mother!

Tell me Mother, tell me
Why God didn’t make Chappati Trees?”

“Guess God knew very well
How the Rich
Have snatched everything we own to exploit us!
Maybe for these reasons
God didn’t make Chappati Tree!”

“But Mother,
We Poor don’t take anything from the Rich
We always give something or the other!
So why
Would the Rich snatch away our Chappati Tree?

If there were Chappatis Tree...
Not even a single poor would sleep hungry,
Not even a single human would die of hunger,
No Mother would be dark complexioned like you,
Everyone would be content!

Mother please tell God
To give us one Chappati Tree!

No Mother, NO!” (Shouting aloud)

“What happened Bholu?
What happened my son?” (Anxiously)

“Nothing Mother!
Tell God
That He should not only give us one
But also one tree to every Poor
Not even a single Poor
Would remain hungry in the world!

You will tell na Mother,
You will na Mother to God?”

(With teary eyes Mother’s heart is broken with her five-year Bholu’s innocence!
Bholu goes off to sleep after eating but Mother?)

--- Johnny D ---


  1. Johnny, please pardon me! I tried the Google Translator to translate your poem; however you know how awful Google Translator is!! Somehow I could read between the lines! How come you didn’t give the English version as usual this time my boy? Would appreciate if you did! I genuinely love your poems! Thanks and please pardon me if it troubles you. May Sai Baba bless and keep you always!

  2. Grateful for your kind patronage Sir... to be very honest it was such a long poem that I felt the English version will not be that effective as it is Hindi... hence, I didn't provided the translation, extremely sorry for the inconvenience...

    Please do forgive me... Cuidate :)

  3. Thank you so much Johnny for the translation! It’s indeed is a beautiful one like all other works of yours! This poem truly reflects the present state of our world. By the way Johnny congratulations for “Destiny’s Web” I just can’t wait to see the movie! May Sai Baba bless and keep you always! You take good care of yourself there my boy! Thanks once again!

  4. Grateful Sir... One sincere request, please may I know your name and country you reside in... I am glad you like the poem and thank you so-so much for your kind blessings!!!

    Cuidate :)